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Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 – Animation Breakdown

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. This guy doesn't know what he is talking about

  2. What's you break down in these videos is so simple. The animation basics are just incredibly basic.

  3. How do you not know about Shida?😑


  5. Leave this to Ajay, please…

  6. Dragon ball super Kai anyone

  7. Can you do more of these?

  8. Of course this guy should know the animations inside out. He traces them and re-uses them over and over

  9. listen to What He Said in 9:38 That Right There Tells You That He Know Shit About Animation And The Animaters

  10. You Know Shit Man I Was Big Fan Of You Why Do You Lie To Get Money From People You Said Animation Is Good Becouse Thay Had One More Weak That There Tells That You Knox Shit About Animation And Animaters This Episode Was Animated By The Greatest Animater Ever He Animate One Piece As Will I Hope People Know The Truth About You And How You Lie To All Of Us

  11. TV doesn't broadcast at 24p it's probably 29.97/30i for NTSC and because so it's prob either 15 or 30 fps.

  12. i know this is insane but if you want more complicative and insane,see mob psycho 100

  13. the episode looked like shit
    ..i am sorry ..but there is nothing to praise about this crap..they selling you garbage and you suck there dick.

  14. Legit different color Goku's


  16. Uhm…..ok how the hell does vegeta get instantly beat down by super saiyan pink…..yet trunks a lowly super saiyan 2 manages to send him flying (or even counter him AT ALL). POWER LEVELS AND TRANSFORMATIONS ARE BULLSHIT

  17. Translation: "Let me brag about how hard and impressive this animation is, then trace all of it later and claim it as my own."

  18. if u don't believe me look at the old guy and Goku black's ear ring

  19. Goku black is the old yellow guy that looks like zamsu

  20. But does anybody still knows who black is….I'm led to believe he is Zamasu's servant. Does anybody else think so. And eastward everybody expect Zamasu to kill Gowasu somehow. Now they just need to destroy Zamasu.

  21. Man this episode was crazy how was trunks still alive after Goku Black Kamehameha like really I can only only assume that Goku Black has ascended to SSG! But without going through all the other transformation to achieve that level of power just as son Goku has is really remarkable. Just can't wait for episode 59. Oh and Trunks lasted much longer than I originally gave him credit for. Can anyone else say the same to Agree? 😤 But still fantastic heated battle.

  22. I feel like the old fighting was better

  23. Mastar, Goku Black's eyes in Rose form are originally grey….

  24. Would u be able to do this lvl of animation if u have ur own studio in the future? For pros, drawing a whole character is a piece of cake and they might need 1-2 minutes to finish it without coloring. I think u should get urself a digital pen and a touchscreen so u can draw all the frames much faster and they would look less edgy. Everything becomes easier. Dont use a mouse, it is way too time consuming.

  25. i didn't really like the 360 scene when black goku was kicking goku it looked kinda weird in my eye i respect the high framerate animation but the shading had to suffer under it and i don't like that but the part where trunks came in and fought zamasu for a second was really good

  26. blackus eyes are infact grey in SSR normally. however it seems like when he is putting out alot of power they do glow pink. kinda like how SSB's eyes glow blue occasionally

  27. Watched all ur Video…And btw, This is Not Ground, it's a high building…..

  28. U forgot something .. We're in 2016 🙁

  29. Fucken SICK! Finally we got some animation we've all been begging for!

  30. Indoor animator. Check out Naotoshi Shida on YouTube and all his godlike amazing work. Check out Geekdom101 channel to learn more about him and why he is one of the unique sought out animators in the industry because no on animates like him. There's been imitators but no one has reached Shida's level of animation. This animator worked all the way back on the original dragon ball with Goku vs Krillin tournament fight, didn't shine too much in DBZ because of the animator he was working under constantly kept changing his style, got to shine on DBGT, then moved on to OP and Precure. He started developing that type of style during Precure with those crazy camera angle with rotations and recently, he spent months working on the Op movie and special. Then he went back to animate the best animated scenes in the Dressrosa arc including Gear 4th before finally coming to DBS. He did work as a storyboard artist on episode 2 but this is very different to key animation work. Right now, that small piece of animation is the best godlike animation in the entire Dragon ball franchise TV series(DB,DBZ,DBGT) 100% without a doubt and the animation guru known as Ajay agrees with me. He talks about how the animation industry works in geekdom101 video if u want to learn more about behind the scene and why Naotoshi Shida's so great. I personally put him as the best animator in Japan, that's why we call him the animator God. It's already hard to draw rotation but this guys just draws rotation upon rotation upon rotation in that small time slot he had. He also worked on the OP episode that aired on the same day as DBS meaning he worked on two projects AT THE SAME TIME. Praise Naotoshi Shida

  31. it is good but I still like older animation from DBZ more.

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