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Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 SPOILERS

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 SPOILERS Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Hey master media guy how long do I have to wait for the 5th episode of anime war to come out i mean what the fuck and what really pisses me of is when when you Finley had the nerves to release the trailer in over 3 months your going to release it in another 3 weeks fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK! I've had enough I'm going to turn on the notification and if I don't see episode 5 of anime war in 3 weeks the then I'm kill you basterd and don't think I want do it, I'm done fuck yon

  2. I watched it, I expected SO. MUCH. BETTER. It was pretty disappointing. The whole thing is so disappointing! Gohan is just standing still…. doing absolute nothing. The Plot is Weak. The animation is weak.. the scenes are weak.

  3. You know I'm sick of the hooked ads its already bad that they do the same story

  4. If caulifila goes ssb I'll stop watching dbs

  5. Wanna see jiren and Kale throw down! Can't wait to see jiren in action. This episode is gonna be crazy as hell!

  6. Goku and Vegeta trained for years to achieve SSB so it would be really crazy for caulifa to turn blue this fast. She already turned SS2 way too fast. But this is DBS and power levels are so unpredictable anymore.

  7. Might as well have fuckin' Pan learn God transformation too while they're at it.

  8. If Caulifla learns God mode like it's whatever, I'll be pissed. Not pissed enough to stop watching the show, but enough to lose respect for the writers.

    Super Saiyan transformations are supposed to be a big deal. It was so legendary that some Saiyans thought it was just a myth. I get that the story flows better when other characters are up to speed so everything isn't too easy for the hero. But making the main characters struggle to reach new levels and making a dramatic show of when they accomplish it, and then handing the same thing to side characters, trivializes it all.

    If Goku ever learns some new transformation thats as strong as Zeno and call it Silver or whatever, it won't be a big deal because we all know the writers will have Pan learning it before she learns to use the big kids toilet.

  9. You can say what you want about Caulifla, but at least she has a decent design. Kale on the other hand…

  10. if she gets blue im a be pissed

  11. All there is to turn ssb is,"ki control" not letting your ki leak out. So I hope that she does go blue cause she have good ki control. Oh, I forgot that she is a prodigy.

  12. Just like he never went SS3 but Touched SS4

  13. You wld think Vegeta wld teach her like cabba..He achieved Blue just from training and skipped right over Rose

  14. I wish they introduce caulifla into super saiyan 4. Not blue transformation.

  15. a lot of ppl will stop watching the show if she does. shes not a God like vegetta and goku. they worked their asses off to get their. if that's the case gohan should be super sayain blue mystic

  16. If caulifla goes ssjb I am dropping the show and never watch super again

    Than I will try to go ssjb 😤😤💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 that's me trying to go ssjb

  17. super handing out those transformations like candy.

  18. Doesnt matter if she turns blue Goku is a man enough said

  19. Pretty obvious what's happening: she flirst with Goku to trigger Kale in order to eliminate Goku. Remember when Kale thought Cabba was flirting with Caulifa?

  20. Fuck toriyam for making caulifa turn blue tf

  21. if caulifla turns into ssb, im fucking out from this series, goku and vegeta worked so hard, trained by god and angel, and caulifla trained by herself and able to turn into ssb? fuck this shit im out

  22. no, theyre not gonna make a reference to broly

  23. Caulifla = Goku – Kale = Broli – Kaba = Vegeta

  24. man after this episode depending on how it turns out i might stop watching not cuz pf some stupid reason but because this show in general isnt good, fails hard when compared to dbz or db

  25. Knowing how it is known, does not mean she will be able to achieve it. She will not even be able to reach SSJ3. She will only reach SSJ2 grade 4. She will pull a Future Trunks form. She really does not understand how to become SSJ Blue.

  26. will we all know uub will appear after the torn so universe 7 wins

  27. i think caluif girl is kind of hot

  28. i want kale to be doing these fools like brawly did everyone

  29. LAME if she gets SSJB I'll be a little irritated. especially before at least Gohan. I mean I don't like him much but after all the hard work Goku and Vegeta have been through to get there and Gohan not get it and she does that's just plain old lame and lazy writing. And everyone says GT sucked…. yeah if that sucked then what is this? And another thing with all the character development going there has to be a future for these guys they can't be introduced developed and then go bye-bye as Whis stated when universe 9 got erased. There has to be something for all of this.

  30. Episode 105;
    Caulifla learns ultra mega saiyan god purple super saiyan and defeats both Zenos and their angels.

  31. goku : vegeta remember the time
    we got our asses handed to us by that buff saiyan

    vegeta : not now kakaro… gets knocked out by another fighter.

  32. I will rather have cabba turn SSB

  33. The episodes are far too short, i guarantee you that the whole Kale going berserk/getting knocked out by Jiren will last a whole 45 seconds, not even playing with that number.

  34. if caulifia turns ssb i gonna blow all the universes

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