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Dragon Ball Super – Trunks’ Super Power

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Goku will come soon to seal Black Goku and Zamasu (evil containment)

  2. Please let trunks use the galling gun not the final flash I think they should let vegeta teach him how to do the galling gun and make vegeta proud

  3. or maybe he will become a super Sayian Rose for some time!

  4. boy was this guy off…

    trunks is in a new form i call super saiyan demi god.

    remember you jeard it here dirst

  5. The guy who came up with dbz I hope you read this, the color of the hair is good and all but what makes fans more excited is seeing these characters actually look stronger. Or what's the point of the "change". The look of the hair is different but they still are so skinny and feminine. Plz go back to what you use to do, give then full upgrade.

  6. team trunks …all day.. … ..

  7. please just stop faking thumbnails wtf man…

  8. if some one says trunks has no ki control, check again, be clearly has god like ki coming out, he can't fully control it because he just awakened his new powers, if he had no ki control, he wouldn't be able to even transform at all.

  9. yeah any ways goku is gonna save cause every time Goku saves the day for cell broly frieza raditz vegeta nappa buu beerus

  10. Love it huge fan of all dragon ball its my childhood whose childhood is it as well

  11. "Since Gohan is a little beotch now" This made me laugh out loud for an incredibly long amount of time lol. This is so fucking true.

  12. to be honest trunk looks like and sounds like broly

  13. he sort of becomes the next broly but a good version 😛

  14. you are great dude, keep going this good work

  15. What hidden power did Gohan have when he fought Cell?  I thought it was just Super Saiyan 2?

  16. I hate how the ssb is the the new power to unlock, at least in gt they looked badass going to ss4

  17. They won't give em super saiyan blue cos Gohan doesn't have it so will trunks

  18. What if he goes super saiyan white?

  19. or not,i think goku will die and train with the king of all universe then return him to finish zamazu and black gocku

  20. oh yeah..because i think my prediction is that trunks and vegeta will die after their fights and goku will come back to finish the job..hahahahaha…

  21. Super saiyan god Trunks!

  22. who cares where goku is in these new episodes lol .

  23. vegita must be really pissed off .. because one of vegita's mission is to defeat goku but black took his place .. goku black killed "kakarot" in the other timeline …. so vegita must be affected by that hahahahaha

  24. But how can Trunks become Super Saiyan 3 if he has never turned into Super Saiyan 2 yet?

  25. Trunks is gonna release his bankai with that sword.

  26. Even though Trunks is going to get a super power n all. We all know Goku is going to be the one to destroy Zamusu and Trunks or Vegeta is going to beat Black

  27. I think it would be ssj3 bcoz super saiyan blue needs god power to achieve it

  28. Goku may go spirit bomb but theres hardlyy any life on that planet

  29. and they better make it so Vegeta whips blacks ass..I mean they better have Vegeta really mixing with him..

  30. Where's Goku? Obviously he is obviously going to have another heart virus attack

  31. you're retarded. gohan's secret move was ssj2

  32. did anyone think about a new super power could also just mean a new strong attack??????????????

  33. i think goku and vegita will fuse to vegito to fight black and trunks will turn ssb to fight zamasu

  34. If Goku black and trunks are from the same time line shouldn't trunks turn into SSJ rose

  35. I really don't think Trunks will achieve the SSG form. Vegeta is no God to give him this kind of training. If he was being trained by Whis and Beerus, then yea, Trunks would unleash the God forms, but he won't, at least not for now.
    People seem to forget how strong his SS2 is. He is stronger than Vegeta, Goku and even teen Gohan when going that form. Goku couldn't achieve the full power with his SS3 form, because it drained too much energy from him, so training with Beerus and Whis was the best exit for him to have a bigger and more stable power. The thing is that seeing Trunks' situation this time, if he went SS3, I guess he would be the one to unleash the form's full power, and he could beat Zamasu (I don't think he's gone in the Future) and even fight against Black for some time. And then, when defeated, that would be Vegeta's time to fight (episode 63).
    I'll go for SS3, the most powerful SS3 presented until now.

  36. what if trunks had fuse to of his forms u could got the mistic power and the ssj blue and fuse them becoming stronger then goku and vegeta that will be just just AWESOME

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