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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 86-89 Descriptions

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 86-89 Descriptions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episodes 86-89 Descriptions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Trump would probably like Yurine

  2. It's crazy all this happening in 40hrs😂😂😂😂😂😂 like damn

  3. this is all filler in order for the mnga to catch up to the anime and eventually surpass it

  4. it's stupid to put in match or just compare ssj god form with another character from universe 7..

  5. Yurin is nothing, launch needs to be there

  6. when u find out sayains could of been the strongest in all universes if you think about it… if goku could go that far then imagine if planet vegeta was still there and they all went super sayian blue kaio ken and shit… fuarkkkkkkkkkkkk then fuse????? BRUH gang bang the gods of destruction, angels, grand priest and shit

  7. enable brolya most likely from universe 6 just cause champa was telling cabba That he needs better SAIYANS.

  8. Just wanted to give input and I'm gonna go ahead and say that toei sent a hint of confirming Goku's ascending past blue. It's all in the intro…. it starts off in chronological form Goku is shown at his base form, then he turns into ssj2, almost right after he turns into blue. Then the red aura we see and the 'grin' from Goku is probably a sign that he broke his limit. Even come to think of it, we know even Gohan's strongest form appearance looks like his base form (Mystic Gohan)

  9. go sub to my channel please

  10. Is fusion allowed like fusion dance because that is a technique

  11. Now all we need is a " Is skinny Buu stronger than Goku" video. Considering everytime someone so much as pokes him in the eye, they some how surpassed him, lol.

  12. picolo is gonna take Gohan to that time chamber

  13. okay, where is Vegeta? 😏

  14. jiren yurien isn't something fishy

  15. Yurin is Female broly 😂😂😂👋

  16. WHY are there filler episodes if it's not a manga adaptation?!

  17. but why is a u11 fighter in u7

  18. 17 shouldn't be able to compete with ssgb

  19. they're really dragging out the 40 hours until the tournament of power

  20. aye smh….why is this bih name Urine bruh?


  21. dont people no that its champs fault that this tornement is going on not goku

  22. LSSJ Broly is still the best for me! <3

  23. Since Goku is immediately wanting No. 17 in his team, how much increase of power has 17 undergone, is he now in the range of being Super Perfect Cell or even stronger…. Super Android 17!!!!

  24. it's probably future trunks space ship returning

  25. why isn't arale on the universe 7 team…

  26. Goku vs no 17

    No 17 : u know i was a park ranger all the time 🙂 … and I wasn't dead durning the buu saga 🙂

    Goku : punches him so bad !

    17 : alright .! U know what ? Thats it .. i'm killing every human !! Every one !!

    Then i'm gonna RANGE THE SHIT OUTA THAT PARK ..

  27. In reference to episode 88: Remember what Vegeta was able to do in a few hours against Zamasu / Goku Black. Vegeta trained for a small bit of time in the hyperbolic time chamber and received a massive power boost. Same could happen to Gohan.

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