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Dragon Ball Super – Goku’s New Technique (Spoiler)

Dragon Ball Super – Goku’s New Technique (Spoiler) Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. please goku legendary super saiyan 3 vs broly ssgss 3

  2. what website or yt channel do you watch dragon ball super

  3. Anyone who can slap Goku into the air/pull his ear must be far stronger than BLACK.. Beerus mal-handles goku and vegeta as if they were kids.. Zamasu and Black would be no different. But I hope they will be an Ascension for Goku.. something on par with the super saiyan 4 transformation. I still wanna see that flip blow he gave super saiyan 3 goku on king kai's world. my fingers are still swollen trying that on an old conpaq computer stand.

  4. The reason the "but" is there is because someone has to sacrifice their life in order for it to work.

  5. That can't be true about Beerus deafeating Makaioshin Goku because he told Goku he killed every god

    but Trunks may have the hybrid saiyan rage
    like Gohan does because he had it when Gohan died

  6. For Trunks it is quite obvious,it is a combination of Super saiyan and mystic power that he learned from the kaioshin and fused both powers together.

  7. if zumasu and black fuse doesnt that mean a power up and imortality?🤔

  8. The thumb nail is like f*ck off

  9. also goku and vetega ssgjssj4 awesome

  10. beerus will die if he goes to past by black goku rose fuison with zamasu also goku and vetega fuison

  11. I am surprised none of you get the "but" part…. it is clearly stated in Dragonball, that the mafuba can only be used on Demons..since zamasu is a "God" kaioshin it shouldnt work in him

  12. LMAO the way he said so causally "Beerus is gonna whoop dat a$$".

  13. and black goku new technique was middle finger XD

  14. what about demon rush? 😀

  15. Let's be clear of a few things. 1. Potaro Earing fusion is stronger than Metamareze Fusion. 2. Goku Black and Zamasu are each as strong as or stronger than Goku and Vegeta Blue. 3. The Potaro Earing fusion of Goku Black and Zamasu would be stronger than Metamareze Gogeta Blue.

  16. I hope it's super saiyan 3

  17. give us ssblue Vegito already

  18. Heart virus gonna be the main factor n the end. Vegeta new level. He already knocking at it anyway. They aught 2 grow back Goku tail n the end also

  19. Judging by the way Akira normally does things, Zamasu and black are going to die from something stupid like the heart virus randomly coming back or the kai of time showing up to scold them and send them into a dimension with no time or space or something anti-climactic like that :/

  20. whis cannot be defeated by fusion at their current level

  21. ain't zamasu the same person that black

  22. I really do hope that future trunk dies.

  23. I hope those two show up and even if those two are fused that will give us a chance to see him at his 100% power and I have a feeling they will get washed Barris is the shit

  24. trunks is not going to die!

  25. My guess is that Piccolo will either teach Goku the Mafuba or come along to do it himself because he's the only one other than Kami who performed it and didn't lose his life. Or maybe Goku's God ki may protecting him from paying the price. Who knows?

  26. I don't know why, but I feel like they will tie xenoverse in and this will show us how trunks got into time patrol.

  27. If Future Trunks actually did die, just imagine Vegeta's rage mode…
    I imagine he'd power up like crazy with his hair colour changing a few times lol.

  28. But Goku will die if he uses it

  29. if big trunks dis the kid trunks BETTER put in MAD work

  30. Thumbnail The instant fuck you.

  31. I'm only subbed to you for dbz stuff and this is the first dislike ever I love your vids but cheers for telling me goku had a new techniques you could of found another way to phrase it so at least we wouldn't have known he has a new move or whatever total bull mate

  32. What name would they have if they actually do fuse? Zamack ?

  33. Beerus is not going to come to the future because earlier on, he said that Gods like them do not interfere in the future. It is not their job, nor do they have permission to do so.

  34. People need to stop saying Future Trunks is going to turn into super saiyan blue is a possibility. It doesn't make any sense.

  35. Goku is a saiyan.. remembr he took a few minutes to learn something that took roshi years to develope.. mafuba will be aced.. goku just need to c it once.. mastering instant transmission i think was way harder than mafuba..

  36. lmao hes said "beat beruss and whis"! XD IM DONE!

  37. I feel like if trunks has the z sword and they can't beat black they could just brake the sword release elder kai borrow his earnings and boom Vegito

  38. wouldnt Goku and Vegeta be more stronger if they grow out there tails?

  39. Please don't start saying trunks is going to be super saiyan blue. You have to be trained a certain way to get super saiyan blue!

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