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Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Discussion

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  2. Where is your video with the title of "The end of Anime War? Blocked by Toei animation." ???

  3. Deberías poner subtitulos alos vídeos en español

  4. Why does everyone think freiza is gonna turn on universe 7

  5. american child discussing a cartoon

  6. the spirit bomb wont work on jiren. cuz spirit bomb is from pure good, and jiren is a pride trooper. spirit bomb only work on evil dude like buu and frieza. wont work on a pride trooper

  7. How old is Hitt? What if he's really old and has been around the gods way longer than than most fighters? Maybe Hitt won't fight him because he met Giren long ago. What if Giren was a God of destruction? Maybe…..?

  8. he will get badly hurt and maybe die

  9. I feel like kale or hit will protect goku or both of them

  10. Nice !!. I'm glad you touched on the reverse effects . Yes X10 with hit he was Gased out.. since then he uses regular SSB Kaioken . When he starts adding 5,10,20, his body slips . Damn your good, lol. As I'm writing , your covering great great points

  11. Imagine how tired Goku will be after X20 and fail. He will Gas Out His new limit breaker form will be short lived . I pulling for Gohan to catch Jiren

  12. What actually surprised me the most was that Kaioken x20 is still Goku's limit. One would expect that with the god Ki training Goku would've found a way to push the Kaioken to at least x50 or x100. But no. Twenty continues to be the limit.
    Although I do find it interesting that he's gonna use a different version of the Genki technique, to surpass anything Kaioken could ever offer him. If the Genki is gonna be used as I believe it will, then Goku will be fighting Jiren, with a power that far surpasses that of SSB.
    Because if SSB is basically SSG channelled through SSJ1, then this new form, will be the equivalent of Goku using 100% of SSG and 100% of SSJ3, and possibly taking that even further.
    So this new form multiplier I'm betting, will be massive.
    If SSJ1has a x50 multiplier, this new form, will be way beyond fifty.
    The clue lies mostly in the eye color. It's almost like if Goku accesses and combines the Golden Oozaru power with the SSG power.

  13. But the situation isn't the same! God Ki control training, that allows for Goku to use SSB also enables Goku to use Kaioken without consequences. The only consequences we saw was in Universe 6 Tournament and Goku himself said he had only a 10% chance of getting the Kaioken to work at all. But as seen after that, Goku's been using Kaioken multiple times without any signs of the damages to his body the technique produced in the past.

  14. Hold on, is goku using the spirit bomb confirmed? If it is it better not be a one-to-one recreation of the frieza fight. Goku getting outmatched at max power? Check. Goku uses kk x 20? Check. Goku uses the spirit bomb? Check. Goku gets a new form afterwards due to ''Something terrible'' happening? Check. Maybe Zeno allows killing and Jiren kills one of Gokus allies and goku rages into his new form, I don't bloody know, nor do I care, Goku doesn't deserve a new damn form. If this turns out to be a recreation of the namek frieza fight, I'm 110% Done with super. And I'm not lying.

  15. Zeno sama is gonna raise is hand when goku ask for power because he's so childish and he likes goku

  16. I assume Piccolo will be busy fighting the other Namekians but it's still sad how everyone forgets Piccolo when mentioning ppl that can help out… and yet you mention Gohan. Atm Piccolo is superior to Gohan in almost every way, which has been proved the last few episodes. Gohan can't even dodge properly and Piccolo loses arms because of it. Needless to say that we still have the androids onboard, which should not be underestimated.

  17. how is that song called 8:20 ? i'm always looking for it but i just cant find it and i feel so bad :/

  18. Android 17 will hold off jiren… we still haven't seen 17 at full power and he even said he wasn't after sparing with goku… shame MaStar doesn't give 17 any props

  19. Likeeee mais um escritooo
    Tem alguem que e do brasil aqui nos comentarios ??

  20. the spirit bomb won't work on jiren because he doesn't contain any evil

  21. If Berus took notice to kaiokenx10 there is no way that x20 is no match whatsoever for Jiren. Jiren could still be above x20 but if it really is no match the power scaling there using for Jiren honestly makes no sense

  22. dragon ball super episode 108 preview full hd

  23. Goku's hair for kioken x20 is probably going to be pink or red as shown on the chocolate bar and from the theories that people thought that goku was going to go super sayain red.

  24. in the fan animation you made a mistake gokus hair was not silver

  25. The Androids will hold off Jiren so Goku can charge the spirit bomb, which he then absorbs and goes limit breaker.

  26. love your vids 🙂 keep up the good works

  27. Anybdy Please tell me how do I watch all dragon ball super tournament of power's all episodes

  28. You are the men !!! Good discussion!!

  29. Yes dragon ball z voice is back can't wait

  30. Wondering if that chocolate leak was Goku kkx20

  31. how will the super dragon balls get used if universe 6 or 7 get erased?

  32. U7 wins somehow someway or something terrible happens to end the tournament.

    But anyway my theory is Goku defeats Jiren with his new transformation.

    Vegeta & Toppp eliminate each other,

    Gohan gets rid of Frieza

    Universe 2 hidden fighters eliminate Hit and U6

    The time limit runs out and U7 has the most people left.

    After the arc, the mortal stronger than the Gods wants to fight Beerus and than Goku !!!!

    Universal war begins

  33. It's not even for sure a genki dama

  34. I'm trying to figure out where would you pull energy from to do a spirit bomb attack???
    Remember they are in their own empty Universe right now

  35. he's going to become the God beerus was looking for

  36. What if Goku after 20 times kaioken fails tries to go 50 times and then he unlocked that limit braker form?…

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