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Dragon Ball Super – Zamasu’s New Form

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Watch Dragon Ball Super – Zamasu’s New Form Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Fuck you Mastar, you just lost another subscriber, STOP SPOILING DBS! You fucking douche…

  2. Well it's confirmed in Dragon Ball Super episode 66 that his purple side was Black. Gowasu said "It is true that Zamasu is 'immortal' but Goku Black was not" so when Goku use his full power ssj blue kamehameha againts Merged Zamasu's attack, Goku's Kamehameha destroyed the wall of light and Merged Zamasu mortal side (Goku Black) get destroyed by it since Black were wasn't immortal. also because immortal Zamasu and mortal Zamasu (Black) merged. They become one and no longer Immortal but Semi Immortal. What i mean by Semi immortal is Merged Zamasu will be able to feel pain but his body still able to regenerate. So it's not his new form.

  3. It's not a new form that Zamasu has it's damage done by Vegeto,just my theroy!

  4. I think it is that zumasu's mortal side died and his immortal one lived

  5. I like to say I think am the first fan to say truck would probably die in the next episode and I think the reason they show this form of vegito is because there probably coming to give us a different from

  6. I've always wanted to see a fusion between two fusion but I guess that can't happen 😪

  7. totally enjoyed this video mastar! that was really awesome breakdown!!

  8. Devil Zamas.. looks like Devil Kazuya from Tekken! o:

  9. oh s*** its the boros zamasu fusion wheres saitama?!

  10. I know Vegito is canon but was Gogeta ever canon? I know Brolly wasn't considered or even GT I think. Someone halp.

  11. I agree with everyone else. Merged zamasu looks like marik from yugioh. Who would win? Exodia fully assembled vs anyone from the dbz universe?

  12. there alot easter eggs hinting Broly ooz could be last part of the easter egg?

  13. the sphere is zamasus inmortal energy,goku and vegeta managed tu hit it and he's immortality broke so it's slowly decreasing

  14. I have an idea(s) as to why Merged God Zamasu is turning purple. Keep in mind that I don't watch DBS, though so this may not make total sense… Anyways, I figured that perhaps either the Kai or Omni-king Zeno have something to do with it. My thought is that, because Merged God Zamasu is half-Kai, the other Kai have some kind of emergency control over him if he where to ever get so strong and evil that it may get out of hand. Therefor, they have gathered to put their power together and hopefully weaken him, allowing him to be defeated by Vegito. (or however it's spelled.) But because Merged God Zamasu is only half-kai, he isn't being completely weakened. Or, maybe Zeno is doing something similar because he likes Goku and wants to see him win. But, because he wants a good fight, he isn't completely destroying Merged Zamasu, just making him weaker. I also like the idea that maybe because the total evil and anger of both Black Goku and Zamasu put together, plus the frustration of fighting (and possibly losing against) Vegito is causing an outward manifestation of this shear rage, thus mutating him into a monster or demon of sorts. This would then (possibly) allow him to overpower Vegito with noting but his anger, tying in to what Black Goku said about becoming empowered by intense anger and the desire to overcome a powerful opponent. Wow, that's a lot o' text…

  15. it is not new form , it is side effect merging with mortal body , half of him (black goku part) taking damage and cannot regenerate

  16. hum cool so zamasu is strong do you think vegito uses kaioken

  17. question mastarmedia I know this is of the subject but what do u think might be the next season of dragon ball super fars as villain wise cause that's really been on my mind and your really good at this answering stuff

  18. Where did you find those pictures

  19. i find it weird that they show the fusion sides like this considering they fuse face to face and create a new being. also blacks side should be the side that is fine if we go by earring they were wearring. cause zamasu is the 1 that put the earring on the right side and black kept it on the left and its the right side that is messed up

    tbh i think zamasu is just completly going insane with how they keep challenging him and is becoming a demon or 1 of those evil kais or wtv

  20. I hope its not like the Buu saga where Buu's regeneration can't handle vegito's damage anymore… because immortality should be differeeeeeeeent… unless that is what immortality means in DBz or that super dragon

  21. Mastar,I know this is unnecessary but can you give your thought about Trump becoming president?

  22. the puple is him turing into a god of destruction

  23. You should put a scene similar to Vegito whooping Zamasu's ass (Mainly the kick) in Goku vs. Superman. A lot of hard work, I know, but it could really spruce up the animation.

  24. Why did you delete the halloween video

  25. where is your animation breakdown?

  26. He has that purple form is because his body is breaking down

  27. susanoo? this ain't naruto 😂😂😂

  28. You should do an animation breakdown for dbs here soon

  29. the ending of ep 65 told it all….when goku fired the kamehameha at zamasu he pushed it back and it exploded in zamasu face and caused this form as the spoiler clearly said after goku's life risking attack something happens to zamasu….how does that turn into vegito having to cause it….another thing the earring fusion doesnt require the fusees to have equal power to fuse, that the fusion dance that requires equal power, old kai said it when he gave goku the earring in Z…..dont be powered up when u fuse as it can shorten your life…my opinon is black goku's side is messing up the their fusion as he's in a powered up state, goku and vegeta remembered not to be in ssb when they fused as vegito had to go from normal state to ssb

  30. what if one is a saiyan and the other is not, black goku is fucking up zamasus body

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