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Creating Your Own Anime is Hard

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I would recommend doing a web comic/ manga then do the anime don't give up

  2. I need a team of developers

  3. See idk how they really make anime but i picture it being like a game
    They scan a area
    Draw the buildings place the stuff draw the characters and im kind of duts there i guess cpu animations move the character or the lil things they make the game with and last but not least the sound and voice actors

    I have about 9 or 10 anime 2 fan made cartoons im trying to keep on track with the actuall cartoon but the rest are mine original 💪

  4. Im not finish the video but actually making the cartoon then find a song and some clips itll make it alot easier

  5. Im finish my first game its to one of my anime series maouk its about 12 tribes with super powers like controlling elements aura energy some characters can fly there ultimate attack is called a sorcer attack although im only on season 2 so the main characters highest level is sorcerer but there magicians oma(3rd level magic) and kambichi(4rth level magic)
    The game has 42 characters all together from season 1 and the beggining of season 2 you can play with the great ancestors of maouk which is the original tribe omawey tribe there kambichi level they can fly and at there strongest level already

  6. First of all I just want to congratulate you on DOING IT at all because that simple thing is what separates you from 99% of other people who could do what you did- you actually DID it. Congrats, that said…
    1. The artwork is reeeeeally bad. I mean it looks like something a 13 year old drew. You don't need to be an animation studio to spend quality time on the STYLE of your anime. You can choose to draw like Naruto or you can choose to draw like Squidbillies. Your art style is the latter which is disappointing :/
    2. In the age of cars, you don't get extra points for taking a horse from New York to Los Angeles. You could easily skip the frame by frame technique (which you simply don't have the man power for) and put high quality key frames into blender and use a rigged model stylized with cell shading to create the animations, so you don't have to spend endless hours making in betweens. Let the computer do it for you…. or do it by hand, but don't expect extra consideration for doing it the hard way.
    3. The voice overs are REEEEEEEEEEEALLY bad. I mean I don't expect you to get voice actors, but make an effort to narrate seriously not in some way that suggests you don't take it seriously. If the tone and the scene is serious, the narration should have gravity. The mood of the anime was like someone taking their shirt off and doing the chicken dance at a funeral. Reeeeeally out of place.
    4. Back to character design. The shots and the animation don't actually MATCH in several sequences. There's a high quality shot next to one that looks done by a middle schooler…. over and over. Again, if you don't have the patience/skill level/time commitment to sit down with a light box and a ruler to do the in betweens and animate… then just use flash, blender, or some of the widely available tools that will do it for you.

    tl;dr I not a fan of the "my way or the highway" approach you took which ruined a lot of the potential but I'm sure you could get a LOT better with time… and i mean you're actually DOING IT as opposed to anyone critiquing you so that's a little crown itself.

  7. I can see it in your eyes that it's hard.

  8. I recently decided to stop my manga to start animation so this is really a inspiring

  9. He said he won dance contest… Cut to him dancing… 😂 Gtfooh

  10. can ask are there I get it hard but here and sorry but every form art is hard anyway are there wpiset that can help make your anime because one thing want do when older is do an anime with my friend Zion from Texas

  11. I,m doing my own anime too just mainly working on the story

  12. I don't think it should be called Fananime, Just animation.

  13. I don't want to create a series just a 1, 5 minute episode of a animation lol in my dreams I guess my computer won't even be able to render that many frames same with my phone

  14. I want to join your team or at least do a collaboration in the future! I'm graduating college this year with a degree in Media Arts & Animation. I honestly enjoy your work. I definitely understand! MaSTAR Media keep going and never stop.

  15. it is hard, but you can do! don't quit and keep moving!

  16. just wait until my anime comes out

  17. regardless of where it is made anime is anime.

  18. keep up the good work.It will be interesting to see the series.What software do you use for the creation of this?And how much time did the trailer take you to make?

  19. I believe in you guys, you will succeed and find investors.

  20. Keep doing what you do man. I love what you do with the limited resources you have. People are going to bash anything you do online. I would not worry too much about that sort of thing.

  21. I wanna work for you for free and I Voice act and I can draw

  22. How do you like put your anime onto your computer and make then how do you make it into a video

  23. I been planning my own Anime for years and years, such as Character designs, the music, the story, the animation, and pretty much all of them

  24. MasTAR Media i love your name keep up the good work i wish you the best luck

  25. Oh I'm sure its just as fun as it is hard.

  26. Animation is tough and I am a pro animator. I am trying to work on my own animations. Script writing is hard and I finally finish. It started off with 60 page script to a 15 page outline to a 47 page script. Me and two other pro writers were working on my story. Cant wait for the voice recording process.

