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Dragon Ball Super Episode 99-101 SPOILERS

Dragon Ball Super Episode 99-101 SPOILERS Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 99-101 SPOILERS Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. replaces my delete button with a zeno emoji

  2. it's this happens bi bi DBJ. ….it's would means their r chances that krillin could defeat zenos on power level bases

  3. Caulifa goes SSB


  4. so much complaining… am I the only one amped for what's to come? 😍

  5. How about to give ssb to Yamcha? I would like to see that.

  6. The perfect person to get god ki is piccolo he has perfect ki control

  7. I have a feeling goten and trunks achieve ssjb in earth on ep 102

  8. I really don't like how they handle the transformations of the Uni-6 Saiyans. The only one I can understand is the transformation of Cabba, as Vegeta did threaten to kill everyone in his universe (or something like that, can't recall, but it was intense) so that did make him reach down for desperate power. Let's just accept that Kale is a freak of nature, like Broly, whatever I can deal with that. I really don't see how Caulifla got even to SS1? What, because Cabba called her a dummy and she discovered the "tingly shit" in her back?".

    I get how everyone needs a bit of a boost to even be relevant in this tournament, but come the FUCK on!! They could have at least made Caulifla worry about the fact that all she ever knew would be erased and that would push her over the edge. But nope, she's a """"genious"""", apparently.

  9. actually frieza is the last man standing. He outsmart goku and jiren and get the super dragon balls by himself and wish to become powerful greater than zeno and thats how the new arc of dragon ball super begins. Freiza humiliated the gods of the destruction especially beerus because of envy and made the two zeno as his keychain for fun.Then he finally get revenge against goku and kill him slowly in a horrible way and vegeta and the rest has the same fate too. Since the God of destruction was killed by Frieza then the angels stop functioning and now Frieza is the new omni king that even surpass the two zeno. Frieza also learn the ability to erase the universe but he has to chant this phrase "ala-ak-bar" and instantly erase the universe. Too make the story short Frieza got bored to be the most powerful god because no one cares and decided to collect the dtagon balls and wish to become a mortal again. After that he commit suicide and thats how will end the story of dragon ball super. Beerus and Goku didnt fight at the end so Sad

  10. Or Gotenk's ssj3 transformation? You guy are not real fans of DBZ

  11. Everyone's mad about caulifla going blue? Did everyone forget when Kid Trunks surprised Vegeta with his first ssj transformation? All Trunks had to is witness it first.

  12. Even Gohan can't become super saiyan God Yet but caulif

  13. Patiently waiting, she goes blue. I'm out. Taking this long for the good fights is making me lose interest anyway. Castlevania needs to make more episodes

  14. I'm gonna break it down for the dummies. Universe 7 made ssj EXTREMELY hard to obtain. Universe 6 is a mirror of that…so completely hard turns into completely easy. Universe 7 sayians always went through hardships and universe 6 sayians were pretty much the justice league. Just look at how easy it was for goten and trunks. It's pretty simple if you don't look at it from a fanboy perspective.

  15. Im a human not a saiyan…Yet if Toriyama wishes I can turn SSB too….cheers! 😁

  16. Nah, they have to cram in as much as they can for the saiyan girls, because they're all going to DIE by the end of this saga. Congrats Goku, you just got 7 universes worth of people killed because you can't keep your pants on at the idea of fighting stronger people. I hope Jiren turns him into a skid mark.

  17. Is normal , the Grand Priest say Zeno, univers 7 and 6 form a pair. i like univers 6 and 7 to work together

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