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Demon Rush – Official Clip – “Charge of the Horde”

Demon Rush – Official Clip – “Charge of the Horde” Is Available on

Watch Demon Rush – Official Clip – “Charge of the Horde” Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. mastar just for good advice could you not reuse an animation it makes some parts look sloppy

  2. Dude you are one of my favorite animators when I learn animation and when I write a story will you help me become the God of Anime

  3. that's amazing man,you guys do a great job

  4. You've done an amazing job, as a fan I am looking forward to seeing this series in full, should you need any help with the plot, let me know, as I do a lot of angel/demon type stories, and would be honoured to help where my schedule allows me.

  5. dude go all in that has potential to become a real anime series just based off the synopsis

  6. My dad is part of a show like this but it is called legacy a.d. And today im getting adobe animate on my laptop and I might do something like yours… If u dont mind. Do u?

  7. keep up the good work this anime sorta reminds me of berserk story concept wise

  8. do those symbols mean something on his sword like some type of Kryptonian symbols?

  9. This gave me the hope that i can make an animated series when i grow up 😀

    Looking forward for the first episode 😀

  10. after all the hate gohan got for his green tracksuit, you guys made tis angelic dude… wearing a tracksuit…

  11. Really? Greatest animated series of our generation? So flash animation using a very over used and tired theme along with a drawing style that reminds me of what you might find in one of those how to draw anime books is the greatest… really laying on the undeserved ego there buddy especially after how much you traced other people's work such as in Goku vs Saitama or in your trailer of Goku vs Superman. But yes really greatest animation of our generation… your ego is astounding. Just flat out astounding.

    Oh and to those who will say to me "why don't you do it then?" Do what steal from others? No thanks I'd rather enjoy the original works of others while being lazy and doing things that make me happy.

  12. Good Job! it looks amazing, its not perfect tho we all see how every animation you upload to youtube is getting better and better.

  13. few problems here

    1) the story is too genetic

    2)the animation is kinda ugly

    3)there are so many other shows with better quality and story

  14. I don't how to say it but I think that your GOKU and Saitama fan animation is way better and cooler than this. It's just that I am not getting satisfaction even the art is splendid. I dunno but something is off here to be an anime series from my point of view.

  15. i think they did okay, but they need to do better than that.

  16. I like it I just wana know how I could make my own anime as well

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