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COSPLAY Anime Expo 2017 with Interviews

COSPLAY Anime Expo 2017 with Interviews Is Available on

Watch COSPLAY Anime Expo 2017 with Interviews Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Ma man for showing the thumbnail first, no one ever does that!

  2. that girl cosplaying Nowi does not even look legal age.

  3. I think the girls just want to wear strange costumes because it is so exciting
    What anime? Pah does not matter … just look good

  4. its pronounced deidara (day-da-ra)

  5. damn mastar media you seem tall how tall are you?

  6. I think im going to go to one of these and dress as Bee and just rap nonstop.

  7. omg epic! what did you use to record ? the visuals are outstanding

  8. This episode is so cool I love all the anime characters I think I'm in love I really wish I can go at that place and I don't know what's my favorite anime

  9. 😂that girl is awesome, she likes tfs dragon ball z. I love both the real version and abridged.

  10. when did johnny sins start animating and watching anime?

  11. THEY Know nothing, if you're not a fan of the DB franchise I don't care for your opinion at that moment your opinion does not matter. FACT

  12. that petite cosplayer bcz of her im gonna fly 20 hours to see her …..adorable

  13. The Nowi (Fire Emblem Elf Dragon) cosplayer is Kakookie Cosplay!!! ^_^

  14. Honestly it does seem a little weird that none of those people knew you…Anime War is fucking awesome even if you don't watch main stream anime. And yes you should have went as Saitama….duh come on

  15. Wow these girls are fine. They make better cosplay than I can.

  16. saitama is taking interviewss and hiding his punch in his pocket 😵

  17. 5:15 mirai nikki if good and fucked up at the same time

  18. it was a fun review, and i loved the clay bird 😉

  19. As much as I love your work, I'd like to say that DO NOT PUT THE CAMERA INTO PEOPLES FUCKING FACE IT'S WEIRD AND AWKWARD AS FUCK!

  20. damn that Darkness was pretty cute

  21. Weaboo's! Freak in' weaboo's everywhere! 0-0

  22. what these girls are doing

  23. you got more of these? i really enjoyed this one

  24. there should of been more dbz cozplayers

  25. I'm proud to see my fellow Naruto fanboys taking over the Expo!!

  26. come at me filthy weabooooos

  27. Dragon ball is the best these guys are losers

  28. Fire Emblem girl is adorable

  29. jesus christ so many fucking weebs

  30. catarina girl and destetada girl

  31. Who was cosplaying as Nowi from fire emblem (the girl from thumbnail)?

  32. woah, mastar is tall af, or is everybody else just short.

  33. i actually went there it was super crowded with alot of people. it suck that i didnt run into you master media. im fan of ur work.

  34. 7:12 , "uhh no, I have not heard of him xD"

    Mastar: looks at camera as heart shatters into a thousand pieces

  35. 3:51 Tobi's voice has changed since the ninja war ended 😂

  36. Why did you not go as Saitama.

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