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Evil Angels

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The angel from universe 10 looked very sad and frustrated when her universe was erased.

  2. Im sad if i see all universes are erased ill never dragon ball ever again

  3. Could Goku take on the Grand Priest, one of the most powerful beings in all of existence!? Hahahahahaha no

  4. That stare from the grand priest was so meant for Goku he was like "Mad Yet?"

  5. I know Universe 7 will win this Tournament and find out if Father Of Angela is evil or not. On the ending of dbs, it shows every fighters from each universe so in my opinion, they were all brought back to existence by the Super Dragon Balls.

  6. There are Gods….. There are angels…… There is Zeno. ……. Why is there no demon?

  7. its so sad what they make goku in super…goku was childish but in dbz he was mature…he cared for every innocent lives but now goku is also confused what toriyama made him….

  8. I thought Mojito (sorry if I spelled it wrong) was happy that U9 God Of Destruction and the kaioshin was gone. If that's true I can see why especially with the Kaioshin I always thought he was to power hungry and I didn't like back before the Tournament of Power.

  9. I cant wait to see goku's new form

  10. The real reason the angels don't want gods of destruction to fight each other:
    Fighting a tough opponent is the only way to surpass limits and become stronger. The angels don't want the gods of destruction to become any stronger than they already are

  11. 5 ways the show ends

    1. Goku vs everyone

    2. Goku, Whis, good Zeno, and other angels vs bad Zeno, grand priest, and bad angels
    3. Goku vs new evil

    4. Goku vs omega angel/priest and zeros

    5. Goku vs grand evil priest

  12. The gods were all killed in the future but the angles stayed, well how do you kill them all in the current time? You have Zeno destroy the universes. If an angel is stronger than the Gods why would I want to be under the anymore? They are killing off the Gods to be full power. They took the story from he bible. Lusafur trying to over power God. That's why Golu is going to get a knee form but remember, in past episodes they said goku wouldn't do well in this because of the team work piece but goku turned and said we will be ok because we have gohan. I think goku will sacrifice himself how he did in the cell saga to get a ride out of gohan. If gohan isn't going to get stronger why show him training with his dad. Why bring him all the way back to not see him fight how he use to? Also jiren the universes that are left will team up. If time runs out and there an equal amount of fighter on the stage who win? This was never address in the beginning when the rules were stated. The winner of the tournament I think is the universe he angles want to take over.

  13. Alot of people have been discussing the idea of the angels and the Grand Priest being potentially evil. For some reason, they don't strike me as being evil. Just.. indifferent.

  14. I think at the end of tournament goku will get super dragon balls and revive all universes

  15. Here's what a Real God thinks… Any Angel With the Upside Down Triangle.. Like the Grand preist has on his clothes is an evil angle unlike Whis Who has a Diamond shape on his Clothes and everybody else with circles as a symbol of Balance. But the Grand Priest plan is to Free all of his Children from their duties.

  16. Final boss of Dragon Ball Super: Evil Grand Priest

  17. The Survival Arc is giving off a lot of Bleach vibes where Aizen betrays the soul society and others side with him. It would make sense in DBS as well because the grand priest would demolish everyone and go his separate way, then training and aiming to defeat him would be the new goal for goku and everyone in the universes……..

  18. The Angels are not evil Vados was sad for Champa


  20. no one will defeat the grand priest otherwise I will never watch DBS again

  21. mabye the universe was moved or the angels are trying to come together to over throw Zeno sama since priest is manipulating zeno

  22. even all angels become evil.. but I just don't wanna see Whis be evil.. Whis is the mentor of goku and vegeta

  23. 0:44 This is why I still think calling them 'universes' is a misnomer, it seems like Whis is looking at galaxies, yet Universe is 'uchu' and galaxy is 'ginga', or something like that, so it's not a mistranslation.

    Anyways I think the Angels are probably amoral; Zeno's will was done, and all is well.
    Or yeah, the Angels are tired of being Their servants, so when enough of the Destroyer Gods have been eliminated they'll try to throw a coup. It's a fighting series after all, and there are only so many stakes left which could potentially be raised.

  24. when we first heard about u7 ranking, beerus and his kaio argued and beerus accused the kaio of letting the universe grow weak, telling us that had the kaio interfered the universe's level would be higher. so basically even someone weak like krillin could potentially become strong with the right guidance.

