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Dragon Ball Super – Episode 66 – In-Depth

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I love when Vegito was revealed…the smile on he's face 7:00 says "Im about to beat your ass!".

  2. Worst youtuber

    Soo much talkish
    The point is where is the scene only picture
    Dont sub him

    He want money he want us waste time

  3. Power level hasent been cannon since freiza saga LOLOLOLOL

  4. Hey MaStar Media 🙂 I think Vegito charged the final Kamehameha so quickly cos he could sense that Zamasu was not a worthy or strong levelled enough oponent to need the time or power to summon the level of power needed. So he blasted a weaker version of one thinking that it would be enough or again just to torment zamasu how weak he really is compared haha!

  5. I wish you guys would quit making these damn thing because it makes it hard to find the damn episode I just want watch

  6. Im having trouble watching episodes 66 and 67 , can you help me watch it? like give me the info?

  7. This preview was longer than the actual episode

  8. Goku does use kao 10 before he kick Zamazu hard sending him to the ground

  9. One thing I don't understand is that if SSG (red) and Beerus' fighting almost destroyed the universe just by the impact wave distortions, how do we not get the same thing with the SS Blue and merged Zamasu since they are fighting at a much higher level than Goku and Beerus let alone with Vegito in the mix who is arguably as strong or stronger than Whis.

  10. Non stop action best episode I've seen

  11. Did you notice how Toei Animation employees saw your videos and got some inpirations? 🙂

  12. so u saying Farther and son galic gun didn't help stack for Goku. opening zamasu up for the Kame wave blast.?

  13. Actually, if Merged Zamasu were pure evil, I don't think it would have been as effective like how Kid Buu was able to push the vanilla Spirit Bomb back at the end of Z. Meanwhile, Zamasu was said by Gawasu to be psychologically conflicted meaning he's not pure good or evil but since he as leaning much more to evil Trunk's sword was super effective.

  14. I think goku and vegeta are about the same because, when vegeta and trunks had the power struggle against zamazu made him weaker and then goku was able to go 1v1 because zamazu was caught off-guard

  15. Any theory on why Trunks was able to feel SSJB Vegitto's ki?

  16. Akira -MASTER OF CLICKBAIT – put only Vegetto in the review and then make only 5 mins with him XD

  17. If they used the fusion dance maybe they would have a had the full 30 minutes, I say that because in GT, which is NOT canon, the more power they used as Gogeta SS4 the less time they had to fight as him. Maybe a canon version will have the full 30 minutes no matter the amount of power he uses it won't decrease the time fused.
    Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

  18. about vegito nooooooope i disagree
    cuz he is crazily strong i don't thing we will see he again soon

  19. I think Goku use the kaioken but we don't realize it. It like he fought frieza. Also Omni king come to transport Goku and other to their world since Bulma cannot repair the time machine.

  20. Next arc … Dbz – fairty tail , the power of friendship

  21. I disagree that this Episode clarified who is stronger. Dragon Ball Super simply doesn't care about power scaling. How come Black and Zamasu took down Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku, but fake Super Saiyan Blue Trunks can hold them off? Then apparently one near death experience is enough to overpower the now Fused Zamasu, but Vegito doesn't turn him into dust, and Trunks doesn't get slapped around like a ragdoll.

  22. I disagree about the Kaioken, I think this is exactly how it should be used; to quickly overpower an enemy out of nowhere and then depower again. That was perfect. I also liked how fast the Final Kamehameha was, but then I've never been a fan of dragging things out just to create tension. I feel like this was the final confrontation, and these are characters that are insanely fast, so I thought it was awesome how much the pace got picked up.

    The fusion only lasting an hour for mortals was a retcon, but it was one that happens to fit decently. Still, I don't see a need for the retcon. If it was to have Trunks get the win, they could have just had Zamasu win the fight against Vegito. Heck, that would have made more sense since Goku Black and Zamasu were beating Vegeta and Goku the whole arc. Then they could have just defused Vegito with the dragon balls afterward.

