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Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 spoilers

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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I've watched this several times mainly for the background music.

  2. I think kale already has transformed before but is afraid of her transformation

  3. omg dude i love your input on these things

  4. Hey Mastar, in the episode 93 preview, the shot of Caulifla shows her with SSJ2 hair. Do you think she unlocks SSJ2?

  5. i bet kale will take the dick and not even moan once

  6. they should have gotten Pikon instead of Freeza

  7. +Mastar Media why can't they put buu in the time chamber it would only take 4 hours to wake him up it takes 2 months to wake him up and Vegeta can use him as a punching bag

  8. When the universes get destroyed, could they use the super dragon balls to wish the universes back?

  9. Goku is going to allow Frieza to kill him if he joins the team

  10. don't forget guys that there is a 5th form for frieza

  11. I'm going to call the form Beserker Super Saiyan, yep got a nice ring to it.

  12. cabba is collecting harem … dam

  13. her power is that she can turn into a dude.

  14. We're gonna have a Saiyan orgy in the tournament of power.

  15. i hope cabba and califla in episode 93 team up to try to beat berzcer kale leave a like if you want to see it


  17. Frieza in the arc look like frost. And nice content Mastar media

  18. Goku: I need your help.
    Freeza: Suck my dick!

    Goku: OK…..where is it..?

  19. When you gonna do the another ep of Anime war?

  20. I could give a fuck about the female saiyans. Feminist are the cause of this. We don't need to fucking female saiyan.

  21. its at times like this i wish i had a time machine

  22. that girl on the thumbnail looks like the girl from boku no hero

  23. I know Broly isn't canon as he's in the movie universe, however I'm curious as to what Goku/Vegeta/Gohan's reaction will be to her transformation when she finally transforms. I really hope that maybe just maybe this is the prequel to Broly making an appearance in Super.

  24. I am just too kind😇that's the reason I want to revive frieza for the tournament😇

  25. more interesting: how does kale power scale with hit.  it would be insane if  kale would already be at hit's level.

  26. Broly Mode = Super Saiyan Green.
    SSJ1-3 = Air Ki.
    SSJ4, Kaioken, SSG Red = Fire Ki.
    SSG Blue = Water Ki.
    SSJ Green = Out of control Earth Ki.
    Mystic/Ultimate/SSJ White = Spirit.

  27. i still see this whole frieza thing as a way to stall i dont see it happening after goku goes and trys to get freiza but is turned down beerus will have whis wake buu up

  28. I think beerus will threaten him that he will destroy him if he not join team for tournament

  29. so it's going to be freiza vs freiza?!

  30. I would want to see frost and frieza vs vegeta because if what he did to both and how he fuck up both

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