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CONFIRMED! Super Saiyan GOD Returns to Dragon Ball Super in the Tournament of Power!

CONFIRMED! Super Saiyan GOD Returns to Dragon Ball Super in the Tournament of Power! Is Available on

Watch CONFIRMED! Super Saiyan GOD Returns to Dragon Ball Super in the Tournament of Power! Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think that Goku's God form is actually equivalent to Trunk's Super saiyan rage form….. they seem to be similar in power and also appear to cause the body to become slimmer in the transformation.

  2. how is that even don ? it take like 5to 6 syain focus there prayer in a circle and chuse 1 to resive the god form ! aka red ! so how the fuck can goku just turn red god on and off in the turnament of power ? sins the lore says ! it can only bee don after a cermony and then last fem minuts ! still goku turn from blu to red and then Black to blu god form with no inchantment or 5 syin in a circle ! so they fuck with the lore ?

  3. Maybe cause it probably won’t drain as much stamina as ssb but still has more power than super sayain

  4. I guess they didn't wanna spoil ssgss or they didn't plan ahead but ssg should have been called saiyan God while ssgss should've been ssg

  5. Performance Mode: Super Saiyan Blue
    Battery Saving Mode: Super Saiyan God

  6. Maybe Goku went super saiyan god because the power he had gained stays with him. That, and the god ki that he gets from super saiyan god, may give him enough power or experience to control his god ki even more and achieve that new form

  7. Honestly been watching Dragonball my entire life..(Like everyone else on here lol).. He still has another transformation on the way so that's good

  8. HELLO EVERYONE: In my opinion… Super Saiyan God is stronger now then it was the first transformation… MAYBE even stronger than Super Saiyan Blue….REASON WHY…. Being a full DEITY (GOD) puts you on a another level your entire Ki would be GOD Ki, not just a fraction of your Ki (Blue)…..

  9. Behold asspull number 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999…….

  10. What if goku combined ssgss and ssg and reach his new form?

  11. Imo "Limit Breaker" is going to be ssg with kaio-ken maybe x100? O,o

  12. Wait im gonna sound like a noob but is SSB or Super Sayian God stronger?

  13. I was thinking the same thing what if he used Kaioken with SSG, how much of a difference would it be from it with SSBLue

  14. Ss blue is NOT AS STRONG as the red hair form idk where people are getting that from

  15. I'm glad this is returning cause when SSB was released I was disappointed because it looks exactly like SS. Well the same could be said for Base form and SSG but SSG looks way cooler than SSB in my opinion with that fire aura it just looks dope.

  16. vegeta:finaly I'm a super saiyan god

  17. Has Goku always been able to transform back into ssg..?

  18. Vegeta can't go into super saiyan God unless 5-6 saiyans give there energy to him like thry did goku

  19. Bruh, it all makes sense now… goku's new form will be super saiyan god with kaioken, think about it… ssg can heal your body, so goku can use kaioken without worrying about his body being damaged… and that's why his hair sticks up from the kaioken, not him turning super saiyan

  20. What about Anime war? Its already 3 weeks

  21. is it me or do the pride troopers remind you of the ginyu force too like the dancing poses etc etc they're too similar for me

  22. Why doenst goku use the saiyan beyond god state like when he fought frieza havent seen him using that for a while now.

  23. if caulifla goes blue i quit dbs…

    goku goes ssg

    nice toriyama sensei

    Goku transforms into SSG a second time.


    So much salt

  25. Until when are you going to make the new video? Ha

  26. Hey so when are you going to do anime goku veggeta naruto zaske
    Official Trailer – Anime War Episode 6: Dragon
    Ami I liked this your video I want to see now that you are doing anime your self

    I want you to put it on

  27. Thats actually a damn good theory

  28. I think that ssj god is stronger then blue

  29. I think most of the excitement is because the form hasn't been seen in awhile. It's not a new form or anything and unless they change stuff it won't do anything different either. LOL at the Caulifla face.

  30. If Bulma turns Super Saiyan Rose I'm done with microwave pizza.

  31. But he spams blue so is it really that much of a drain

  32. wait guys goku awaken kaioken super saiyan but maybe hes new forms is kaioken super saiyan god merge super saiyan god and super saiyan blue with kaioken to through anger to awaken kaioken super saiyan god

  33. i think vegeta awaken super saiyan red not god but for super saiyan god full power to awaken you need kaioken and super saiyan red and super saiyan blue thats what i think

  34. so if goku can transform into regular ssg, does this mean vegeta could as well since he can tap into god ki? and the power levels are shit so is ssg stronger than ssb now?

  35. Since when is blue stamina consuming? Blue is just the state where his stamina is under control.. Super saiyan god is stamina consuming cause its getting down to the roots. Its probably faster than super saiyan blue… cause blue is more about control… super saiyan god is more going all out.. going all out on offensive = stamina consuming.. damn

  36. I'm sorry but I really like when you do the previews of next episode I'm hoping that you do it somewhere around tonight because you're the only person I know that does it and you do it really well please and thank you

  37. I think he is using the form to keep up with Dyspo.  If healing is involved… well that's nice.

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