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Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 – Review

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. One of the best vegeta moments ever ( total badass ) vegeta lays the smack down on goku black .. brings back the feeling when brutality beat down android 20

  2. For goku and vegeta to suddenly be winning remember says get more powerful every time they are beat to near death. How many times have black and zamasu nearly killed them?

  3. In the ressurection of F movie didnt Sorbee critically injure Goku with a common lazer gun. So why the fuck didnt that special bullet specifically made by Bulma to kill black hurt Black at all?! Oh dragonball super I hate you


  5. They can finally beat them because at least one of them is finally stronger than black and is actually doing noticeable damage. Zamasu isn't that strong so they just gotta hold him off while the other one trash black.

  6. The music direction is annoying me. Trunks using the gallic gun I wanted to hear some god damn epic music.

    inner forcus ki many times heard in dragonball series when goku was kid, they can control their ki, for example make a mountain vaporize with full power kamehameha from goku, a power acpable to destroy the universe with his will, but controling the ki, he focus it for a smaller area

  8. the only one to successfully blow themselve and survived

  9. don't they get stronger with every defeat..technically they both almost died so that's probably why they so strong

  10. My favorite parts of this episode was as follows:
    1. Trunk's confidence. We saw a different Trunks. He was usually have to talk himself out of his cowardice. But this time he went straight in. The previous episode doesn't count because he fought out of anger. For him to work up a strategy that literally would've worked if he was simply stronger was so impressive. Took down Black without even being a god.

    2. Goku's obvious respect for Vegeta's new found strength. He knew Vegeta's confidence meant something. So he let him have it without quarrel.

    3. Goku/Vegeta team work! When Zamasu back stabbed Vegeta, notice Vegeta didn't even look back. He trusted that Goku was going to take care of it. And like a true partner, Goku did! That was awesome, seeing their team work develop.

    4. More Bromance, Vegeta crushing Black but complimenting Goku and his experience.

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  11. They said it's the third act because it's the third time they have came back to the future.

  12. its called area of effect they focus there energy on the opponents so the opponent gets the full force of the attack. some martial arts also does the focusing your energy on a single point.

  13. Dude u should know that when a Saiyan looses they get stronger and black goku never trains so add Saiyans getting stronger as they loose to them training you add the two and boom

  14. They love kaioken , but they forgot gallic gun!!!!!

  15. I don't think you need to recap the entire episode to review it.

  16. Shots fired geekdom101 has been insulted haha !

  17. excellent I really liked this capiulo finally Akira Toriyama gave more credit to vegetate very
    well and hopefully continue so was epic that fight after so many humiliations tube Vegeta I claimed at the end Akira Toriyama dego to humiliate Vegeta and broke his mother black

  18. This chapter is one of my favorites, because they felt the essence of Dragon ball again because the personalities of Goku and Vegeta reappeared in this episode, besides the fights were good and I was thrilled interesting lot Super dragon ball please keep it up

  19. You know what would be cool? If the new god of destruction in universe 7 and whis come to earth and end up beeing the ones to kill black and zamasu

  20. So whis is beerus'guardian angel. All this time it's been in our face. That big ass halo around his neck was the main clue

  21. Hopefully they actually fuse into gogeta and when they infuse the supreme Kai is like "hey guys I got the potara up and ready" and trunks is like "WTF FUSION!!! (GFs trunks impression daddy's boy) dad and Goku can fuss ?? Go dad! And wtf they have two fusions? Wtf go dad !!!! Goku your the strongest but if I don't support vegeta he will rip off my nuts (GFs daddy's boy trunks)

  22. Hey mastar I totally agree with you and the comedy was HILLARIOUS And yeah I give it an A cause we finally see vegeta OWNING the enemy AND bring back his sayajin Pride I love your art and your discussion keep up the good work !! And I've been doing (somewhat crappy ) dbz dbs inspired drawings of myself and characters made up for a story I'm going to do and I was wandering if I could send you pictures over social media ? Anyways I love your vids DONT STOP… BELIEVIN…keep on holdiN ON to thaT FEEHHEELIN!!!!

  23. He used the Galick Gun cause its a concentrated beam attack. Final Flash is definitly not a concentrated beam attack and more of a powerful blast.

  24. wouldve greate if vegeta and trunks end up fusing and kick fusion zamasu's ass to the ground..and lastly..goku using mafuba.on vurnable zamasu to end up the show!

  25. i was right about vegeta surpassing goku due to the hyperbolic time chamber!

    I was also right about trunks getting a new form called super saiyan demi god

  26. mastar media if u remember vegeta say full sayian never goes full out until they have to

  27. 8:36 looks like "Consecutive Normal Punches"

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