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DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 1

DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 1 Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch DRAGON BALL SUPER 98 LIVE REVIEW (Ft. UnrealEntGaming) – Part 1 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. what the talk show only….

  2. what's up everyone…wow what an episode! had me on the edge of my seat I truly enjoyed this episode and think this episode ranks top 3 of all in the DB universe… so I wanted to mention what I feel is coming soon in the upcoming future episodes I feel that Frieza is going to continue playing around and enjoying himself torturing fighters and I think that Toppo will see Frieza and realize that Frieza is enjoying himself playing and torturing fighters and Toppo will see this and wont be able to let him continue and I think we could possibly See Toppo coming to the aid of another fighter that Frieza is enjoying brutally beating on instead of just knocking him out and Toppo will intervene and attack Frieza and express he will not allow this and bring just to frieza….but Frieza will showcase his extreme power and defeat Toppo…..that's just something I feel is very possible and would be a badass Battle….thanks everyone

  3. Why was 6 afraid of 7?
    Because 7 8 9

  4. People who cry about reuse animation are just young kids and cry babies…..this is the best arc ever for db, dbs has improve a mind blowing amount

  5. aint nobody gonna acknowledge that no matter what you want to say, in episode 98 goku and vegeta willingly worked together to defeat universe 9????? even after whis said that they never will???????????

  6. goku wins the tournament and uses the super dragon balls to wish all the universes back and gets respect from the grand priest!

  7. I dont have balls on my stomach and niether does Vegita

  8. Goku and vegeta killed more people than the entire dbz characters combined

  9. guy with oregano(DB spiderman) is Thanos

  10. It doesnt look like they erased the universe it just looks like they moved it and if you look closely into whis staff when he checks to see if they erased the universe you can see that there are galaxies.

  11. bergamo he dont use his technique to eat the power

  12. Dragonball is the most savage anime ever. I love it!

  13. GAASH I hate that i missed this live stream

  14. so why didnt universe 9 gods just fight to save their universe. why are they relying on reg warriors

  15. love the dbs videos you put up bro. definitely a fan of the channel

  16. i think they just want to let us think that they be erased. maybe its a plan to push fighters to they limits. i think that all the angels are aware of that. even Whis. i think he was lying about his stab.

  17. I was under the impression Frieza was pretty much torturing that three eyed gargoyle dude with his beams.

  18. I missed it gotta watch it online soon.

  19. bye bye U9 ..u wr nvr a competition

  20. I am still wondering why people are surprised about Universe 9 dying.
    They said it repeatedly that they will wipe out the universes so its kind of obvious what was meant by it.
    I am just a lil more surprised y how all the angels were and how you could sense their dark nature and possible plan .

    But if someone says they will gut the losers whole family well you could imagine the blood if he literally does as he says so what is shocking about finding arms legs and heads of children and parents all over the place and entrails it was already explained lmao.
    Must be the lack of imagination or ability to sense what the concept means in reality.

  21. I just wanna say U9 got fucked up because they messed with Vegeta's hairline. No one messes with his McDonald's shaped head ass 😂

  22. you drinking dbs episode in that bottle

  23. he gone be so strong that he mite beat the angles

  24. 17:2917:33. ssj9k made fun of that widows peak

  25. universe 9 could survive until later on if they didn't focus on universe 7.. i mean the poison wolf could sneak attack and knocked a lot of fighters

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