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Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Leaked Images – Frieza is Overpowered

Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 Leaked Images – Frieza is Overpowered Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Freeza is dead, so he can't get tired… Freeza weak point was stamina, he always run out it. Now that he is dead, he has unlimited Stamina…

  2. There's no way android 17 will be knock out by that bitch.Here's one concrete evidence.Back when android 17 and goku spar against each other,they both confirm that they're holding back (Note:Goku is on ssb form) So my point here is.Why would the creator of DBS do something like that if android 17 will be knocked by some kind of bitch whom vegeta fought using SSJ form?It doesn't make any freaking sense!

  3. In the thumbnail looks like he's getting fucked lmao

  4. It's implied Vegeta did most of the work before Frieza butted in and stole his elimination.

  5. that was an interesting ost in the background i wish i knew its name

  6. Freiza is op to begin with. If ya think back in dbz freiza was the first major villain . I had to rush home to watch the new episodes back in my days oh boy good time

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  8. I could solo this Tournament. But Gods weren't allowed to compete.

  9. I don't see why you can't wrap your head around frieza being so powerful. His only weakness was that he couldn't maintain his golden form and through mental meditation, there's no telling what he could do in a rematch against goku, much less a tournament of power

  10. hey mastar media, everyone of universe 7 has getting a chance to showcase their skills, then what the f**k is wrong about gohan till date in tournament of power, goddamn it, he got only a chance to shoot a energy beam in one frame till date, do the authors saving the script on gohan for a better ending ? i want to know your views……

  11. I think it's because frieza are not like sayiin for love test their opponents. And his "base form" are probably between super Saiyan one and 3 with a good stamina. Goku and Vegeta only have a good stamina on their base form and super Saiyan 1.

  12. No,we want Gohan,Vegeta to be at the final,Vegeta vs Hit,Gohan vs Toppo,pls kill Frieza

  13. it does bother me but doesn't surprise me since they said frieza is stronger than a regular ssjblue which toppo couldn't beat.. makes frieza stronger than toppo it wouldn't suprise me that frieza is among the last men standing except if we see a surprise but the only ones so far i can see posing a problem to frieza is toppo hit and jiren

  14. Til now most of the fights have been pretty boring. I like to see some of the strong fighters in action – Hit, Frieza, Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, Toppo, Jiren.

  15. This title was misleading as fuck lmao. Freeza beating a scrub easily doesn't make him op.

  16. in the end there will be 3 warrior goku gohan and jiren it's shows a leak image in the ending new song of super where they both charges together to the enemy most probably jiren the gray after he beats up everyone

  17. considering freiza is holding back because of the no kill rule. im sure he could solo alot more.

  18. Also creation of Gogeta blue maybe since fusion is allowed.

  19. I was told that freiza race are born in their final form. Is that true?

  20. Freiza and goku might win if they didn't choose to knock of Jiren

  21. wtf is wrong with SHITtube. This video never showed up in my feed even though I am a subscriber!

    youtube is a fucking shithole. I wonder what other videos didn't show up in my feed.

  22. Switchblade can destroy any universe ez

  23. Anyone else remember that the tournaments only 45 minutes longest 45 minutes ever

  24. The truth is Toriyama doesn't give a fuck about power levels,
    he only cares about the convenience of the plot.
    And i'm glad frieza is overpowered… the difference between him and goku is that he isn't
    a one trick pony Kamehameha bitch but a true fighter with lots of abilities.


  26. I'm not digging the lesbo relationship. It's weird.

  27. I can swear frieza is stronger than toppo

  28. Congrats on 600k subscribers, can't wait to see you hit 1 million

  29. Why is frieza looking at Murchim's ass?

  30. Mastar thats always been friezas base form. He only made the other ones to conceal his true power

  31. Yeah… he's been sitting in a butterfly cocoon for several years, and when he gets out he's as strong (if not stronger) then Goku and Vegeta? Major stretch in my opinion.

  32. Kale vs Frieza I wanna see that 😂

  33. I'm still waiting for an episode that focuses around Freiza.

  34. Still mad that Majin Buu isn't in the tournament. His regeneration would have came in clutch.

  35. Frieza's power Shouldn't bother you ..but seems everyone is a nit-picky cry baby bitch when it comes to this show.
    My question is since you all seem to not like everything ,why you still watching it??
    Go find something else to watch.

  36. is goku really getting a new form

  37. I think you are wrong, if Android 17 lost to the teletubby I don't think Vegeta would only be fighting her in ssj form, its already been shown that Android 17 is close to or possibly more powerful than Goku's ssj blue form. If anyone were to be knocked out by her based on the fact that Vegeta was shown fighting her in ssj and you said that Android 17 is fighting her over the next two episodes then I would say it would be more likely that Vegeta would be the one to be knocked out. But I would guess that neither of them get knocked out by her.

  38. From the title I thought you meant that Freeza was overpowered by another fighter

  39. frieza's other forms were to surpress his power. His final form is actually his true form

  40. Frieza likes to torture his opponents, Goku likes to enjoy the fight even if he's way stronger than who he is fighting. That's why Freiza seems op.

  41. I think having Goku, Frieza, and Jiren is an awesome idea. It just gives the unease of betrayal that is about to happen. Or it could lead to the that quote mentioned "something terrible is about to happen." Which leads me to think that Frieza could be a possible trigger to that.

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