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Dragon Ball Super – Vegito, The Ultimate Warrior

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Blue Vegito vs Beerus, who wins?

  2. wow mastar great moves keep it up proud of you

  3. bro your video has me even more hyped for the new ep!! thanks :3

  4. Beerus used 70% of his power on Goku

  5. Don't forget, Whis mentioned during the Frieza episodes that if Goku and Vegeta worked "together" they could be the most powerful force of all…. Foreshadowing from then? Hmmm I wonder.

  6. im triggered by the way mastar says kame hame ha

  7. Goku should have pressed the Zeno button.If Zeno just came and wiped Zamasu out I'd laugh my face off LOL

  8. whats the difference between Gogeta and Vegeto???

  9. man I want to see ssb gogeta!!

  10. ssjblue vegito the strongest person we've seen fight so far? hmm that's debatable I believe he's far above beerus but we've seen whis fight and its kinda hard to tell at this point ill let you guys debate about it in the replies amazing video btw vegito is my favourite character! 😀

  11. 0:28 or….. air pressure. haven't you seen one piece? swordsman can swing their sword so skillfully that the swing causes air to precisely cut any object up to any distance relative to the swordsmans skill level. same logic.

    1:22 ever heard of hard light? similar logic. they pretty much produce light energy as their attacks. it's pretty much a ki blast, but with different properties. short answer: energy manipulation.

    2:40 actually, his hair is black. i suppose you can call this a red tint like reflection. like how in some anime the characters hair looks like it's a very dark green, but then within the anime the characters hair is described as black.

  12. i agree…. Vegito is on a completely different level than beerus is. Not even close. I think its safe to assume that he is the most powerful person in the Multiverse…..

  13. So since the vegito fusion is "permanent" I'm assuming that he could remove his potaras right?  so….. what would happen if Vegito starts getting his ass beat?  Could he give trunks a potara?   Like a Future Trunks/ Vegito fusion

  14. First Vegito would taunt him , killing his mind and then he might pull out his last trick on him and killing him

  15. When goku and vegeta fusion they get taller

  16. Zamasu's mutating into something more powerful than Vegito, I doubt Vegito could finish him off without using the mafuba..

  17. I would love to see ssb gogeta it'd be very interesting

  18. beerus said he used 63% of his power verse goku. i thought goku would of been just as strong when he when ssgkaiokenx10

  19. Host is awesome! LOL This guy is the ***** shit! I mean his eyes could write a booK!

  20. The fusion multiplier is ridiculous, he's leagues ahead of beerus and whis.

  21. I made a theory on this and posted it on the last video but I think it's some form of "evolution" my reasoning for this is Mastar brought up the whole immortality wish I was thinking if he didn't specify his wish the super dragon would most likely made All "zamasu's" present immortal that includes black cause he's still zamasu so what's going on with him is the saiyan cells in him are absorbing all that damage and multiplying rapidly thats why when we see him explode with power at the end of the preview I think he's going some form of super saiyan or becoming more and more saiyan this is a very serious possibility but This won't end with Vegito Zamasu will pass Vegito My reasoning is 1 immortality 2 he converts all that damage (goku black half) into power almost immediately most of the time hence all the examples Vegeta fucking black up but not able to even get close to Really killing him and the saiyan/kai fused cells from black ar half immortal but they most likely get replenished hence the strange portal Black opened up before they fused and after taking all this INSANE amount of damage from vegito he's going to stupidly increase in power and because of this fact his power is essentially infinite unless beerus Zeno or whis show up Vegito's gonna have trouble Unless he unlocks a new badass form which is what i hope (something we've never seen a new form in fusion) and with vegeta and goku working as one they can break that ssb barrier to some far greater height as this will also give goku and vegeta a new form to work towards for the ultimate universe tournament (also remember Akra stated that ssb was almost Ssw but it would conflicted with the main villain of the arc "Zamasu" so most likely expect Ssw one day maybe who knows what akura will do he'll keep us on our toes) Hope this gave ya a different way to look at it and different theorys maybe idk lol

  22. Goku and Vegeta are the most Retardest characters in Dbs How do you expect to kill someone Immortal and Vegeta said it himself the more Zamasu fights them the stronger they get so if Vegito were to fight Zamasu Imagine how much stronger Zamasu would be.

  23. In my opinion vegito should be immensely more powerful than fused zamasu, the scaling wouldn't make sense if vegito has a tough time against him. If base vegito>>buuhan>>goku+vegeta
    The ssb vegito>>>>>>>>merged zamasu>>goku+vegeta

  24. I think it would be cool asf if after super man vs goku you do Monkey D Luffy vs Naruto 🔥

  25. hey, do Saiyans have affinity to Light and Lightning?

  26. Well, no matter how strong these lot get, they still fall short of the true power of beerus the destroyer. As direct servants of Zeno, you can expect erasing and deleting techniques to come into play . Just remember, the shear powerful auras slapping the galaxy during his sparring with godly goku!! Anyone who doubts, I would "hakai"your arse

  27. Kaioken would be awesome. But since it is so difficult to manage I don't think Vegito can handle it. Remember when Vegito fought vs. Boo and kept apologizing because he isn't used to that body yet.

  28. Finally, a warrior even beerus will enjoy cutting loose his full powers against!! How on earth was it not considered to fuse these two and use them in BOG !!!

    Zamasu is going to be SSR

  30. thank you mastar for ur videos keep up the good hard work really love ya man !

  31. If he can defuse Vegito, he can defuse himself which he's likely experiencing side effects due to Black fusing while still in Rose

  32. Vegito is better than Goku and Vegeta lmao

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