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Dragon Ball Super – Ultimate War of Fusions

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Why are people saying Gogeta should be here? We don't even know if they are going to do the fusion dance anyway.

  2. I would like a combination of things: Gogeta fights Merged Zamasu, then the time runs out, Beerus takes over and paints the planet red using Zamasu with a beatdown. However, Immortality is countering full destruction powers, and at best, Beerus can turn Zamasu Mortal again, but be out of power afterwards. By this point in the fight, Goku and Trunks work together and use the Mafuba to seal away the now mortal Zamasu. A trifecta of good events that ends with a solid victory for the good guys.

  3. gogeta isn't coming only vegito

  4. My prediction is that it's Vegito we get, because Gogeta isn't canon as the Fusion Technique Vegeta and Goku never tried, nor practiced, nor did Vegeta want to learn. But with Grand Kaioshin there, he has the earrings to give those two, so they go Vegito again.

  5. the best fight for me is (old) Goku vs Vegeta

  6. it should be vegito vs fused zamasu

  7. Why would Zamasu/Black go to the hidden timeline with Trunks still alive when their was still another one with another Zamasu and a Dead Trunks and No Time Machine cause of Cell killed F. Trunks 3 and stole his time machine.
    Don't get it, so The writers never research there own shit?

  8. First, 2 get it out there Im a Vegetto guy as far as Who is Stronger, Smarter and better Suited for a battle v. Merged Zamasu but in all Fairness since Goku and Vegeta have Complete No control and God Ki, Shouldn't GOGETA last much longer than in normal Super Saiyan or even Base Gogeta.
    Personally is like to see F. Trunks and Vegeta Potara. I think emotionally it would hit hard and the revenge for killing Bulma and Hunting and Maiming his child.
    yes GOKU did to but he's touched…. lol stuff like that doesn t effect him…often.

  9. Yes Zamasus around A SS2 in power but he is INMORTAL!
    I cant see Vegetto being stronger at first.
    Gogeta won't work, to many down sides…
    10-15 minute length, not nearly as good partners (plus there so different in so many ways and many are not good) as Gogeta since they both have equal control and can make moves, decisions, powers and the biggest flaw for a perfect Fusion Dance: both fighters have to be at equal power lvls. Now if there even then it N.P but if 4 example: They do it right now when (already we think) Vegeta has surpassed GOKU for the first time since the beginning of Saiyan Saga (unless you count the Majin possession)

  10. I think Zamasu lost his immortality when he fused because he's technically not the same being as before…

  11. well ur already wrong and im 56 seconds into the video gogeta wont happen its going to be vegito hence why the kai's are there in first place and gogeta isnt even canon right now also highly doubt vegeta knows the dance without it being shown to him.. also they will have to seal him being merged will make him immortal

  12. Yeah I was gonna say there definitely not using gogeta the time limit would never last long enough goku and vegeta with get the potara ear rings from the 2 kais that just showed up and vegito will be born again muhahahaha lol

  13. I don't know . what you say is f***ing class but it should be a movie to make it a great battle fans would love that I think goku B and the other guy should just disappear and then they train it would be a great movie

  14. black and zam fuse and goku and vegeta fuse people stop being stupid

  15. i will like to see gogeta super saiyan blue vs zamasu fusion

  16. super saiyan god super saiyan blue VEGETTO + kaiokan

  17. I thought there was suppose to a fusion between Beerus and Whis?

  18. it wont be gogeta. gogeta is a dbz movie character

  19. How the heck is Gogeta gonna be on it when HE'S NOT CANON!? Look, I love Gogeta too. But he isn't canon and only a movie character. Why are people too stupid to get this?

  20. if goku and vegeta dont fuse their fucked they will die theres no way they can beat black and zamazu fused

  21. Dude, Goku need not to have potaras in his pocket because if you remember, supreme kai is already standing there to see the battle.

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