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Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 – Preview Video and Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 – Preview Video and Predictions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 – Preview Video and Predictions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. these videos are changed. wr r those episodes when evil gods come to earth and lord berus said some clean is needed…..

  2. I think once they beat black they can control the other time lines I think Black is the main zamasu

  3. How about this guys when goku seals away zamasu and dies black goku is no longer under his control and becomes the good goku again and replaces the dead goku 🙂

  4. lol, I like that English translation at the beginning.

  5. when is episode 61 released

  6. It is better to fuse GOKU & VEGETA

  7. zamazu may be from another universe.

  8. I think what Zamasu did was make a wish to switch bodies with Goku. Then after killing Goku he used the time rings to go to the past before he made the wish to switch bodies to tell his past self what he did. Then Zamasu brought his past self with him to the future. Also maybe the time rings have the ability to travel to alternate timelines as well.

  9. You know what I don't get is how did the zamasu from trunks timeline meet goku if goku was dead .theres no reason he could've met goku if he died from the heart disease ..there's a big plot hole someone needs to explain how this is possible

  10. Hey Mastar, i want to ask you a favor

  11. There's only 4 Zamasu, One for every timeline. Since Beerus killed Zamasu from timeline 1, there's only 3 left. The Zero Mortals Plan not only involves killing off all mortals, it includes recruiting a Zamasu from each timeline so the plan will not fail.

  12. beerus will be interfered in the battle and as the priest told that the king of all Zeno will be involved ! So the next episodes are gonna be a kickass ugggh

  13. Kakarot/Goku is Vegetas ADDICTION. Y'all just don't get it. smh. Gokus power comes from his spirit for battle. Vegetas power comes from wanting to Kill Or be stronger than Goku. period
    Goku Black has to die by Vegetas hands.

  14. But why did he just stop fighting Vegeta. Black looks like Cell 2nd form trying to attack Vegetas pride and cop a plea because he realizes Vegeta got stronger. I say this because Black and Zamasu began to tag team in the next episode. They realized they will struggle with Goku and Vegeta now because their stronger. If I'm wrong then why didn't Black just pummel Vegeta again? No more dirty knife tricks Black lol. I don't think Black knows exactly how much Vegeta wants to Kill Kakarot. And he sensed that and now he's scared!

  15. It was alright but I expected more on that Epd

  16. I think the miracle trunks was talking about will occur that zamasu mind will come out of goku body becoming normal or fusion will happen

  17. xD didnt u ppl watch the news ?? this saturday that is coming is the end of world (again)

  18. Funny thought, if Zamasu needs Black Goku to help carry out his 0 mortals plan why doesn't Black just destroy earth with one Ki blast like kid Buu did? Because SS Rose is stronger than kid Buu. -_-

  19. When episode 61 will be release ..!!?

  20. I think I get it!!!! zamaszu is from the Z fighters reality and black is from future trunks

  21. Hey mastar do you think is possible that Black is the sort Saiyan God from bills dreams do you think he gets to kill beerus because it looked like Goku and I remember he told Goku that he wasn't the one so I'm interested in your answe please reply

  22. in the frame at 2:50 black has the green potarra and zamasu still has orange one on so the zamasu that killed gowasu is probably black, and hes meeting a different zamasu from the past

  23. There's a potential for many Zamasu but time has only been disrupted five times according to Gowasu. That one episode, he shows the time box with 5 rings (four green ones representing different four other timelines and one silver representing the current one they were in). The one bad thing about this arc is that there is way too many plot holes! 1.) if the time ring restricts you from traveling to the past, did "black Goku/zamasu" come from a time line between present Goku and future Trunks? 2.) in what scenario did Goku survive the heart virus to get to the point where he and Zamasu switched bodies? 3.) how would Zamasu even know if Goku if they. Belong to two different universes? 4.) after switching bodies with Goku in that time line, why didn't he just stay in that time line after accomplishing his goal? 5.) how did they black Goku even know what timeline that Trunks stopped in if he is forbidden to travel back in time? 6.) if my prediction of 5 Zamasu is correct, will we see the other two? 7.) do you think the other two accomplished the zero humanity plan in whatever time line they might be in 8.) if they did, do they feel the need to wipe humans from every time line?

