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Dragon Ball Super – The Multiverse Tournament Arc

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. they might make it into a montage

  2. y'all sleeping on master roshi💯💪🐐

  3. Oh yer almost forgot master put this out Omni king says to read hitman reborn

  4. i would love to see, buu, frieza,cell fight together for their life.

  5. What if our universe loses?? Will Goku let them destroy the universe so easily..???

  6. I wanna see Goku unleashing a new transformation which even surpasses the High Priest.

  7. ohh why in DBZ kai? krillin was killed by frieza then goku turned Super saiyan? why only gohan can unlock goku's new power?

  8. I think at some point we'll have a multiverse spirit bomb but I don't think the ultimate battle you're talking about will happen with the tournament. def think there is gonna be an arc for that after the tournament

  9. Gohan is stronger than Goku tbh.

  10. death of Kuririn :)) poor kuririn

  11. FinalGrandultimatekaiokenblue maximum over saiyan😂

  12. This video: broly could come in….sees most recent trailer for universal tournament trailer….hold up we got a female broly

  13. I don't think if you lose the tournament then your universe is gone because that's a bit absurd. Only one universe will win, meaning all universes will be wiped and there will only be one universe left. Perhaps there are 'tiers' like featherweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. Or have it Olympics style.

  14. so…. we haven't seen 70% of universe 7 and they're saying that the strongest are earthlings and saiyans only??

  15. Akira toryyAma has kind of messed up he wants in the series for the next arc it should be the best universe seven team but theirs no pikon it's understandable is he trains gohan buy and piccolo until they reac a really strong power level but the rest of the team apart from goku and vegeta don't Mae a diffrence

  16. Well, well
    1) I hope there will be ss4 fighter from some universe so this form will be kanon. Despite GT being honestly bad, ss4 looks badass
    2) 1:56 This chick on the right looks hot
    3) Why god of desctruction or Kayoshing being a fighter is illegal? This is fight for entire universe and power levels are beyong god already. I wouldnt mind if Piccolo will be upgraded somehow to at least 1/10 Goku's power, but come on, Muten Roshi? Really? And how is that happened that all fighters from Earth? How can it be that in the entire 7 universe there is nobody stroner than Roshi, Krillin, Tien and others? I'm sorry but this is quite dissapointing: universe 7 have only 2 fighters on this tournament, which is probably enough, but boooooring. I would but even something stupid like "Shenron, ressurect Freeza and make him good" just to unmake this 2 fighters team.

  17. If this leads to Goku beating the evil guy yet again I'm done, with DBZ for good. The writers 4 DBZ are one trick ponies, the show might as well be called Goku. And Gohan dies so that Goku gets a new form…again? as if this SSjB+Kai-oken wasn't enough lol I hope the writer's are better than repeating the same old series of events.

  18. Goku and Vegeta will have new transformations I hope.

  19. Goku cant use spirit bomb cause it takes time to complete

  20. Piccolo was always my favorite character, and apart from two brief occasions when he fused with Nails and Kami, he's always behind the Sayians in power. Although I would love to see a transformation, introducing a new and improved form, I feel the true way a Namekian drastically increases in strength comes through fusion.
    A theory I've held since the DBZ days fits in perfectly with Piccolo gaining the increase necessary to compete, while fitting the "God" theme. The Namekians, as a species, can be split into two groups, warriors and mystics. In the current cast of characters, we have Piccolo, a warrior, and Dende, a mystic. I've always believed the true "Super" Namkeian, and for DB Super, "God" Namekian can only come from a fusion of a powerful member of each class.
    The resulting individual would possess the whole of the special abilities, including a drastic increasing in healing, and if we consider Dende may carry dormant abilities of the Poko priest members of his clan, an ability to summon creatures to help fight or increase the ability of other Z fighters. Piccolo may feel a fusion is the only way to gain the strength to compete, and with the universe at risk, I don't think he would hesitate to join. Think about it, he fused with Kami, who he hated, to protect the earth from Cell. The fusion of the two types, especially considering the Poko priest abilities, could result in a drastic change physical change, which is essentially a transformation.

  21. Ya bringing Krillian into tha new tournament instead of Goten and Trunks and Uub

  22. Or goku might die and gohan gets mad

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