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Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Breakdown / Analysis

Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Breakdown / Analysis Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 79 Breakdown / Analysis Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  3. hi
    thanks for the vid but is it really a analys or just a full repeat of the episode. it's like you are telling the story to a blind guy.

  4. Can anyone please tell, what's the song name playing in the background.

  5. do you think guys that all these warriors from different universe have been beaten by black goku? meaning there is a chance that goku is the strongest among all those universe?

  6. "Saturn"?, not dissing your pronunciation of Mr Satan but its more of a "Say-ten", just saying, love the video though brilliant work.

  7. Mr Satan pulled out the desert's from his capsule! …Sure let's go with that

  8. Well. Basil "Draymond Green"

  9. Aren't Buu's blasts suppose to be pink?

  10. diable jamble.. helllll memoriiiiiieeeesss :3

  11. also I'm the video The Grand Priest shown his first sign of 'forcful' dictatorship against Beerus, showing that menacing face.

  12. knowing DBZ the food probably came from a capsule

  13. this whole fight was bullshit, Basil was in a fucking mismatch he pummeled the hell out of buu and nothing effected him what the could basil do seriously buu is nothing more then a walking rubber ball you can beat the fat son of a bitch down over and over again with everything and nothing fazes him, the whole match to me was completely unfair Poor basil i hope your alright buddy just stand back up again DONT BE DEAD oh and i hope somewhere in the tournament Someone tears buu apart he needs to get his fat ass kicked

  14. I feel like Toppo is going to end up fighting Hit, Toppo will beat Hit badly just so we can see the power difference between the two and give us an idea of how strong he actually is. That would be pretty cool and would once again push Goku to go even further beyond 😀

  15. I am prety sure Buu dosent even have Nuts in the first place

  16. Akira changing the man in black was such a weak move..
    Everyone was smart enough to figure out who he was so he decides to change him last minute

  17. So here's a thought.
    Where did Satan get all the desserts from?
    if I had to guess, a capsule, prepared in advance to reward buu after the fight.

  18. i don't really watch dragon ball but why is hercule getting called mr satan?

  19. Hercule probably had the cakes and stuff in a capsule.

  20. all that food came from a capsule

  21. im sure gohan will win this fight.. i was also surprise but lavenda said. i will win if i can kill my opponent but its impossible for gohan to die

  22. buu i thought u love puppy then why did u slapped his head

  23. it's wolf's not woofs just saying

  24. mastar media can u give me your dragon ball shop's link
    bc i cant find ur site to buy some cloths

  25. what if all universe 11 where's the man in black thinging

  26. I don't know what Akira Toriyama was thinking when he didn't include Mr. Satan in the Universal Tournament. His delayed Megaton Punch and his Dynamite kick would've made for a fantastic fight, and I would rather him than Master Roshi or Tien. Maybe he was just too OP. #makemrsatangreatagain

  27. food was in a capsule corp man!! =- T

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