    So many more questions but at this point I'm just gonna enjoy them like I didn't even ask lmfao…. another crazy thing that I thought of was that technically, Future Trunk's timeline is actually Canon.

  24. if black goku is zamasu then who is in zamasu's original body?

  25. pls stop being literally dumb timetravelling also known as wormhole/higher dimension
    used for time disruption is easy as fuck… first multiverse is completly diffrent allright forget that forget pocket universes or never touching ultra high speed dimension bubles please just understand what i am about to tell you when u time travel u wont see urself ever in the future ever ur racing light when u exit the extradimensional tunnel u will be frozen untill light catches and allows u to percive whats around you wich means what u see on earth is the equivalent to the amount of termal energy that light wich was chasing you from outside the wormhole would give to earth travelling at its regular speed translation+rotation so simply put depending on how fast u were traveling the more distance light would have to go around to get to you and when it did get to you it would only let u percive the reguar 3rd dimensional space when it gave that same energy to its sorroundings so u would see the same space as u would see if u literally vanished from history there not just like if u diead no but like if u were somewhere that didnt have any connection with 3rd dimensional space u were b4 thus u wont change anything while traveling or after traveling even if u slow down the exit hole and travel in reverse simple put if u decelarate a bit when light gets to the spot were it would catch u are not there so it starts going to its starting point reversing its course and when u arrive the amount of time u reversed is equivalent to the energy light would give from the point where it is after starting running in reverse to the place where u two should have meet at if u had not decelerated. So if u reverse time perhaps u would see urself from the past but i doubt it would change the future because the wormhole itself once it closed would erase or in someway drive history so that when the past u travelled to got to the date/time correnpending to the exact time u entered the whormhole would be the exact same picture tho the paradox could cause a diffrent history course. all this to say that time travel does not in any way influence the behavor of the 3rd dimension space but if u travel to another universe or even create another universe through the same process then u would be essentially extraordinary since u would learn new laws new alot of stuff wich could change everything both to ur universe and to the other universe diffrent universe travel is the science fiction of the science fiction simply put and dragon ball is none of those theorys dbs is literally science fiction that completly fails on the science in everyway so its not worth thinking about it really u are getting dumb when trying to >P

  26. BUDDY!!! You should do a Boros vs frieza!

  27. goku pulling off the spirt bomb

  28. Zamasu Sucks.. Even I can take him down

  29. Is my boy mastar fluent in Jap?

  30. I felt like this weeks episode was really strong, taking most of my doubts and concerns for DBS away.

  31. I believe he used the ring of time to travel back after he got goku's body and formed an alliance with himself

  32. omg stop saying they are going to Fuze ppl in the comments like wtf they won't fuze

  33. i cant wait till 61 comes out

  34. So Zamasu has been talking to himself waiting for goku and them to come back 😬 he is an all around psycho

  35. can you stop making videos like this?people can't event see right.becouse it's half of the screen.

  36. Just give us a fusion please. And add a kaioken to it as well. -Dragonball fans

  37. How does trunks survive in there with ss2? Should be rekt by 1 hit

  38. So Zamasu is Black Goku but also exists as himself at the same time?

  39. zamasu will create a army of zamasus to destroy all gods.

  40. i think goku and Vegeta will use fusion

  41. beerus already said that he won't go to the future. unless they go and kill black and zamasu and Whis turns back time by 3 minutes but I'm sure it would only turn back trunks timeline but besides that they won't get involved.

  42. goku saitama vs evil gods pls


  44. I don't the time rings create that much of a split in the timelines, it was the time machines that did it.

  45. Hey shake my hand let's be friend with benefits

  46. Beerus said that when a god kills another they are erased from all timelines, only 1 zamasu is alive because he is immortal.

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