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Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers (Rumors)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers (Rumors) Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers (Rumors) Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Apparently a little more translation on Episode 96, someone will be waiting for Universe 7 at the tournament stage, I think to join them since Frieza left. It thinking Buu, Future Trunks (yes PLEASE), or possibly……Yamcha -____-

  2. episode 96 frieze doesn't turn into univers r

  3. your prediction is falling the rumors stay in the shit

  4. they also mentioned oob(uub) well who knows he might come back.

  5. vegeta is gonna die 😢😢😢😢

  6. I think the episode 98 one, is talking about when the kaioshin of universe 11, tried to gather all the other universes to conspire and take out universe 7

  7. Lol it would be crazy if mr.satan be the 10th warrior

  8. university 7 is "Detroit" Like if you Agree!! 💢

  9. This is to be honest, fake. When Zeno-Sama have said 10 members, then 10 members must be there! Supreme kai has said this. So how can they go with 9 members? Fake, Frieza will stay. Someone will be coming but if it is Yamcha. How can he go to Tournament of Power in place middle of the void. FAKE!

  10. You got 94 right and 95 idk about the rest

  11. obvious that freezer is going to flee to other univers .
    look goku said that is going to ressurect freezer when te tornament is over.
    i fink that freezer knows that goku was liying about that.
    so freezer is only logic way not to go to the hell again.

  12. Well shit i hope vegeta new power maybe or goku new form and gohan new form would be very strong because unless gohan goku and vegeta cant stop them no one will.

  13. Why the hell can't they just bring Kid Buu back instead of Frieza? He was more entertaining than Frieza. All Frieza did was complain and monologue.

  14. Android 16 will come back for the tournament of power

  15. I see a lot of comments in reference to goku getting a new form. NO NO NO! I'm tired of goku getting new forms. That all dragon ball has become. Give someone else a new form. Boost the power of someone else. Give Vegeta gohan picollo or 17 a new form

  16. The last member could end up being Jaco or Future Trunks since there are now 2 Future Trunks, I don't see a problem with one of them leaving to help out Goku and Gohan. Or Frieza could end up betraying Universe 4 knowing they don't have the Dragonball balls to revive him, Frieza did make a deal with Goku and even if he's a villain he would keep his end of the deal.

  17. It would be a twist if Beerus steps down from being god of destruction for participating in the tournament trying to save himself and universe 7. He likes food and being alive much more than being god of destruction.
    If he becomes mortal he can fight.

  18. why isn't uub in the midst of this scenario???!!

  19. I just want Vegeta to get a new Royal unique form!!!!!

  20. cant goku use instand transmission for the ppl that fall off

  21. no universe will be erased and no fighter will erased if they fall from fighting stage as it is a plan of grand priest bcuzz he want everyone to go all out in tournament so zeno could actually enjoy it

  22. Why are you and others not fixing yalls comments? Its fake and scans have been shown that frieza is staying.

  23. Buu will probably come back.

  24. AHAHHA Google Translate with Japanese language – 0% EFFECTIVE

  25. i feel like they are going to make yamcha somehow win the tournament for universe 7 somehow

  26. no killing allowed if you get of stage you are dead, that dosent make any sense…

  27. what they meant was that universes are going to be paired up as teams, those who are with universe 11, which is also 4 and one other.. Then universe 6, 10, and 7. Which I predicted would happen anyway since there is so much emphasis on a universe 6 Saiyans anyway

  28. Ill give you your life back resurrect you and our universe is stronger and you get to beat Goku…

  29. univ 6 will fight along side 7…

  30. alright everyone calm down we know how fast things change around here. one way or another it's obvious which universes will join for and against universe 7. I really really hope for the sake of that elephant God of destruction he chooses…….. nevermind what ever side he picks he's getting fucking hakaid. I can honestly only see the goddess universe joining goku right now.

  31. I don't think Yamcha will fight in the tournament. My guess as to who's there to take Frieza's spot on U7 is BROLY!!! EX: There's a new Broly movie coming out in Japan soon as well.

  32. when piccolo falls off, its going to push gohan over the limit if this rumor is true.

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