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Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 – New Info, Preview Video, Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 – New Info, Preview Video, Predictions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 – New Info, Preview Video, Predictions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I KNEW IT AND I CALLED IT! I WAS RIGHT! the wish was about Pan to be made well so yall can buzz off! 😀 I knew I'd be right!

  2. Pilaf will probably end up getting the wish. He will probably end up wishing for a sandwich or something

  3. 😭😭 wtf. Best intro ever

  4. I think I as a fan will just stay tuned in and wait until Nov. 27th for the episode to come out. My prediction is that I'm just going to be patient. Yes that's sarcasm and honest sarcasm. You're welcome! Have a good one!

  5. When king kai died.i dont remember?

  6. black goku thinks he got super saiyen rose first but medaka got it first black goku got rekted

  7. nice info! hey Mastar I have a question regarding to the editing: im planning to dub a whole video clip from cutscenes from video games, however i dont want to remove the action sequence sounds, cracks, punches, etc, ONLY the dialogue of the cutscene. Is it possible to do this without removing the other sounds? is there a program for it?

  8. mastar do you think that vados couldve saved bardock

  9. how does he not have millions subs.

  10. Willy impression. Not bad, but not good either 😀

  11. Time traveling is crime but that orange suit guy doing it with the Zeno

  12. I think there will be three wishes granted one of bulma the piece she needs and one of android 18 it can be that she wishes a lot o money and the third can be of Gohan that cure his daughter

  13. I wish gohan would wish to have his strength speed and power back cause after all he may be a wimp now but wait till he gets hell's beast again and if anyone could kill hit it's gohan or goku vegetables lost but he has boosted up a little when he trained in his timeline before facing black and zamasu witch indeed was a great battle

  14. android 18 is going to wish for money because she always tries to get rich

  15. Pan is sick and gohan wants her cured

  16. the thing that bothers me is that he can grant 2 wishes in DBZ after being revived by dende and at the start of resurrection f movie shenron says he can grant 2 wishes he brought frieza back to life from the 1st wish and gave pilaf 1mill zeny but in DBS when frieza arc started shenron says he can grant 3 wishes WTF!!!!! when can he grant 3 wishes WHAT!

  17. Just saw the vids from aron whatever dudes an asswipe don't let him getcha down mastar

  18. First thing 15 secs in Mastar no that needs to be an animation of beerus as arnold too great you made me laugh my ass of with that arnold impression for goku picturing that is honestly terrifying goku with arnolds voice going super saiyan god

  19. I want link from where I can watch dragon a ball super episodes…
    please give me

  20. Hey mastar do you think we could posibly see goten and trunks potara fusión in a future maybe the tournament ? I'm curious

  21. im thinking bulma made the wish at the end to

  22. what about vegeta immortally wish.?

  23. I think who actually rent HIT is MONAKA!! why?? because he's the only person of DBS character that tortured by goku!!! And i think he's affraid that when the universe battle begin, he must fight again like before!! and yes!! bcause of that, he hire HIT to kill GOKU!!
    who agree with me?? :v

  24. LOVED THE Arnold swartzeneger improv

  25. shenron can grant 2 wishes, not 3

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