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Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Live Discussion ft. Team Mastar

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Live Discussion ft. Team Mastar Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Live Discussion ft. Team Mastar Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Do you think all 12 angels could stop Zen-chan?

  2. Vegeta:Kakarot is always one step ahead
    Goku:kaioken 10
    Me:Now he's 10 steps ahead

  3. What is the website/link so that I can catch up on the episodes? Thanks for your help.

  4. I actually have a very strange feeling that if the super dragonballs are used to bring back everyone somehow one of the priests will then find a way to imprison goku for how bad he's gotten and as beerus mentioned even become a potential threat to the universe. Or after this gohan (if and only if he gets stronger) will possibly tell his dad he wants to protect everyone and he's not fit to help anymore due to his recklessness causing goku and gohan to have a massive fight (maybe i'm just seeing things but when gohan had the glasses down like that in anime that usually means they're more than just a little bit pissed off and gohan may just lash out if they win, again it's a stupid theory but i think someone on gokus team is going to try and tell him to step down afterwards and maybe even fight him for it, possibly vegeta).

  5. I have a question would the super dragon balls have the ability to wipe out zeno and all the gods? since this doesnt make any fucking sense …

  6. Love the live discussion idea mastar! Looking foward to the next one

  7. How much use wanna bet that buu will absorb Basil and become a lot stronger. Even says he is laughing all through the fight so he's definitely considering it. That way he won't be that fat piece of chewing gum anymore.

  8. i think the reason that zeno sama want goku fight universe 9 had a bad thing and zeno knows it

  9. What if Beerus actually saw Gohan in his vision, not Goku?

  10. Can you have super saiyan white Omni god gogeta and vegito

  11. Universe 7 will win the tournament and then goku will ask bearus on omni king permission to wish all erased universe back, including universe 13 to 18

  12. Bro! anime wars is fricken amazing. the storyline is crazy, and the new forms are awesome! thank you so much for making something like this

  13. Theory: A place without time… goku's new transformation? Or is it really kaioken but his body won't tire out due to the reason that there's no time…?

  14. Everything is a lie!! The ending that goku is gonna wish everyone back with the super dragon ball is wrong!! Its too damn obvious. Member that you guys thought goku would win in the champa ark? Non of that happen. Member when you thought trunks timeline would be back to normal? Got erased. So this ending will be completely different im calling it bishes.

  15. Sub to my YouTube Chanel @ValidStorm96

  16. dude when are you going to release 2nd episode of anime war???? waiting for it 😁

  17. when are you doing goku vs super man part2

  18. Wile Coyate, Basil Bush fox and Balto wolf

  19. wonder if we'll get another universal-7 / all-universe spiritbomb promoted by mr.satan. rly would like see him to save the entire universe ( by buffin gokus spiritbomb ). :'D n maybe not even human but whole universe believe he did shit n vote mr.satan into god of destrution or sth like that. would be simply hilarious.^^

  20. "Im bout to turn you in to chocolate, mutha fucka."

  21. it's obvious that universe 7 will be the winning team

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