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EVERYONE, CHARGE! The Tournament of Power BLASTS off! Dragon Ball Super Episode 97

EVERYONE, CHARGE! The Tournament of Power BLASTS off! Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch EVERYONE, CHARGE! The Tournament of Power BLASTS off! Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. If Buu was competing in this tournament universe 7 would win so so easy!!! …. he can fight undefinitely like universe 7 androids and with that stretchy skin of his he would be hard to knock out …. only draw back to Buu is his intelligence lol

  2. The fight I want to see next… Yamcha vs all angles grand priest and both zenos I kno2nits not fair but it will be interesting to see yamcha win with only 2 punches to each oh the hype… XD

  3. Hey do you know the ost when they are all charging and then they start fighting ?

  4. I feel extremely bad for the anthros.

  5. I'm hoping they drag this sucker out. This has potential to be the most entertaining arc of the series. 80 fighters beating the crap out of each other in a total fracas melee instead of the usual "bad guy shows up, good guys start losing then Goku gets another system upgrade and wins". It's inevitable that 3 or 5 guys will get eliminated in a chunk in one of the following episodes but I hope the writers aren't going to get lazy and let Freeza go gold and eliminated 20 of them in one shot! These are supposed to be the 80 strongest in reality and they are more or less just like the universe 7 Scooby Gang. They are all fighting for the same thing pretty much, they aren't the weeks throwaway villains.

    2-3 eliminations per episode would be fine with me.

  6. I really hope that gohan fights goku like how vegeta fights goku when fighting Freiza to put goku in place that would be amazing


  8. I like to remind everyone this tournament is Goku fault in the alternative universe where he died all the universes survived as there was no tournament of power

  9. one thing i dont understand is if universe 11 has the strongest fighter in Jiren how are they not one of the top universes?

  10. universe 9 is tupid for goibg all at once so stupid

  11. hey master media have you notice how they are reusing animation not that i mind i just want to see what you think??????
    GREAT EPISODE thats what i been waiting for my hole life XD Chaos and Mayhem

  12. it feels Goku wiLl get eliminated at some point. and they'll revealed Gohan has potential to surpass him

  13. On your exit, not everyone that watches your videos are "fellas".

  14. "eventually hey gets frustrated and dips out" lmao love it also i heard your birthday was on the third mine too haha happy birthday man

  15. Hope Dragon ball Super pulls a One piece and we end up with a 1000+ episode series.

  16. Am i the only one who thinks that this idea is fucking bullshit? 80 fighters compete at the same time… that is just fucking ridiculous. There is no focus on anything, no tension or suspense, i couldn't care fucking less when that bullshit started, just boring and plain stupid. I just scrolled through the whole episode thinking WTF is this crap?!!?!! Absolutely disappointed that this tournament turned out to be a pointless piece of crap!!!

  17. did you see the end theme of this episode when they were showing the different universes there was a guy that looked a lot like bojack

  18. why was Android 18 and the pride trooper flying?

  19. did anyone notice that when zeno was eliminating the guy from universe 4,2 members were not there so does this mean that frieza and frost will join univerese 4 ??

  20. the dragon balls are going to play a big part in this ark…

  21. well buddy sure you dont get erased immediately i thought of that but not put them on the bench keep them hidden to scare other fighters but after seeing the god pad i know zeno will make their erasures painful oh and the budget is the same the guys just aint drinking it out anymore

  22. I don't like this battle royal

  23. So far, this feels like a huge cluster fuck

  24. I don't see the point of this review you just explained exactly what happened in the episode with no new inputs…its like you were explaining what happens for people who can't read subtitles or have watched the RAW ep…

  25. Universe 4 only has 8 team members on the ipad thingy, frieza and his universe 6 counterpart might defect to universe 4

  26. Guy was going to fight Jiren but backs da f**k away lool

  27. Basil went beast mode in this episode

  28. I did it Mastar… I cracked the code.
    Goku's new form will be something along the lines of "Mastered Kaio-Ken God"

    Quick Version: Goku can trap his Ki within his body and does this while Kaio-Ken Blue.

    Fully explained Version:
    The next episode preview gave me the last piece of the puzzle. Okay so we have Goku fighting Bergamo while using a strange white aura. I believe this white aura is Goku trapping his energy, or Ki, so none of it leaves his body. Why you might ask? Well he is fighting Bergamo, a foe that absorbs energy. Now think about every time Goku used Kaio-Ken… He emits huge aura's of Ki. At this point we look at the intro to see Goku with a massively huge red aura around him and then suddenly its gone. Look at the recent leak and we see Goku looking SSJ but with black hair and lots of reddish aura. So I have determined that Goku will go SSJ Blue Kaio-Ken X-whatever and trap all that leaking Ki within himself and thus evolve into the new form we see in the intro and on card thing.

  29. Realy loved the part where the 2nd strongest mortal in U7 gets nothing but a blue punching bag in front of him. It's realy early to be transforming everybody and wasting energy like that but come on, at least make vegeta do something interesting. Other than that it was pretty great for a start. Not to forget the plot twist at the end where only 1 minute had passed, i wouldn't say 48 episodes since already 2 out of 80 got out, but hey, at least 17/18 ep's should be fine

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