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Controlled Berserk Ultra Super Saiyan

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The rest of the tournament:
    Goku: "Jiren! Fight me!"
    Jiren: "…"
    Goku: "please!"
    Jiren: "…"

  2. Nobody can make Goku look weak in my eyes

  3. Actually Android 17 versus him was funny I was dying over here I couldn't stop laughing

  4. Did anyone else notice that the silhouette (and even a bit similar in coloring) of the guy Roshi and Tien beat, as he's blasted off the platform by the Kikoho looks like Cell when Tien blasts him with the kikoho? lol.

  5. The beam struggle was imo a flash back to perfect cell vs, teen gohan with one arm and goku a father son kamehameha. Khalifas arm was broken and she went ss2 perfect form just like teen gohan.

  6. He didn't say it's ultra super. She says it's ultra super in the way it's awesome.

  7. Kale has 3 forms ssj1,2,and lssj

  8. I don't get why everyone thinks the forms name is super ultra. She is just saying that the power of Kale is super ultra. It is just like you would say that's super cool, that's awesome, nothing more !

  9. "You may have beaten me now, Goku, but not when I shift into MAXIMUM SUPER SAIYAN! HYAAAH!"

  10. He saving his energy for the real fight

  11. Wish goku was a lil more serious. But I guess its the times

  12. Its shitty how's they're doing goku this whole tournament he's looking like an bitch. If someone were to never watch dragon ball at all they would think master roshi is stronger from how they're portraying him.

  13. I think ultra Super only means something like cool for her or awesome…👍🏻

  14. I took Caulifla calling it "ultra super" to be the same as when Yugi calls something "super special awesome" in Yu Gi Oh Abridged. Don't think it's the name of the new form at all.

  15. Take goku out the tournament of power and it would be excellent

  16. 17 & 18 should of knocked them off at the end of the battle and not give a hell what goku has to said cause, 18 daughter on the line and 17 animals on the line.

  17. its not Ultra Super. its legendary. it was originally legendary. it will always be legendary.

  18. Freeza is becoming the favorite character of this arc

  19. "Controlled ultra berserk super saiyan"

    So you've never watched movie 8?

  20. Goku being sneaked by others make sense in this situation. He is a figter with decades of experience behind him… thats the problem. Till now, he had always fought by sensing and reading th ki of his opponent but he cant do that now, and using his other senses is impossible because this is a battle royal.
    Hearing : there are explosionns and screams everywhere, he cant hear someone sneaking toward him
    Smell : useless too
    Touch : useless cause the moment someone touch him is the moment he is caught
    By the way this problem that frieza had too during his first fight agaisnt goku, he didnt know how to sense and goku took advantage of that.
    But while him being sneaked on make sense, him not being able to break free is complete bullshit when android 18 can do it with ease

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