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Dragon Ball Super – Black Goku will Die

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. now u can look back at this and say wow how dumb asf.

  2. EU só queria ver a morte de Goku Blake

  3. Wait does that mean goku can go ash rose

  4. If beerus gets mad he will blow up the planet

  5. You were close lol. Real close.
    It was the 3rd nd final bout.
    But it was Black Zamasu vs SSB Vegito.

    I wonder why they don't wanna make Gogeta canon yet… Hmm… Maybe we'll see Gogeta in the Multiverse tourney perhaps.

    I'm also interested in seeing Goten & Trunks fuse wit the potara.
    Go for Trunkten or Truten.

  6. when does black goku die

  7. if fusion zamusu dies, the only way i see it happening is getting to strong to the point where he cant even handle the power, he has an immortal body that grows in strength whilst fighting a stronger opponent, so fighting zamasu vs vegito, zamasu would just have to take a hidding till he has grown strong enough to beat him done as done

  8. I think Goku And Vegeta will Do FUSION

  9. Every one is forgetting that king of everything has given a ring to goku to call him anytime, hence it can also be a potential way for the end of goku black and jamasu in this series also king of everything is most powerful. So what do u say about it

  10. what if Goku and Berrus fuse together that'll be awesome!!!!

  11. come on akira you have topput the ssj10 as goku's ultimate form

  12. your wrong. you forgot the king of all who goku has a button to bring him to where ever he is

  13. you forgot only goku can use his body to full potential. Like captain ginyu. vegeta says that when they came back to save trucks when he used the time chamber

  14. Goku , Whis and Beerus travel into the the past and stop Zamasu. Zamasu is about to kill his SENSEI but Whis puts a cat glove on him to stop him. Then they reveal what Zamasu was doing , then Beerus walks up to Zamasu and says 'Destruction' then Zamasu fades away.

  15. Vegito is stronger then gogeta, potara fusions are always stronger

  16. Beerus fuse with Goku or Vegeta a option?

  17. I dont think merged zamasu will be "beat". Rather, Goku and Vegeta and Trunks will have to work together to seal him in the mafuba jar and that will be the finale. Kind of lame, but knowing DB Super, I'm almost 100% that is what will happen. Or maybe even Beerus will show up and just seal him in an object like Trunks's sword or something. Like he did to Elder kai.

  18. you predicted the fusion lol GG

  19. if they do fusion in super sayan blue would they not be at the next lvl maybe rose

  20. like and youll get ssj69 god powers

  21. I hope that Goblin Bitch get sucked by the Mafuba.

  22. I heard black goku and got excited..
    then I saw pink evil goku

  23. Goku will press the Xenosama muffin button.

  24. this might be crazy but i wouldn't mind seeing a fusion between Vegeta and Future Trunks, that would be epic.

  25. plus if you wanna throw random theories we could say Gohan comes to his senses and gets a quick training in at the time chamber and goes to the future and whoops ass js it was said in earlier episodes that he would be the strongest of them all if he kept training and I doubt if he knew what was going on he just going to sit home and b some bullshit as family man while his pops gets his ass whooped lol

  26. gogeta would be stupid since we have already seen it and all that would change is hair color and strength I rather a one on one no fusion a real fight an Goku just gets stronger from anger like his race does just like trucks just recently did. Goku has been training with Wis I'm sure he has some dormant power he isn't releasing due to his laid back attitude

  27. goku final forms is ssjg 100% and unlimited use.

  28. what if Goku and Trunks power gets equal and then they fuse !!

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