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Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 – Preview Video and Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 – Preview Video and Predictions Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 – Preview Video and Predictions Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The Time ring kinda make sense why Black Goku is real. I mean Goku was originally evil as a kid. Before he fell on his head and changed. The time ring could represent a different timeline. It's just a theory though.

  2. what if black goku is from a timeline where he does what he was sent to earth to do, he was semt to earth to destroy is remember

  3. I feel like black goku is turtles in a wacky outfit

  4. Gohan and goten are not goku's sons ..he don't even know about kiss….. Whatever

  5. click my name and I promise if u bare with me I'll explain what happen

  6. Toriyama's injustice :Goku among us

  7. Easy. Get freiza to find zamasu is imm,ortal and he rage up to diamond form.

  8. Here's an idea bring hit to kill black Goku

  9. Zamasu says in episode 59 that he use the super dragon balls when he was talking to black and tells him to get immortality but black refuses

  10. am I the only one that noticed that the background color is getting lighter as they fight

  11. Super Dragonballs? Really? My God they are killing a legend. Akira shame on you! Watch the original sagas. Everything after Frieza was forced and uninspired. Frieza was the link between the Sayains and the strongest living being in the universe. Damn movies and side stories gave him a family and the whole thing just kept being brought back from the dead! I wish they would just have ended this after Namek was destroyed. Go watch the original Dragonball, Go watch the first fights with Piccolo and Radditz. Go watch the REAL heart and soul stories that meant something and did not try to confuse the shit outta it's viewers with nonsnese. This alternate universe shit has gotten on my last nerve. Jesus Christ just end this abomination with some pride! Thanks DC and Marvel for starting this crap! How simple and unimaginative can writers and artists get nowadays?

  12. My prediction… on who Goku Black is.

    Remember when Beerus wished another earth back to Champas universe, with the super dragonballz?
    I think Goku black is the goku from that time with Zamasu's mind. That explains Goku Black I think…. but still leaves Zamasu's identity a mystery. We'll see. Beerus just needed to lay the law and go in the time machine and show them all who's boss!

  13. geekdom 101 explain it….there 4 timelines and in trunks time line zamusa wish for immortal and in another time line zamusa wish to switch body's and mind….

  14. If your made immortal then maybe it counts for past present and future, something which Beerus may be overlooking.

  15. did u see black showing the time ring that means they r going to come to the present with the same time line that trunks and others used to come to the future

  16. I believe zamasu created 3 of him self with the super dragon balls the one went back got killed one fused with a dead goku and the final one immortalized himself.

  17. Black Goku has this weird crazed eyes thing going on. Maybe he needs a Snickers.

  18. someone who actually shows previews while talking.. Thank you sweet Baby Jesus!

  19. I think Black is Gowas Sama wished by Zamasu to become like goku with his type of ki, hence allowing him to use the time rings also since he is a kaio sama and making Black's ki be so similar to Zamasu. Just my thoughts though.

  20. my guess , vegeta got pissed coz black said how he killed future bulma and he attacks on fury

  21. We are idiots. I just pin pointed who black goku is. It's Captain Ginyu

  22. Beerus and Whis are not there because earlier Whis told Trunks that it is forbidden for Gods to go in future and interfere, even Whis can only travel back in time but for 3 min.

  23. could any of this not have anything to do with the wish they made in the tournament saga? when they created a new Earth in Universe 10? isnt universe ten a mimic of the current universe? forgive me for this theory aswell but could there not be an effect like in GT where each wish creates a negative effect and with using the super dragonballs maybe when the earth was restored in Universe 10 it created an evil Goku which Zamasu searched for? to which surely Goku being evil would relish in the idea of fighting himself. Possible that Champa went to this planet to find the food he wanted the planet for, found goku and was killed by Black and Zamasu? Just a theory 🙂

  24. +mastar media
    What I think is Zamasu kills Gowasu and wishes through the DragonBalls to resurrect him with the body of Goku… That way he can use the time ring.. Later even Gowasu turns evil feeling the power of Goku… . What do you think?

  25. i thinks they will be fused again

  26. this nigga funny af his ass so nonchalant

  27. future zamasu could still be alive because the future zamasu is immortal.

  28. vegeta should be the one to defeat black goku

  29. thanks for being real af, and not click baiting, or "OMFG".

    I really appreciate it.

  30. What's the over under that Black is Gowasu?

  31. for some reason I feel like black goku is goten fr only because he was in the title screen when they show black, goku, zamasu, trunks, and in between those ppl are the pilof gang , trunks and… goten and we have yet to see goten in this ark. why? maybe we'll find out next week.

  32. I noticed that zamasu and goku black both are wearing on potora earring on the same side. Can anyone explain this?

  33. this Goku is around Trunks age

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