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Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 – Preview and Analysis

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  1. I'd like to see Vegeta slam black through a entire planet….

  2. why do zamasu and black have fusion earrings????

  3. Vegeta gets stabbed they lose zamasu try's to kill them

  4. Today I watched the episode 57 and I didn't like it, in my opinion it was the worst of the series. I was expecting an epic battle between Goku and SSJ Rose (also with bad graphics, i don't care) and it was pathetic. After the appearence of Zamasu, the battle has ceased to have meaning. Vegeta has been almost killed after 5 seconds of fight, while the mere Trunks SSJ was able to fight Black Goku and Zamasu at a decent level, on the contrary Goku SSJ Blue wasn't even able to scratch them. After the Kamehameha, Goku had accused more damage than Trunks, so from this battle, emerged that Trunks > Goku > Vegeta, that makes no sense. Even better, Zamasu and Black Goku were about to kill Vegeta, that was rescued easly by the humans using simple gas bombs. They could disperse the gas releasing the aura and kill the humans perceiving their auras, but they were harmless. Do you remember how Freezer, Cell or Majin Buu were so fearsome that nobody in the universe, nor an entire army nor an exploding planet could even touch them? Well, the "immortal god" and SSJ Rose have been cheated by mere humans, with gas bombs. Fucking gas. Remember it when you will talk about power levels and shit. I'm so disappointed.

  5. hey guys let me tell u goku gonna win cuz ssj4 is not revealed yet :p

  6. dragon ball super is the best..i wish they continue toriko

  7. yeah you lost something , before this "zeno" hasbeen give a remote for goku when goku use that remote and zeno will come to him , i thing zeno will kil black goku and destroy zamsu :v ngahaha damnt

  8. Black Goku BECOME GOD OF DESTRUCTION In Future.

  9. Wouldn't it be amazing if they reveal Zamasu is Black. Most people initially thought Black was Zamasu, but what if Black (still don't know where he came from) was captured at some point and then he was brainwashed and his look altered to make him believe he was Zamasu. He was then sent to train as a Kaioshin hoping to cleanse him of his inherent evil.

    Black from another timeline then went and found a Zamasu from another timeline and ganged up with him. Bit far fetched!

  10. Hey Master i have a theory who is Black.

    1.) Gowasu might be Black, one evidence that nobody is talking about is that WHO CAN USE the time ring. Gowasu said that "The only ones who can use the Time Rings to travel through time, are those who have been granted the title of KIOSHIN." Black did use the time ring to follow future trunks in the past, meaning BLACK is a KIOSHIN. Gowasu is a KIOSHIN unlike Zamasu which is a Apprentice only. The only problem in this theory is that you can see that BLACK has only one earring on the Left ear unlike Gowasu have both.

    2.) Zamasu might be Black, here is another theory that I recently ponder on and it's kinda long and kinda terminator-ish plot in terms of time traveling so bear with me.

    We know that Only KIOSHIN can use the time ring to travel through time. What if Zamasu on the Past Time line (Current timeline with Goku and Vegeta) somehow ascended to being a KIOSHIN? Either he Steal one Earring, or kill Gowasu, or tricked Gowasu that he believe in humans and is ready to became a KIOSHIN hence got promoted.

    Then once Past Zamasu became a Kioshin, he travel to the Future and talk to his Future self and convinced his future self that they need to elimate all humans and He can help him achieve that UTOPIA and Past Zamasu can grant Future Zamasu the power to do that and they need to kill Gowasu because he may hinder their plan leaving the Title of KIOSHIN and God of Destrucion in the Future timeline vacant.

    Then Past Zamasu told Future Zamasu that there is a race of human warriors that can rival the power of Gods (saiyan race) and he fought one of them in the past (Goku) and they need to make sure to elimate all of them so they can proceed to their plan.

    And for some reason Future Zamasu become Black and KIOSHIN of the future and Past Zamasu became the God of Destruction as the title of the next episode say "Advent of the Immortal God, Zamasu"

    Now that is why Black is hunting future Trunks down to eliminate the remaining saiyan, then trunks travel to the past and black follows him. While on the Past Black met Goku thats why he had that reaction in episode 51 saying "So you are Son Goku" and "So this is the power of Super Saiyan Son Goku".

    So this is Explaining Why Black have the same Aura blade (the one he used to stab vegeta, and zamasu used to kill the babarians) with Zamasu because they are one.

    Phew that was long and messy.

  11. I hope lord beerus come and kick their asses

  12. black goku from earth at universe 10

  13. the z fighters are just bait until Goku can finally beats the main villain.