  25. grand priest is the creator and an angel nice

  26. Angles have a secret agenda in destroing all the universe except one and they kill the king, because they want to make an outopia, also there is a God of destraction working with them


  28. Obviously universe 7 will not be erased as if the universe 7 was erased than there would not be a (future) Trunks because there would be no future of universe 7

  29. OR maybe, Goku will convince the zenos to bring all the erased universe back if he challenged and won against the priest in the end of the tournament…

  30. So my whole place on this is a few different theories but it's gotta revolve around something close to this… in the song it says "demons wearing the masks of angels" I believe the angels are evil we'll all of them except who's because all the way back to the first battle between goku and beerus whis said that goku changed him and also claimed to have changed beerus as well I think I said it twice so when the grand priest declares war who's might stand up to him but since he can't defeat him he will give holy his power or some power before he's deleted. Also another thing might be Zeno sama if you notice the last couple episodes Zeno was really worried about goku and the other one from the future kept shrugging him off or it was the other way around and that makes me think that one Zeno will be good and the other on the side of the priest and he would loan goku his power before he might get erased cause I don't think goku can possibly power up enough to be as strong or stronger than the god above all other gods I mean he can just delete him with a thought just because he's mortal and not a god so that can't happen even if he gets stronger then Zeno, zeno can still delete him because he has that power. Also another thought when the angels go bad the gods of destruction left will be on the mortal side I bet we will see beerus frieza gohan vegeta and goku fight together and maybe the other universes will get dragged in so all out war against angels with Zeno fighting himself

  31. The Survival Arc is giving off a lot of Bleach vibes where Aizen betrays the soul society and others side with him. It would make sense in DBS as well because the grand priest would demolish everyone and go his separate way, then training and aiming to defeat him would be the new goal for goku and everyone in the universes just like Ichigo……..

  32. Rally I think they want to see a good fight where everyone goes all out and use up everything no holding back so they can be entertained so they lie and say there everything will be erased from existence like how goku holds back or doesn't go all out this will force him to like he did against berries

  33. omnious? you mean ominous i think lol

  34. Come on lets be honest with this situation. Lets say the grand priest and the angels were evil whos gonna stop them? Just think about that. Another thing is that they can still belive just somewhere else. Just so you know they are probably doing this to make the tournament of power more exciting because once yoir life is on the line you'll fight with your full power. Just a Theory though. And one more thingdocyou guys really think Zeno is going to erase the only guy that became friend he seems to really like Goku so i doubt he's gonna destroy universe 7 but like i said just a Theory. btw(Goku is pure of Heart)

  35. Guys , im telling you that the universes are not being erased forreal… Thats why the angel was smiling , and whis is so nonchalant. They simply want everyone to go all out, or are preparing , scouting fighters for a HUGE threat. It just doesnt make sense for killing not to be allowed in a tournament in which the losing universes are erased ,

  36. I couldn't believe it too.
    You're right. Something creepy developing. YEAH!!

  37. I get it its like zeno = god and the grand priest = satan who will rebell at the end and tryna take over the throne en destroy zeno cuz he jelous on the low and they get cast out wadda you think let me now

  38. Just had a thought – what if the angels absorb the "power" from destroyed universes, and that's why they are so much stronger than "mortals?"

  39. heres my theory. saiyans were a peaceful and strong race a thousand years ago and the angels saw that each saiyan has the potential to become a god. so the angels including the grand priest tried to get the saiyans at the time to help them dethrone zeno and zarama but the saiyan king didnt want to be a part of a war. so instead the angels decided to destroy the saiyans and their home world so the saiyan king became the first legendary super saiyan god fought all the angels off and the rest of the saiyan race fled to another faraway planet. after the war with the angels the saiyan king decides to leave universe 7 and move to one of the universes thats not in the tournament of power. anyways since the grand priest learned that when a universe get erased or destroyed the angel of that universe absorbs all the universal energy in other words they become stronger. so realizing this the grand priest convinces zeno that each universe that loses in the tournament of power should get erased. the reason why the angels want to become more powerful is so that they can not only be stronger then zeno and zarama but to rule the universe entirely. towards the end of the tournament of power the original legendary super saiyan god from universe 7 senses the angels increasing in power travels to the world of void and interrupts the tournament. he finally meets goku and the current saiyan king vegeta and tells everyone the truth about the saiyans history and the motives of the angels. hahaha holy shit just imagine if this shit happens

  40. UGH Dragonball logic, New enemy shows up, give Goku a new form. Its getting tiring and boring. I wish they would do something new with some other characters like Gohan instead of just new forms for Goku.

  41. universe 7 wins *(uses super dragon balls to wish all universes back*) Zeno: NANI??

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