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Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 – Preview Video and Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 – Preview Video and Predictions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 – Preview Video and Predictions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. what's the name of the at the end of the video

  2. "oh you're gonna get it tonight baby" LOL!

  3. DBS полный кал,как так можно испортить шедевр то ?!

  4. What if. Omniking at multiversal tournament says if you loose your universe will be destroyed, Universe 7 wins and tells him not to destroy the universes?

  5. The end of Zamasu ~__ ~ sniff sniff I wanted to see the Zero Mortals plan SUCCEED!!!!! jk >_>

  6. Zamasu was not that strong …Bejeto was slapping hem around.
    So how was he capable of killing the Gods??? I'm sure that the Gods we dont know yet are as strong if not stronger than Beerus!

  7. Creepy thumbnail. Zeno looks like he's ready to murder Black.

  8. lord xenos might destroy trunks timeline or destroys zamasu when he regenerates

  9. hes probably there to ask trunks if he wants to be the next god of destruction, perfect fit, except trunks doesnt like destroying stuff, probably just bring beerus back 😀

  10. There is really no need for these Mai comments :/.

  11. by the way in the scene where supreme kai and gowasu look surprised, if you look in the back it looks like the time machine has fallen over.

  12. How come we haven't seen Grand Kai in DB super yet? He's cannon, right?

  13. Mastar Media I congratulate you whether you see this comment or not. the reason I congratulate you is because I was in study block in the cafeteria when I overheard a computer. It was the noise of goku screaming. Then I met the people watching the video right after they said "Genos" and I know they were watching your goku vs Saitama series. I'm happy that your fan base is continuing to increase and I hope you one day after genre recognized by an anime company one day and could help on the work.

  14. You need to do a better job of warning about spoilers. 0:41 you only say "these spoilers we got" and go immediately into them. A 2-second warning is awful, and some might assume that isn't a warning at all, and assume that since you're just going right into it, that they don't need to worry about it. I understand this is a "next episode preview and predictions" video, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're including spoilers. Just my thoughts, upvote if you agree.

  15. LOL it would be awesome for u to do the English dub translation

  16. But does vegeta know the omni king??

  17. Is black goku gone forever?

  18. ya forgotten what toyotaru said bout trunks n tutor. i dont think its end for future trunks. maybe it can be the present trunks…

  19. is it me who's just notice htf did the omni king get to the future?

  20. For when Beers was looking at a rock or something, thinking, maybe he was thinking that "I doubt Zamasu was truly defeated" or maybe like it couldn't have been that easy?
    Probably not

  21. What if beerus staring into space thinking about why does vegito look so familiar and then beerus remember that vegito is the god he seen in his dream

  22. This video makes the least sense of your all theory videos.

  23. Maybe All The People From The Future Will Go To The Past For A Beautiful Life And Thats My Theory

  24. Dragon ball: A new Hope
    Next: Dragon Ball: The empire strikes back

  25. probably zeno is going to restore trunks world, and revive everybody.

  26. Dude isn't it obvious that omni king will be mad at Goku

  27. this guy straight up been summarizing what geekdom101 says

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