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ERADICATION!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-99 Spoilers

ERADICATION!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-99 Spoilers Is Available on

Watch ERADICATION!!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-99 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hi guys . adopt Does anyone identify one's better this wotk ?

  2. What about gohan?? Will he get new form

  3. Mark Price Whispers Mark Price Whispers

  4. Well just wanted to leave a comment that I just went and purchased Efisio Cross's album. It is excellent. I am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. i expect that tranformation coming soon

  6. For me, it will make sense for Goku to merge with Vegeta as they did in gt, and also acquire another form and fianlly make Gotega come to the series.

  7. Krillin is gonna become saitama for the episode

  8. why krillin still have that remote to destroy 18?

  9. fuck you all you do is hate on the dragon Ball community

  10. if Merged Zamasu would represent Universe 10 he could eliminate 50% of all Fighters

  11. you have to understand that vegito trained in the room of spirit & time before the tournament of power & has not yet shown his power & also why would they bring back frieza in the tournament instead of broly ?

  12. Universe 7 wins and Goku uses the Super dragon ball to wish every universe back to existence. Popo and Jiren is shocked and touched by Goku's action and they all become best friends. YAY

  13. so how do u get kuririn to krillin

  14. might be a typo but do thos happen anymore

  15. does anyone els see kuririn's name i see no L in this word thus wth ?

  16. Plot twist the real identity of Jiren is Yamcha!

  17. why universe 6 ?…easy pick the devil you know even if a few new fighters are in the team he still knows what more than half of them can do.

  18. imho no universe will be destroyed it doesn't feels right, i think new enemies will be appeared, and all strongest warrior from all universe will face this enemies.

  19. I love your work but everytime you must put damn spoiler in your thumbnail. Omg man ! . I will keep watching your videos but i must unsubscribe. I was with you when u ad 10,000 subs. But i hate spoilers and you put spoilers everytime !

  20. Goku's IT should prevent him from a ring out unless he's unconscious

  21. Is it just me or did krillin look like ang from avatar

  22. bro there is no getting erased its just a game for onmi king what he holds in his hand, erased the universes in his game not in realty

  23. You know Universe 9 is getting elinated it was confirmed.

  24. when r you going to release anime war episode 5

  25. I wanna see Goku uses Hakai or Vegeta uses Gamma Burst Flash.

  26. Has anyone made a video about universe 4s two "missing" fighters

  27. Hit will help out Goku with Time Leap! <3 #bromance

  28. Like my comment for Super Gogeta fans and like his for Super Vegito fans

  29. Who else thinks gogeta is a possibility

  30. hahah what if vegeta attck universe 6 but then he didnt reaalize hit was there and hit just punch him lol

  31. bye bye universes
    3-therobot god
    4-the rat god
    5-the onlybgirl god
    6-universe 6
    7 or vermouth god

  32. Bet ya U7 will win and wish the destroyed universes back

  33. I love Dragon ball than most of the fans but I have to say If I were in charge of the Japanese government, I'd put an end to Dragon Ball Super right now. It's creating in the children' mind that when you're in power, you can do whatever you want to other people, rob everything from other people. Billions of lives on Earth were playing toys for Beerus and now all lives in universes are toys for Zeno. Goku hated Frieza because he saw people as toys but being friends with this immoral Zeno. He's become a psychopath in Dragon Ball Super.

  34. I think whom ever wins the tournament will use the super dragon balls to restore all the other universes

  35. awesome vegeta vs kale vegeta just one punch her remember how caulifa went to ssj 2 and saved cabba ya she didn't had any probloms

  36. Will Gohan have a new form which is above Goku

  37. Vegeta vs Kale I hope it happens I'd cum all over my screen probably

  38. Krillen on Meds = One punch man

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