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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 – Preview Video and Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 – Preview Video and Predictions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 – Preview Video and Predictions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I wanted that Final Kamehameha to obliterate Zamasu then he regenerates into a full purple slimy Zamasu. Why Nerf the Potara and Final KameHameHa AND Vegito himself. Screw Trolliyama

  2. that the final ka me ehe mah nto big bang ka me  ha me ha

  3. what songs you used in this video plz reply

  4. Dragon ball Super is a shit like Dragon ball GT. Dragon ball is dead after Dragon ball Z for real.

    Beerus one shoted Goku 3.
    Goku God can fight with Beerus (but lose).
    Goku Blue is way stronger than Goku God. Goku 3 one shoted Trunks.
    So can someone explain me how f*ckin tards can like these episodes ?! Trunks as simple SSJ2 and his transformation yellow/blue (LOL) should not be able to fight with them like if he had the same level than Vegito.

    Goku black clones (LOL), his sword/axe (WTF), Zamatsu bird (LOL),Trunks learning the ancestral mafuba with videos in 5 minutes (seriousely ?), the Potara fusion during 10 minutes (explains sux), Trunks can hold the fight a couple of time vs Zamatsu² (like Vegito everythings all'right), his GenkiShitSworDama for no reason (LOL).

    1.000.0000 more things to tell this : Dragon ball super should burn with all its fans :-/

  5. now one wants to hear you talk about a episode of dragon ball super

  6. Fucking called that shit, literally everyone thought I was wrong to think vegito would return to fight zamasu but fuck all those guys this is gonna be awesome

  7. ok so it's the "final Kamehameha not big bang Kamehameha…also he's not getting"evaporated" the word your looking for is"vaporized"

  8. hey that's not Goku voice your a phony hey! everybody! this guys a phony! a great big fat phony!!!! lols

  9. Next episode Vegito is about to lose ends on a cliffhanger then the episode after that Vegito goes MUDAFUCKING SSJGW and shut goes down Vegito acts like zamasu ain't shit zamasu still trys to fuck with him but nah Vegito ain't having that shit grabs his fist no blinking we see the energy from the attack destroy the city behind Vegito but he's fine he closes his fist cracking zamasus hand oh shits going down can't wait!!!

  10. We all saw it coming and we're all going to be cumming when we see him power up

  11. Great video… regarding how the finalkamehamha being wack because it only destroyed a city you have to understand that in dragonball there is a thing called ki control.. Vegeto doesn't want to destroy earth obviously…..but trust me with in the blast radius is the power to destroy many universes. bigger than any power we have seen before.

  12. dude what's the soundtrack in the beginning of the video and then again 5:05 ?

  13. Vegito in DBZ was not childish, furthermore his cockiness was deliberate to provoke Buu into absorbing him so he could rescue Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo, it was part of his strategy. He was not being cocky just for the sake of being cocky.

  14. The half of goku black without zamasu's half looks like the supreme kai

  15. I wonder if vegetto will be the one to turn onto super saiyan blue level 2. it would make sense that both goku and vegeta in the same body could figure it out and use that to kick ass. and when they separate they can both understand how to get to that next level. that would be cool as hell.

  16. he's evolving like aizen from bleach yawn.

  17. It's not Big Bang Kamehameha it's final Kamehameha

  18. I hope they don't use spirit bomb.. kill all bosses that way. I hope they half Zamasu and Mafuba the remains.. that would be EPIC and Zamasu would spend eternity half a being in a jar

  19. all of this could have been solved if beerus came to the future lol

  20. It's actually Final Kamakama

  21. First its final kamehameha, second he used instant transmission to avoid super buy ghost Kamikaze attack also super I NOT canon to Z it is its own canon. The lore does not mix well with Z as good as the show has gotten that does not change that fact. GT is canon to the anime Dragonball Z it follows completely after using that lore to fuel the story unlike super. If you think GT is not canon you have to say the same for Supr because they were both made the same way just saying and super will never be as good as Z this is its only good arc, when it gets dubbed its gonna bore a lot of people cause of the first 3 in other countries which will kill views I'm done lol

  22. he's not gonna kill zamas omni king is cuz veggetto accidentally pressed the button

  23. It was a final kamehameha not big bang bro .

  24. Its not a big bang kamehameha its the Final Kamehameha.

  25. They didn't do much revamping at all the art and animation is still awful/inconsistent

  26. what if once vegito defuses both goku and vegeta learned each other attacks…like if goku learned the big bang attack and vegeta learned the instant transmission…

  27. goku destroys the holy ring around hum so zamasu transforms from a god to a devil

  28. America needs the rights to this show.

  29. Vegito losses to Merged Zamasu so Beerus and Whis come to save the day. Somehow we need to work Monaka into this so he makes a delivery of the seal so our champion Monaka saves the day. Goku praises Monaka for being a Hero. Next arc.

  30. This is not big bang kamehame ha it is Final Kamehame ha I think

  31. Im just going to clear something up. Old Kai said don't fuse when SSJ because you'll have a short life. Meaning you can't turn back if you fuse in that form so it will stress your body out.

    This has nothing to do with whats happening to Zamasu

  32. Vegito=Vegeta and Gogeta=Goku   (Expressions and faces)

  33. I Predict something
    it might be spoiler but in the fusion reborn movie, Gogeta used Stardust breaker his fav attack so what is vegito's fav attack?, it isn't big bang Kamehameha

  34. Pls make it that Vegito get injured and then he does kaioken Bigbang Kamehameha

  35. thats a final kamehameha not big bang see how he puts his hands out then does a kamehameha

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