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Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Spoilers

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. so I'm gonna just say this…to me it's boldy obvious that Frieza is going to be one of the first erasures because the past 2 grand entrances of Frieza ended in his failure…..this one will be his final….we all know who the main rival is…..and Frieza is not Jiren..Frieza will either be knocked off …or he will kill someone and be disqualified

  2. I think fusion is going to be used. The most fighters that are in the end basically you're hiding another fighter til the end.

  3. actually freeze is really a good guy now! he join universe 4 and intent to kill in the tournament so they be disqualified! how kind he is <3

  4. What if beerus just gives goku his power like they do in the old shows thatd be pretty dope

  5. that mortal stronger then god , that means that in that universe gods are probably losers 😂😂😂

  6. maybe goku will transform into a ssg with red hair powered by the special training of the kaioshins…

  7. maybe the strongest peep is the legendary ss

  8. If the Kaioken is Goku's power card why doesn't he try to train it with that mental focus bullshit Frieza pulled in hell.

  9. hey why doesnt Goku even mention the gag girl character for the tournament

  10. MaSTAR media I wish you were my dad 🙁  no one else will do but you…

  11. could you make a video on the chances of Frieza becoming the next god of Destruction

  12. i hope the spoiler 96 doesn t mistake then the episode 95 with friezer

  13. you were right about him trying to join another universe, except actually failed…..

  14. after todays episode I know Goku has a new form. Frieza struggled to contain the destruction energy and he laughed as Goku struggled to free himself from it thinking he was superior BUT Goku was only base form and didnt even break a sweat so hes definitely hiding a new level

  15. Who else thought a god of destruction would of been a Saiyan? I know im not the only 1 who wanted that

  16. berrus and whis sense the ki from goku and freiza samething like when goku and gohan fight vegeta and everyone sense everything

  17. will frieza b the 10 th warrior in tournament of power????

  18. beerus,recruit pikkon or monaka

  19. I honestly hope vegeta gets a new transformation

  20. anyone know the title of the background music

  21. (About Gohan and UUB) I think Gohan will have a new form but it will be a waste after this arc, he will likely go back to his professor/scholar life and plus the creator already established that UUB will be new earth's defender when Goku trains him. UUB will probably be stronger than Gohan. (dragons ball z ending), I don't get why they made UUB. Like what is the reason for Trucks, Goten, Pam, Bra be create if they don't have any purpose in the show. Why create a character like UUB that could surpass everyone if their is other characters that could also do the same. I mean they shouldn't have made UUB at all. Why didn't they just make Goku train Goten or make Gohan more involved in the end of Dragon Ball Z. It's funny how they add more characters and they didn't explore other characters limits. Plus Gohan will always be a family man and Goten and Trucks (not future version) needs to learns ssj 2. UUB will likely be hype and being train by Goku wil be weird because there is more characters that should be train by him. For example Goten and Pan.

  22. The mortal that is stronger than some of the
    Gods is Jiren the gray, I’m 90% sure of it. If Toppo is the next in line to be
    a God of destruction and he said Jiren is stronger than him, so there is a high
    chance he is the one. They also said that the universe that has the strongest
    mortal has a good of destruction stronger than Beerus and In my opinion only
    Gene, Belmod, Liquir, Arak, and Iwen are stronger than Beerus. So it must be
    Jiren.The mortal stronger than a god is
    Jiren the gray im like 90% sure of that. If Toppo is the next in line to be a
    god of destrution and Jiren is stronger im pretty sure is that guy. Il be
    surprise if its someone else. The mortal stronger than a god is Jiren the gray
    im like 90% sure of that. If Toppo is the next in line to be a god of
    destrution and Jiren is stronger im pretty sure is that guy. Il be surprise if
    its someone else.

  23. Hopefully beerus will dress up as monaka xD

  24. Has it been confirmed that frieza joins universe 4?

  25. لاتوجد ترجمه عربية قناة فاشله
    ديس لايك👎

  26. Spoiler alert universe 7 wins. Think about it this is the filler between the Kid Buu Arc and the end of DBZ hmmmm doesn't take much to figure it out

  27. damnnn I'm at a point that I watch mastar vids In the shower. the hype

  28. please made episode 5 anime war I waiting for the episode

  29. I think beerus plan is to making 3 group of 3 members from weak to strong so that they can balans each other of if it needs to be like for example one team will be goku krillin and master rochi and seconde group will be android 18 17 gohan and 3 group will be the rest or his plan is to give each other an role so as the weak fights stand by as support then you have defense or attackers.

  30. So the next two episodes are going to be boring

  31. Even if they all lost, they could jump in the time machine and reappear fresh in the ring at the end of the match. If they lost, their universe would be guaranteed to soon be destroyed and even though time travel is frowned upon by the gods and could get their universe destroyed, it's worth a try than just giving up and accepting your fate.

  32. beerus plan is ton send freeza to fight for universe 4 and then to turn against them.

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