  27. Im really looking forward to this series
    people should definitely not try and say "uhhg this art is shit one punch man is waayyy better art"
    because the truth is not all art looks the same and just because one series may have "better quality" art shouldnt subtract from this series.
    i believe this series looks amazing for being made by just a few people
    i mean hell some series with hundreds of people working on it look like complete shit
    this series seems to have a great quality so far
    and i'll definitely consider it Anime

  28. sign up for freedom you have enough sub's to get paid a decent amount of cash

  29. Make the story good. One Punch man was created by ONE. Have you seen his original work? Its not great but yet now we have One PUnch man, one of the greatest superheroes ever and also now MOB! Story is king so get us sucked in. Can you move to 3d by chance?

  30. I will create my own anime when I grow up, if nobody steals it.

  31. Haha yeah, I started my own anime type thing, and I'm pretty good at it, motions are intresting and fluent, but damn does it take forever. It took me about a month for five seconds of usable animation and it wasn't even an action scene. It's like 6 frames per second. 30 sketches of the same image changed slightly. It's so boring…

    I was going one slide a day, but using math, I figured out that making a 5 minute animation would take 1800 days! That's almost 6 years!

    I gave up, but hearing that someone else is trying to run it solo too, gives me inspiration to keep trying. Good luck.

    If I were to start up that project again I would have to do 10ish slides a day to make it worth it, I just don't have that kind of free time.

  32. I've watched the trailer Demon Rush, the anime is so awsome and great, I think peopl are gana love it. Thank you so much for the anime.

  33. Since peopl like DB(Z,S) so much, how about doing a Anime with fighting like the DBZ, (Bakki, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi, (Naruto, Kenshin, One Piece)), and other fighting using martial arts (+ super power(if u want or without)). Creating something like DBZ. Or maybe after your 1 anime Demon Rush you creat.? I wached Demon Rush and it's cool.The main charector has vary big super power. I like it.

  34. Here's some criticism, since I really loved your Goku vs Saitama series and want you to succeed in your future works:

    Whether or not you make it "look" like Spongebob or Samurai Jack, even Samurai Jack and Spongebob can have much better animation than any anime-looking show if its sakuga is top-notch. There's a reason why Pokemon's older seasons was always considered as a "cartoon" rather than anime (besides its narrative) and that's because of its heavy reliance on limited animation. Now compare that with XY&Z and see just how much sakuga you get to see there.

    For a low-budget project like yours, if you really want to get the best out of your project, you can decide on what path you'd like to take.

    1) If you want to limit your animation because you can't spend time redrawing each frame, then make sure at least the assets you reuse look good enough to be on-screen for longer than a single frame. This is what some anime actually do (especially in Pokemon XY&Z where there's not much intensive animation in play) and allows the viewer to focus on dialogue, story, etc. Motion tweens and drawing transformation (usually with things like splines or bones) help a LOT in this case for things like chest-heaving.

    2) If you really want to animate each frame, even if it is as limited as 2s (15fps), 3s (8fps) or even 4s (6fps), then make sure that your character designs are as simple as possible (even if it is "anime style", since there are many different anime-styles), as that will allow you to draw each frame faster than you normally could have. A good example here would be Mob Psycho and Pokemon Sun and Moon, but you don't have to go with their specific styles.

    No matter which direction you take, there are other things you will always have to put a lot of work in, such as shot-composition, which will improve your production quality a LOT. That, and the strict regiment of animation process. Don't be afraid to test your animation at the pencilling stage before you ink and color, even if it gets messy at times.

    You don't need different departments of artists to work on each process. Even if you have one-guy to storyboard, one guy for pencilling, one guy for inking and background, one guy for color-design AND coloring each frame, one guy for special effects AND final video composition — that's totally fine too. If you can stick to the process, then there's nothing you can't achieve. Your process can also differ depending on how you want to get around animating things too. There's plenty of free tools around, such as Krita (with animation feature) and Blender, to get things done. The best thing is that, besides some things like pencilling, storyboarding and shot-composition, most of your team members don't have to be "pros", just willing to do a lot of work by sheer passion. XD You can also get some advise from Youtubers like Canipa Effect and check out tutorials from Proko to create good drawings really fast. There's also a book called "Framed Ink" that I really recommend to you.

    Here's hoping this has been helpful to you. I'm really looking forward to Demon Rush as well as Goku vs Saitama season 2! 🙂

    P.S.: If you're using Flash, don't worry about it. A lot of anime shots are actually done in Flash, including some sequences from One Punch Man. It's not a bad tool. xD

  35. Aye Mastar, have faith and don't worry about failure. Just because you don't have a studio yet doesn't mean anything. I mean these companies started from a mere garage.(Apple,Microsoft,Disney,google,etc)

  36. I know. Writing amazing and interesting story is no problem for me but I would nt be able to animate anything.

  37. It is way more difficult creating things from scratch but you guys have the talent 😀 keep doing a good job

  38. So this is gonna be a modern Berserk starring Eren Jäger.

  39. I'm working on my manga first! my mangas name is Monster Girls! I don't have an animation studio but I'll get someone to animate it! Will you do it?

  40. I'm sure you did an awesome job I mean you do such amazing work. you can't let us down ^_^

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