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Dragon Ball Super – The 5 Strongest in the Multiverse

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Watch there be an omniverse with a being that exists outside time so there can never be 2 of it and travels freely through time. Zeno is only omnipotent, not omnicient nor omnipresent

  2. And in Dbz game (don't know what is called) there's a grim reaper mod so powerful so he's top!

  3. Who agrees grim reaper is 1 hit 1 kill and he never misses a shot with his gun so 😎360 no scope😎 and his scythe is so power full

    Battle power:9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990999 he's a god


  5. If the Omni- king is the strongest, how come he needs body guards?

  6. Krillin is the character that is hiding that everyone sense but cannot see. he is using that cloack that harry potter used to sneak out and krillin will end, win the tournament and save earth.

  7. Those 3 universes which were not included in the tournament of power may have some one in the top 5

  8. I think one of the 4 other highest powers in the universe is the creator of the Super Dragon balls (I think his name is Zarama). This is because dragon balls are limited depending on the power of their creator. However, the super dragon balls are said to grant almost any wish, therefore implying that their creator is immensely powerful.

  9. Top 5
    5 Omni king
    4 Master roshi
    3 Bulma
    2 Whis
    1 Mr Satan

  10. 1 monaka
    2 mr popo
    3 mr satan
    4 yamcha
    5 oolong

  11. Top 5 battle powers. Omni king can't be one of those because he doesn't fight.

  12. Mr. Popo is indeed the strongest.

  13. I think he will get new form that is 100×stronger then his original form

  14. I guest this omni king have a hidden ability like fighting mode or battle mode

  15. you keep saying whis wrong

  16. 0- Zenos Samas- Infinite power to erase at any & everything at will
    1- Great Priest- Strongest fighter in existance
    2- Mother of Angels
    3-Angels all 12 are equal
    4- Zeno guards both are equal
    5- Mortal stronger than any Hakaishin

  17. dude thats not a battle power ! seriously ? shenron? get a life

  18. I guess,, Yamcha is Top 5 strognest in Unverses.. 🙂

  19. those guards probably are in top 5, it's not because they were scared of zeno that they are weak. probably everyone in the multiverse would be scared of him if he say 'i wipe you out'

  20. The 5th can also be master Karin the cat. He's one of Buten Rosh's master and one that introduced the senzu beans from the dbz era

  21. It can also be one of the myths from the 3 eyed beings or magical forms like puar and oolong and lastly a gag show alternate crossover from Arale's magical creation pot

  22. 1-zeno
    3-super shenron
    4-king yema
    5-either Master Popo, devil monaka, the original myth of super sayajin god, or a time breaker mystical makioshin

  23. The only DBZ Youtuber who thinks The Grand Priest is stronger than Zeno's Guards. Finally. Thank you.

    (no sarcasm)

  24. 5. grand priest
    4. Omni king
    3. monaka
    2. Mr. Satan
    and the strongest of them all
    1. YAMCHA

  25. monaka really he is not even strong people think monaka punch hit and hit fly away wrong hit fly by his self like when Satan punch goku he fly away by himself!!!!!!!!!! 😩😩😲😲😲

  26. are you kidding me monaka is soooo weak because beerus has said that he fooled goku that if goku would have thought that he would be the strongest being in universe 7 so he would have stopped training

  27. WTF! When you say that Zeno can wipe out the guards in one instant, it doesn't mean that the guards aren't near his level. Zeno can wipe out anyone in an instant, be it a bug or the Grand Priest. That means that you are comparing the Father of all angels to a household cockroach. "Oh Zeno can wipe them out in one instance" This point is bs so plz fix it.

  28. what kind of weed were you smoking saying monaka 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  29. Monaka??? Bitch please Yamcha is top 5

  30. so what if goku gets all the super dragon Balls and it said it can grant any wish what if he wishes too be 100× the power of zenoh

  31. what the fuck monacca i don't think he's even closer to mr satan and mr satan is fraking weakest charecter of dbs

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