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Dragon ball Super – How Vegeta Became Super Saiyan Blue

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. yea vegeta didnt get ssj blue from Goku..disagree there.

  2. Dude don't you realise,When Vegeta went to train with Whis he got Super Saiyan God that time until he trained and got Blue you just never see Vegeta got God online

  3. How vegeta became SSB, the wrighter wrote it and it happend.

  4. Bro I went super saiyan blue Kioken times 10 on that subscribe button

  5. I can't agree with having an army of SSBs running around. That would take away its special flare. That's also why I don't want Caulifla getting it. It's a special transformation that should be kept as such.

  6. How would one just transfer god ki to another person sounds like bs. Whis says it's ki control. There's a episode we're goku says vegeta was able to achieve the power of a god on his own. So fuck your bitch ass theory lol

  7. I think that goku got wecker When he sparkt whit. Vegeta

  8. If its just from ki control, then how come beerus said goku absorbed the god form? why would vegeta even be CLOSE to gokus level?

  9. well that is a very interesting thought. i could see that as a possibility. thanks for sharing.

  10. My theory is that the ritual for a Super Saiyan God allows the user to temporarily access God ki, but the reason why it's temporary is because it leaks out

    Goku became Blue and in effect God indefinitely because he learned ki control from Whis, to have ki leak out of him the least possible, that training allowed him to access God Ki on his own while having the power indefinitely

    That's the case for Vegeta Whis taught him how to access God Ki and keep it from flowing out of him thereby mastering God form, then gained Blue as the next level which offered more power than God and has better ki control and usage

    That's what it meant accessing the power of a God on their own, the basis of God power is mastery of ki control to a point that minimal ki leaks out, the God fork grows more powerful as less ki leaks out

    The recent manga shows evidence of that as Goku gained mastery of Blue form by absorbing the ki aura within himself giving him perhaps more power than he had as Blue Vegito but can only use it for limited time as his body couldn't handle the stress of keeping all the ki inside for long

  11. I thought vegeta turned blue first tho.

  12. i hope we only see goku and vegeta ssgss

  13. You're theory is flawed. Vegeta reached SSB through training with Whis

  14. Do you need a super sayjin God to be super sayjin blue

  15. Goku didn't give Vegeta god ki.

    Vegeta had already developed it, and that was just an interaction of two gods god ki reacting with one another.

    Vegeta developed his own god ki on his own through training and his own will power.

  16. No no no no. Super Saiyan Blue is achieved from TOTAL key control. When Whis told them to contain their key within themselves, he was teaching them Total Key control. This also explains why regular people cannot sense Divine key from the Super Saiyan God transformations, Beerus, and Whis.

  17. thats bullshit vegita just skiped super saiyan 3

  18. so tell me this….. super saiyan blue is a transformation that any saiyan can reach but because goku had ssj god he achieved it alot quicker and easier than Vegeta yet Vegeta through will and determination achieved the transformation. So if goku had never gone God and they never did any of the god ritual super saiyan blue woulda still been a possible transformation? if this wgat i said is wrong then the only other way vegeta woulda been able to achieve this is by either absorbing some of goku god ki or somehow getting a bit of it through the ritual (although that makes no sense considering they all directed their power directly to Goku)

  19. if this true pan can go super saiyan blue

  20. this is so stupid 😑 how does anybody watch this …

  21. Whis training made him a ssg goku used other people's power vegeta smirks because he knows how he can achieve that form or bring out that power

  22. this dood is misunderstood on the fact that this isn't super sayian god this is super sayian blue as explained by developers also and that ssjgod is the red aura that goku had when the saiyans transfered over their energy and even goku and vegeta classify it as ssj blue not god

  23. doesn't that mean bergamo becomes a God now because goku hit him with a Kamehameha kio Ken times 50x in his God form and kio Ken form and bergamo absorbs energy

  24. Wait a second what if when they clashed fist it was their "pressure of both kis clashing" whis said to keep ki inside you and not leak out so what if that clash was the pressure gods mention about when they transform and they felt that pressure in the clash they trained to utilize the pressure of ki of that clash and learn from it and transform

  25. pan is not Vegeta's kid Trunks and Vegeta kid

  26. TF vegeta already could go SSGSS wayyyyyy before their fist collide

  27. please…. please stop with that intro

  28. There will never be a Blue Saiyan Army because Goku is the captain of the universe 7 tournament. He will always be considered the strongest character and will show like when he did SSJ Blue Kioken against Hit

  29. this is exactly what I was thinking about Vegeta. great video man!

  30. The way I see. SSJ blue is a form reachable when you leak no ki, i.e. full control. SSJ God, the form that was achieved by Goku through the ritual, is a true God form that comes by default a purple God Ki that cannot be leaked. I think Goku did not try to control not leaking any Ki during that ritual God form because it was automated. What did happen was Goku noticed how that form worked, and even after losing the SSJ God form he tried to do the same with his own SSJ Ki which was why Beerus said Goku had reached a new level by merely tasting the strength of a God. I my opinion, I think SSJ Blue does not contain true God Ki, but merely tries to imitate how God Ki works. I think the ritual can be performed again. And after all this training and battle experience, Goku will transform again to SSJ God (Purple hair), and this time he will be able to release the full power of a SSJ God.

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