    The only thing I really dislike (and don't get me wrong, I loved this episode) is that Trunks is way too strong without any explanation for it. That and the fact that that Spirit Bomb couldn't have been powerful enough; Goku needed everyone on earth to give him their energy to defeat Kid Buu, but Trunks uses like 20 people to defeat Zamasu. That doesn't make sense.
    I love that Trunks gets the win, it fits thematically, but I don't understand why they didn't just give him SSB and had him train in the time chamber for a bit – then him being on par with everyone else would have made sense. Actually, when they were talking about how Trunks kept Buu locked up in his timeline they could have had someone mention that Goku had to use the spirit bomb to defeat him. What bothers me most is perhaps that all these inconsistencies and ridiculous power gains could have very easily been explained. All of these power gains out of nowhere completely ruins the tension; "Next time on Dragon Ball Super: The Z Fighters are in peril! How will they survive this? Well, guess what? They're going to power up some more even though they're already past their limit thousands of times over. Also: Trunks learns the Ki-Enzan by watching a shoddy recording of Krillin cutting pizza. Don't miss it, yo!".

  23. Goku isnt stronger than Vegeta. He could only push Zamasu back because Zamasu took a direct hit from Trunks and Vegeta before. And as we all know now, Zamasu isnt really immortal anymore that means the direct hit damaged and weakened him. Also Goku could have used a bit of Kaoiken and rage in his Kamehameha when he said full power. So yeah thats the only way that would make sense for him to push Zamasu back.

  24. its trunks arc basically thats why vegitos fight was so short so trunks can get the kill and save the day with his epic fucking spirit sword trunks has had enough of zamasus shit he felt the spirits of those 2 kids and then the other energys gathered BOOOM

  25. The fact that goku won that beam struggle without using kaioken brought up some questions . #1 HOW. My answer: either bad writing or trunks and vegeta weakened him.#2 wasn't goku pretty much the same goku that lost to black the last time they went to the future since all he did was spend his time learning the mafuba.my answer: pretty much with the possible zenkai boost which don't seem to make much of a difference against black. Besides that their was other parts that brought up questions.#3 why they give vegeto a time limit. My answer: to give him a weakness so they cant use it to beat everybody. #4 why didnt he use kaioken in any of those other fights against black. #5 how trunks use the "spirit bomb" without people putting their hands up or actually volunteering their energy to him. I think this episode brought up too many questions for me, some parts I called BS until further explained.
    These are just the reasons i think some of this stuff happened and its just my opinion, other than that though the episode had some good action.

  26. I'm gay. This dude is gay.

  27. No appreciation for Trunks' dialogue during his fight with Zamasu? It was really well scripted and epic, I think. Well voice acted too, even though I don't understand Japanese, I can tell that there was passion behind it.

  28. It makes no sense that Vegito's final kamehameha did no damage and Goku's Kamehameha deformed Zamasu's face upon impact. WTF logic is that? This episode was cool visually but the narrative made almost 0 sense. Nothing was explained and a lot of inconsistencies.

  29. Maybe they really wanted to get to the next story arc (multiverse tournament?) and that has the true villain of DBS?

  30. Half Kai is only fan speculation though. But he clearly said it's ONLY permanent between kais. That hints that it has to be BETWEEN two kais

  31. If the fusion is only a hour for non kais… why is zamasu still fused? Black goku is mortal

  32. Trunks should've grabbed zamasu by the pussy.

  33. I wonder what's going to happen to zamasu's time ring , will it vanish with zamasu's body or is it going to fall in the floor

  34. final kamehameha was in dbz when he fought buu. he just didnt name it

  35. Vegito flew by too fast. Like you said, 2 episodes would have been best.
    Well, I guess they ran out of stupid Zamasu philosophy ramblings.

  36. Hey mastar would u ever be Intersted in working on anime professionally either in Japan or the US?

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