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Drawing War with My Fiancé Olga

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Watch Drawing War with My Fiancé Olga Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. She's cute. I think yours were better personally Jake. Both were pretty funny though lol.

  2. when he said superhero i thought of saitama

  3. Where is she from? I cannot recognize her accent

  4. awesome dude. good stuff, love the good times with the fiance. subbed to her as well. best of luck to you both with everything

  5. I love you so Mastar Medie and your fiance are hot

  6. וקוןגיעכוטןלסיכעס

  7. noooooooooo…. Where did you get the Saitama blindfold? 😮

  8. ur fiance is like 60 god u need help

  9. did u guys know his wife is trans

  10. Look at his face at the end of the video I'm dieing inside

  11. How much would you charge to do a simple super hero animation for my son. He is a huge fan..

  12. you lucky bastard! 😀 she's beautiful! cherish her!
    did someone tell you guy that you look alike?
    PS: maybe she can help you finish the next episode of anime war. I am dying to see it 😀

  13. at 2:07 mastar was literally Seth rogan.

  14. Your art is terrifying me please stop drawing please :^|

  15. Hi, Mastar! You have a beautiful girl. I became one of your patrons today, and hopefully you'll get back to me on Facebook 🙂

  16. MaSTAR you should re do your brother vs brother animation. Or even have your fiance Olga be in a animation and kick ass.

  17. You are a bitch mastar media Goku is way more sronger than saitama

  18. now thats how you spend time with your love awesome

  19. dayumm u guys are too cute together

  20. Congrats to you brother! Definitely do more of these. They're really fun to watch! I love the happiness!

  21. Absolutely loved this video! Beautiful wife MaStar. Hope you do more videos involving her !

  22. hey, add Ken Kaneki to anime war!! (Tokyo ghoul) i f you can, i would really love to see him fight

  23. This dude got the saitama blindfold 🙈😂

  24. Yoy are best in everything! Really so fun to see you !!

  25. You too look good together😶

  26. your fiancés must suck good dick

  27. 2:30 – The most honest and funniest thing I've ever heared from you ^^

  28. Can u crate an anime war again please

  29. Cute couple 😫😫👏🏼👏🏼

  30. Dude this is a huge congratulations 😁

  31. Whoa, I didn't even know you were engaged, very beautiful women inside and out. Congratulations bro!

  32. i know this might be a dumb question but, are u guys gonna have lil mastars running aroung

  33. Mastar i am so happy for you _

  34. u the best ever all the best to u

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