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Dragon Ball Super – Merged God Zamasu

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Watch Dragon Ball Super – Merged God Zamasu Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Thank you very much YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, this turned out to be a spoiler after all. As a fellow fan i thought you would understand how awful spoilers are, but I guess you'll do anything for some views.

  2. Please have Beerus be relevant at some point in this.  I want to see him get some wrecking time on this form.  I have seen the episode.  It was good.  Not gonna be one to spoil such and that's all I have to say here.  Goodluck MySTAR Media!

  3. 0:52 wrong! 😀
    It looks identical! LOL

  4. Nobody has seen beerus fully 100% full power one time… 60% against goku when goku was like in SSG that time, that don't mean shit it been so long for anyone to wait on beerus to erase someone in their own exist Zamasu? Beerus never went 100% full power there might be a chance he'll exploded 100% full power against a Fuse Zamasu… AGAIN once they fuse I believe the immortal in zamasu body is remove since black doesn't have immortal

  5. Plot Twist Goku and Zamasu merge into Xicor

  6. i think when goku is trying to use the mafuuba on the zamasu (which will somewhat work) until black switches his earring therefore over powering the mafuuba and merging the two.. THEN SHIT GETS REAL

  7. Here's how it's going to go down. Goku is going to fight Zamasu and then use the Mafuba on him. Vegeta and Trunks are going to wreck Black. When Black sees that him and Zamusu are getting wrecked, he's going to switch the earring. Zamasu and Black fuse. Vegeta is going to pull out the potara earrings. Bam, Vegito. It'll be a close battle, but then Vegito will use a crazy transformation. After wrecking fused Zamasu, Vegito will finish him with the Mafuba. The end.

  8. He'll probably use the merging to counter Mafuba. In order to prevent himself from getting sucked in.

  9. Just give us SSB-Vegito already

  10. i don't want merged zamasu to look feminine as they both are male.

  11. 6:30 If you'd pay attention to the series, Supreme Kai defused with Kabito Kai with the namekian dragon balls -_-

  12. Your Beerus vs Black and Zamasu head cannon is NOT going to happen

  13. That image looks perfect but will see soon

  14. if they fuse to vegito then they can defuse using namekian dragon balls. remember supreme kai and kibito defused they mentioned it during tournament in DBS maybe they mentioned it so in future they can fuse to vegito and then defuse?

  15. I have Goku. I have Vegeta.. 0AH G0getaaa.

  16. You say vegeta doesn't know the fusion dance, wasnt it him and goku that showed it to trunks and goten in the first place?

  17. I don't think supreme god Zamasu will lose immortality since all traits are combined and there's no such think as being half immortal.

  18. I really want to see beerus fighting or even whis, that would be awesome, and id like to see the Zeno button get used

  19. Personally, I'm not a fan of publishing spoilers in the title for anyone to see.

  20. we don't like demon rush man.. just do another one punch ball series

  21. The image in 3:10 is the most emo-feminine character ive ever seen. Keep it away!!

  22. most of the predicted outcome looked Sailor Moon as fck. pls stop it

  23. My nigga FT would do something great with his SWORD cutting off that f psionic hand whose the kaioshin's ring. No kaioshion's ring, no zamasu. End of story.

  24. Another click bait. Dick!

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