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Dragon Ball Super – Goku’s Final Form

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. He will probably just go kaiyoken times over 9000

  2. It look like super Saiyan 6

  3. I feel like it would be awesome if Goku released a HUGE amount of energy and turned into a Normal "looking" Goku, but had the voice of every Transformation

  4. super saiyan green is a thing

  5. please give amine war 6,7,8 please please

  6. I here death knocking on my door when I sleep

  7. it would be funny if his next form is the child goku of his first appearance in dragon gall

  8. He obviously turns into TheLegend27

  9. Why does it have to be goku I'm thinking gohan will surpass and become the strongest worrier

  10. just give Goku his tail back. he can get his new power from that, don't have to kill anybody to get new powers.

  11. I would rather see his ultimate form in his base form.

  12. Maybe he finds a way to fuse the SSJ Blue and the Kaio Ken, multipying his power on the inside before rising it within him before releasing it.
    Or something like that.

  13. Goku next transformation is and has to be rose, because of what sumasu said ive finally reach goku ultimate power or something along those lines and then black transform for the 1st time

  14. Goku don't need any form because he is the best

  15. wow final form new final form thats like you

  16. spoiler trunks killed black goku

  17. god gogeta sorry for the spoil

  18. goku will never have a final FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Gohan wins tournaments of power with super sayian blue + piccolo energy absorbed and wishes all universes back who were lost in the tourney.

  20. yo your that guy who does dragonball xenoverse mods I got my omni king of sayain mod

  21. i think broley is the in dragon ball z ever

  22. What if Cabba, and Caulifa go SS4, while Kale ascends to a Legendary SSJ2, while Goku hits the REAL God mode?

  23. what about super saiyan Omega lol

  24. Imo goku's final transformation will be to white. The 7 colors in the rainbow to symbolize the 7 chakras and will signify that goku has truly mastered all forms and become the perfect form( I.e adding all the colors of a rainbow in additive color makes white)

  25. Maybe Goku will be Omni God new form SSJ white XD ( some kind of this)

  26. Gokus final form is Gohans ultimate form. Ppl love transformations but they get redundant and in the grand scheme have always been said throughout dbz and super to waste huge amounts of energy. The base form will be the ultimate form. It's shown at the end of dbz with uub and has been teased through the new intro for the multiverse tournament arc and through goku and vegeta's training with whis. If you remember the scene where goku and vegeta fight against each other in whis staff in a dimension similar to the hyperbolic time chamber, both goku and vegeta have to control all their ki through concentration and not let any leak out, hence they can't transform because transformations leak immense amounts of energy. jiren also has no transformations and you see him meditating in a dark dimension similar where he probably can't let his energy leak out. Frieza also hints at this in the latest episodes saying he increased his power through meditation while trapped in a cocoon in he'll. goku already has more power than anyone else in any universe, he just doesn't know how to control it as well as other characters. I don't think there will be any grand new transformation.

  27. Don't think his new transformation is gonna surpass Beerus because there is always person who surpasses goku. Atleast his transformation can be near beerus' power to rival against the god of destruction.

  28. can i say this? we all know that goku can go kio ken without dying right? but my question is this why cant he hit super sayin 3 while in his god form i remember him saying that he couldnt sustain it for too long the same effect that kioken had on his body so with the infinate amount of ki (or what ever its called) he could sustain that form or what if he managed to go full out super sayin 4 while in god mode those seem to be the best options imo

  29. It's funny how all have forgot that Goku can go SSJG. He is using ssjb because he can't tap and stay in the ssjg as long as he wants, it was limited. What i have seen is Goku doing a similar training to his body that he did when he was going to Planet Namek. TL:DR, I will not be surprised if when needed he will use his SSJG transformation again.

  30. his final form is ssj3 blue duh think about it he doesn't go 3 cuz of the ki it uses n wit blue combine crazy ki drain but if master it like kioken he good anything else is bs

  31. fuck you……….stop making video….just for more views and moneys…….

  32. Arent u assuming goku will be the champ? Since cell games he has taken a backseat to many pivotal moments. Not seeing too many vegeta comments in terms of new transformations. He now has a new and very important milestone. He has a DAUGHTER. He expected his son to be a protector but what will his views be on his daughter? I think he will be pushed to a new limit with that in mind. Goku hits his milestones fighting FOR loved ones. Vegeta has had that once during buu saga. But I think toriyama hit on Bula's birth scenes too much.

  33. he transforms into the avatar

  34. why do you think his next is his final?????????????????????

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