  14. maybe vegetables comes back after taking a zensu bean and teams up with goku like whiz wanted them both to fight a stronger enemy.

  15. I still think Black Goku is Zamasu. He is using the same sword technique that Zamasu is using.

  16. it was zamasus pay back for the earth king vegetas families crimes against time which caused a ripple in time and maybe gokus survival of namek and learning of instant transmission?? attacks arnt working for trunks due to time travel??

  17. I think it is stupid that Vegeta loss so easily. Vegeta was the first to train under Whis. He should be up there with Goku in power levels but it must of came down to technique. But anyway I can see them doing fusion to Gogeta. It makes better sense since why would they have the earrings on them since they achieve their God forms. Fusing is the last thing they want to do as competitive fighters.

  18. so do Kakarot, and Vegeta get a zenkai boost,.. because both of them just had a near-death experience, Kakarot with freezer, and Vegeta with black Goku, what happened to that!?

  19. if Vegeta comes back with a senzu bean, would he be stronger?

  20. 1. If they pull out the earnings which I don't think is happening (Ya never know Toriyama is a very unpredictable man) they would fuse into Vegito which if I'm correct isn't stable for super Saiyan blue yet considering it jumped from super Saiyan to super Saiyan blue I'm not sure how well that would go
    2. If they were to use the fusion dance and fuse into Gogeta they would need to be in level power and Goku and Vegeta's power levels definitely aren't level

  21. Just putting this out there. DBS is really losing all logic when it comes to powers along, which confuses me. I see everyone saying that Beerus is still leagues ahead of Goku, Vegeta and even Black Goku. But back at the start of the ROF arc, Whis implied that Goku and Vegeta working get her could potentially defeat Beerus. Since they're about equal, that means Goku SSB times 2 is likely stronger than Beerus. But going over to the anime, Gku used SSB kaioken x10. Kaioken multiplies one's power. So Goku in his base SSB Kaioken, which multiplies his power by 2 should have already been near equal to Beerus, and with the x10 Kaioken, he should be around 5x stronger than Beerus. And as for Black Goku, he took Vegeta out in one attack, and after one smack to the ground, Goku was all scratched up and already immensely damaged. So Black Goku should effortlessly be able obliterate SSB Goku and Vegeta at the same time. Therefore he should also be able to defeat Beerus, and with little trouble.

  22. how about kaio power + super saiyan blue vs super saiyan rose black ?

  23. Zamasu hates Goku. Gawasu separates zamasu evilness gives zamasu evilness face and body of Goku as he is God of creation.
    Black kills Gawasu and becomes god of destruction and zamasu becomes god of creation…


  24. What if they made a ssj yellow LOL

  25. Bordock is black goku zamasu brings him from the past with his one potara

  26. EPİSODE 57 Goku-Trunks vs Zamasu black (Goku use kaioken and instant but will fail also attacks are not working
    on Zamasu)

    EPİSODE 58 How met Zamasu and black 's story(Zamasu going to future with time ring and found future zamasu so himself after that he tell everything about goku and say fuse him. in substance Black is Future Zamasu moreover black and zamasu kill future beerus and whis )

    EPİSODE 59 Goku's mayday call from Zeno-sama(end of the episode 58 goku use button call Zeno . Zeno firstly going to world ….

  27. if u look goku he was scratch all his body but black dont even has a scratch

  28. Even if Zamas thinks he is immortal Zeno can wipe him away

  29. I'm not sure if they're going to mention it but Beerus died in the future so Goku can't instant teleport to Kai to get the potara, if there's a fusion then it will be Gogeta this time.

  30. I hate how Toriyama/Toei has Vegeta getting screwed on several occasions. They build up his bad assness only to get shitted on. I love Goku but come on. Toss Vegeta a bone.

  31. 9 seconds in gokus face I just screenshot it he looks like he just watched someone get killed or something pretty bad…

  32. Does anyone remember that future goku gets a heart virus! i think that will be black weakness .

  33. he more psycho than and Grimmjow

  34. I wish they would just reveal who Black is. It's killing me.

  35. Hey !! garlic jr knows goku and has become immortal since he wished to be and was sent to another dimension universe 10 from universe 7 by gohan and he has probably fused with zamasu since he has to be that strong! ?

  36. i think the button given by zeno sama will definitely come into picture in black goku saga…. what do u think?

  37. The reason why Zamazu is a God is he's the Kai after the supreme Kai of Universe 10

  38. goku should call all chan and be like help me my friend XD

  39. conspiracy theory yo!! haha

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