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DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 2

DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 2 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 2 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. My recording software crashed and we lost the first 40 minutes of the stream which sucks. I figured it's worth it to just post what saved.

  2. BRUUAH THERE IS 999 likes

  3. The Grand Priest knows Goku's potential, and I really think he will be able to keep up with him alittle bit.

  4. mastar i think this theory has already been explained but, if you can maybe talk about this theory would be good. So what if goku and universe 7 win and bring back all the universes but, accidentally the wish brings back the other 6 universes that were already destroyed by zeno or the grand priest. i dont know if this is correct but its just a theory.

    like for this to be top comment 😀

  5. My boy UnrealEntGaming and MaSTAR Media u guys are one of my favorites youtubers ever!!!!

  6. hash tag Android 18 wins over Frost. 18 has been training with Krillian ever since the 10 year gap. Then you have Frost, who has to rely on poisons and deception to win. He does not have that much power.

  7. I am hoping Universe 4 goes. I hope they take that mouse down fast. The only problem is we do not know what Kale using Beserker mode will have on the tournament. She might take out a couple of universes, just to get rid of the weakest universes.

  8. I think the universes are getting erased. It is a plan created by the High Priest. If you noticed when the High Priest said it to the Beerus, Goku and the others; Whis was did not have a smile. Whis only smiled and played it off because Beerus was acting like what..! That is Whis's personality, to play things off as ha ha ha, but if you look at Whis he does not seem happy about the erasing part. Then you have the High Priest smirking down at Goku and Goku looking at him like what have you let Zeno done. You noticed that when ever Goku looks at someone like that, they are going to fight. I think his new transformation might help him to defeat the High Priest, but do not know for sure. Then if that is not the case, Goku does have some pull with Zeno. Zeno does like Goku. The Zeno's are pawns. The High Priest is the one behind things whispering in the ear of two children.

  9. i like that idea of the universes being destroyed all being a hoax

  10. I think Jiren may defeat goku and use the super dragonballs to reverse the damage. This would avoid the cheesy predictable outcome of goku winning and using the wish.

  11. where 5!!!!!!! we want watching!!!!

  12. i also think it is just a ploy. like Goku hiring Hit. What if Goku had a. plan with Zeno before hand? just a thought lol. that would probably be a let down haha. It would be nice to see a new ark developed if the priest turns. what about Gohan. I would still like to see him have a moment. Goku did express confidence in having Gohan in an earlier show when communing about the tournament.

  13. Some characters will no get to show their skills in the tournament.
    In episode 98 goku and vegeta where fighting all the fighters from universe 9 and out of nowhere Android 18 was fighting the bunny and we didnt see her power.

  14. 0:000:34 Is it just me or that guy on the left looks like he has Kaguya's eye on the forehead? xd

  15. waiting for the full episode…! 🙂 <3

  16. I'm just sayin why does nobody ever watch the new ending? I mean it's interesting that Goku and Gohan are together. So maybe them two will be the last ones on the team standing. I dunno. I was thinking that if the Grand Priest is evil, he may have convinced Zeno to erase the universes overall the Grand Priest kills Zeno and all of the angels are free. I trust Whis tho. Maybe Grand Priest told the other angels about the plan, and not Whis because he would not agree.

  17. #readthis —- whis and all the angels including the zenos are not the almighty. What I mean is they are playing "top God". The real gods are above them and the current angels as we know them including zeno are evil. Kinda far fetched but there you go

  18. I hope, somehow, they bring Gogeta into this. The fusion dance is cannon, so Goku and Vegeta just simply have to learn it.

  19. I think goku will win the tournament and ask the dragon of super dragon balls to make all the universes again

  20. Its safe to say that I'm probably not the first to think of this theory and has been already talked about, but could you elaborate more on it? In all the universes, there's a God of destruction and creator, simply for balance, I guess. Up to this point, Zeno has been destroying and likes to destroy, wouldn't there have to be a creator who is his pair? Could it be the creator of the super dragon balls, Zarma? Following the rules of all the other dragon balls, their creator is a namakaien and considered a god. And if the god dies so does the dragon balls, destroyed. The super dragon balls are still active, so Zarma has to be alive, possibly some sort of super namkaien, has to be a god, Zeno's pair? Why haven't we seen Zarma? Could Zarma be as strong or stronger than Zeno? The universes had to be created some how, maybe Zarma? At least to me, it makes sense that there has to be a balance even with Zeno. What are your thoughts?

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