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Dragon Ball Super – Super Trunks Explained

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  1. Broly is cannon one of the best Villon's in dbz

  2. hey guys check out my explanation on how trunks achieve supersayain rage


  3. That's a mixing of Super Saiyan yellow and blue. He did the same thing Goku did with the super Saiyan blue and kayo kan.

  4. ssj Ultra was reach by trunks, kale and is the final level of ssj. So it a basically a ssj 4

  5. Did some thinking

    Remember how SS2 Majin Vegeta got his potential unlocked and could fight SS2 Goku. They were equal, except Goku was holding back SS3

    Vegeta then comments on how Kakarot is number 1 vs Kid Buu, but also saw how SS3 despite powerful was unreliable Vegeta already was at least at the minimum power level to reach SS3, but chose not to do it even a few years later in the BoG Arc. Why? To seek a better form…

    Vegeta first has his major rage vs Beerus in SS2 form

    Future Trunks spars with SSB Vegeta in the Black Arc, Trunks tastes SSB

    Trunks despite not training under Whis does have a taste of God Ki. He repeats what Vegeta did against Beerus, but has adapted a bit of God Ki to keep his form stable this is why Trunks is both Blue and Gold. Through Zenkai boost against multiple battles vs Goku Black, Trunks is much stronger than Vegeta when he fought Beerus plus there is the extra element of God Ki. This would at least explain the power level of his form.

    This to me is the best way to explain what Trunks did. Super really needs context.

  6. Well broly must be cannon now for the tournament of power

  7. to me he a false super saiyan god cause the aura is like god blue aura so he made need saiyan power plus stop with all this non cannon and cannon stuff

  8. I agree with that assessment

  9. Here is my thought: I like the idea you gave. However, you can't debunk a theory based on it not being cannon then supply your own theory admitting it's not cannon. As soon as you did that you debunked yourself. If you want to retract the cannon idea and accept the idea that he has a type of legendary status I will say you might have a lot of good theories and ideas.

  10. but trunks has blue hair on his normal form so they kept it yellow to show the difference

  11. I got one for you, please do this. Make a segment on Super Saiyans, specifically the difference between ssj1, ssj2, ssj3, ssj4, ssg, ssg2. Legendary super Saiyan, super Saiyan rage as well. I want to know the difference between them all from 1 to God. Please and thank you. I guarantee you become popular after this thorough analysis.

  12. what if gohan gets this form in the tournament of power

  13. look idk how old dis is and I know im late asf but maybe it's becuz trunks is a half saiyan and half human maybe that's​ why he could only go false sjj God or super raige idk but I think he can't go sjj blue or god but maybe he can go God but half

  14. i always thought it was the half saiyan version of ssj blue

  15. You guys are wrong the new transformation of trunks is false super saiyan blue

  16. what if the legendary super Saiyan form is just a mastered version of the super Saiyan rage form that trunks went into in the goku black arc? Trunks's aura was yellow and blue, and legendary super Saiyan aura is green, which is yellow and blue mixed together, they both lost their pupils, and I don't remember for a fact, but I think lssj was triggered through a burst of rage as well. Could it be possible or no?

  17. at DBS goku ssj3 vs trunks lose so easy and now kill the immortal God… fuckk it
    I prefer gohan win this

  18. This form of trunks is called super saiyan rage

  19. Now there is a female legendary ssj so it is canon

  20. I just think that if you can't see a Sayains pupil they are fucking piss lol

  21. bullshit, trunk's new form is obviously not nearly as powerful as ssj blue, how could it even be if its not a god form at all

  22. yes your right Trunks has obtained God ki

  23. In other words he is beating a dead horse

  24. I am getting to the point where I cannot stand toryama not explaining his shit

  25. Dont know if this has been said, but there is a (to me) reasonable theory to why Trunks has the God Ki in him. Remember when Vegeta fought with Trunks, rather sparred with him, and he finished him off with a hit to the stomach. In that moment Vegeta could have been channeling a crap ton of godly ki into Trunks. He did the exact same thing to Cabba in the tournament. Its just some food for thought but he could kinda offer them a faster way to archieve the super sayan god mode through that.

  26. but if you think about it as you can see in cell season they trasform in a form with muscle wich is really powerfull but too slow and difficult to control.So in my opinion is just using the power of that trasformatiln but with more speed and power.

  27. That god music they use now sounds like the Egyptian god music from yugioh lol

  28. back then it was nto but now lssj si canon

  29. This video depressed me. People can't make good theories these days.

  30. the exact explanation is that he become ultra saiyan by absorbing god ki but he also reduced his mass thereby increasing his strength and speed at the same time as he spared with vegeta so it is ultra super saiyan with god ki
    earthquakes are due to god ki abd the sudden reduction in mass is the lesson from his fight with cell
    i think its the best case as the legendary super saiyan must have green hair so he is not legendary saiyan nor super saiyan god

  31. is it so fucking hard to understand?

    he transormed down to ssj1 that's the reason why the muscles shrinks

    then he almost turned ssjb but its a incomplete one.

  32. i think you actually need to have some information on something in order to explain it

  33. I think trunks achieved super ssj blue but because he's a half breed he can't have the blue hair.

  34. Ha have yet to explain it, and we probably won't ever see future trunks again, I'm dissapointed

  35. I personally think trunks is the new legendary super saiyan. yup guys broly smashed Bulma low key back in the day

  36. He suck in the god key and so much power in him wow!

  37. when the episode first came out i thought the reason trunks looked like that was become he reached a form of god ki but he didnt look like goku or vegeta because hes not a full blood saiyan. since hes half human and half saiyan i thought it was cool to finally distinguish them from eachother. it will be cool to see gohan and trunks and goten like that with there blue aura next to goku and vegeta full blue .

  38. Super Saiyan Gold…..Boom!!! 😅

  39. I thought it was an amazing scene. Future Trunks is my favorite character across the DB board… but man I want him to hit SSJ3.

  40. i thinks its legendary super saiyan 2 xD

  41. It's probably that step beyond ssj2 like ultra saiyan where he becomes more buff that's why we see his muscles expand, then shrink and sync to his body because it's a some mastered form of it, and the training with vegeta exposed him to god ki thus after all the fighting and emotions he had up to this point all got unleashed, finally he became stronger than both goku and vegeta for a short time because he is a hybrid saiyan which are generally known to have more potential than full blooded ones…, that's my take on it anyway…

  42. he is super saiyan blue 2 because he clearly was stronger than goku vegeta and black in that form

    this is how it looks for half Saiyans

    Vegeta and Goku will get this form soon too

    I also bet the new Gohan will have god ki but his hair will stay black

  43. gohan went ssj2 and broly is no match for ssj 2

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