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Clues Hinting The Grand Priest is the TRUE Omni King

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  1. Damn grand priest who the fuck did you fuck to make Zeno

  2. Dont mix the fact just like yours religion..not all share the same fact that all angle father is god..its just a anime dont be so fucking obsessed

  3. I belive the grand priest could be the former Omni king because that would make sense that only the angels don't get erased in the tournament of power, because those are zeno siblings and only grand priest didn't have a duplicate. But then again he could be evil and plotting to kill zeno and in the Manga whis said he was the strongest fighter and in the anime he said he was the top 5 strongest fighter and angels don't lie

  4. Luciter, was the head Angel, he can tell angels what to do he had free will.

  5. Fuck ""mm"" 😂😂😂
    So silly

  6. the grand priest is based on palpatine appearence. Just sayin

  7. How do people come up with this stuff, Grand Priest is an angel, not the real Omni king

  8. Ok, Zeno is the Omniverse's God of destruction and the grand priest is the Angel of Zeno. It is clear that the Grand Priest wishes to free his children and himself. When a god of destruction dies…their Angel goes to sleep until a new God of destruction has been replaced. We have witnessed what happens to a Angel when their universe is destroyed…they are freed! So the Grand Priest is no different, his domain is the Omniverse (The collection of Universes), so in order for him to be freed is to destroy the Omniverse. How can he o that? The Tournament of Power of course, once all but one universe has been destroyed; then him and his angels can destroy the last one…thus freeing him from his purpose.

  9. I am wondering if Zeno is the god of destruction for the universes collectively…as there are gods of destruction for individual universes. So the grand priest is stronger than him as the angels are stronger than the god of destruction that they foster. Making any sense?

  10. Hey I'm not much of a theory type of person but I just though about something what if whis agreeded to train goko and vegita so that they could go beyond beerus so they were able to surpass the gods and be able to take down zen-ohh and what if the great priest had this all planned from the beginning if u think about it it kinda makes sense because in one episode beerus asks whis if he agreeded to train goko to defeat him whis just smiled and turned his head and said no and as we be seen in newer episodes for the t.o.p one of the angles doesn't die or anything once his uni was defeated and erased he just smiled so maybe there plan was set in motion way before and maybe the goko black arc had something to do with it as well cause zen-oh came there to help and whis was smiling the whole time

  11. dude what if grand preist is son of omni .i mean omni can create a big dick if he need or even creata an assistant.and grand priest fuck with someeeeeeeeeee i dont know blank space to make kid

  12. The reason who's is training Goku and Vegeta is so they can take on the priest guy.. he's not the Omni king.. he thinks he can overcome Omni king

  13. out of all the theories ( and there are some silly ones out there) this one is the best and makes perfect sense

  14. Look, if there is a replica of every kai, every God of destruction, every angel, and even another zen oh, then there has to be another Grand priest. We just never got to know where were the whereabouts of them all. We dubiously understand that since supreme kais are gone in the future so are the Gods of Destruction.Now, where does that leave the angels? They can't be dead, and neither is Grand priest. Every time line has content.. if you travel 10 years in the future you'll find yourself, if you travel 1 year in the future, you'll find another of yourself. That's why it is forbidden that any God travels in time. And speaking Biblically, Zen could be assumed as Jehovah, and Grand priest as Jesus, and all the angels are holy spirits… Supreme kais and Gods of destruction are the sponsors of the start and the end of creations… or more or less.

  15. i don't know but maybe if goku surpasses everyone even zeno or daishinkan or whatever bla bla bla hes the new omni king don't know i think goku can surpass ssjr

  16. consider that Kaioshins, gods of destruction, angels, kaios, were made to maintain order in the universe, and there are some rules applied to them, and to connections between them. Kaioshins were made to create, gods of destruction, well to destroy, and angels are meant to take care of gods of destruction, and whats more important, to maintain what gods of destruction do! (ex. if beerus done something stupid, something that wasnt SUPPOSED TO happen, Whis just turned back time). However generally gods of destruction order angels, and angels do what their god of destruction say(although angels are more powerfull than Gods of destruction). Thats just how its meant to be. It clarifies that GP does what Zeno says, but he can be even more powerfull than Zeno. Taking that order in universe into consideration, we can assume that Zeno is the "omni god of destruction" and Grand Priest is his guarding angel, Zeno is in charge, but in fact GP has the power to let things happen, or to prevent them. That makes this whole system a well engineered creation, therefore there must be someone that created it, someone that is even above Zeno and GP, and that being existed before them. It is unlikely that Zeno would create system like that, because making himself way stronger than GP would perturb the order in the universe, and existence of GP (and Zeno guards) would not make sense. Also if Zeno was omnipotent, he wouldnt have to have someone like GP to maintain the universe. This idea also explains why there are no kaioshins and kaios by the side of Zeno. Kaios are meant to keep an eye on mortals, and there are no mortals among gods on a multivese scale. Also kaioshins are meant to create, but if in every universe there is someone (kaioshin) that is responsible for this, there is no point to have kaioshin on a multiverse scale (he would not have anything to create). From that point we can assume that Zeno can not only destroy, but also create (universes), OR that being i mentioned before is the only one to create on a multiverse scale (create whole universes, just how Zeno destroys whole universes). The theory that comes up from this logic might be that Zeno is a child of that being, meant to keep balance between creation and destruction on a multiverse scale

  17. I think fat buu and Omni king/zeno are gonna be good friends 😅😂😂👊

  18. When Zen-Oh deletes the universe after the defeat of Zamasu, doesn't the grand priest gets deleted as well? So isn't Zen-Oh the omni king after all?

  19. What if Zeno is just a God of Destruction and the Grand Priest is just his Angel?

  20. the angels never bow to zeno do they?

  21. Or hear me out… Much like each universe has its duties delegated to different gods/Kai's And by that logic there means there is a supreme Kai of the multiverse as well I think probably the zarama the dragon God and dragon ball super creator. Which would make sense because he creates and has limitless power for the super dragon balls which would be a reflection of his power. If you think about it, his creation is the only thing that can bring back the destroyed universes because it has limitless power and so does he making him the ultimate creator

  22. If Zeno is great priest's child and whis too then they wouldn't be Brothers

  23. False grand priest is the true villian and zeno is the Omni king

  24. Those purple/gray, weird ear shaped mudderfuckers are the strongest. They'll be the last standing.

  25. zen o might be an ultimate god of destruction

  26. If he was hearing this he would probably kill you

  27. What happened to the future grand priest ?? He just let zeno go to the present timeline ???

  28. Jesus Christ is is the one true God just sayin 😊

  29. Perhaps the Grand Priest is limited as a force for good, meaning that his nature is such that if he takes any evil action then he will die. If that's the case and he is the Omni King then he would need someone like Zen-oh around to do the destructive things that he cannot do by his nature, and that would be why he would create and guide Zen-oh in a round about way into becoming a destroyer of all things.
    That would also explain the reason that his children aren't simply god's of destruction themselves seeing how they are stronger than the god's they watch over. As creatures created after their fathers own nature they would be incapable of doing destructive/evil and so they would watch over destroyers such as Beerus and Champa since destruction is a part of the universe.

  30. You got to think about how long Zeno sama has to live of course he is going to be still a child he has lived for a while and so that's what I am think right now

  31. Who is the wife of grand priest

  32. dont think this is true, angels have rings on their head, zeno doesnt, so zeno isnt a child of preist. also the guards are to not disturb zeno when hes resting, not to actually protect him, preist was not shown in past, cause he was not actually called. angels are smiling when gods of destruction die, cause they dont want to be with some less powerfull, they would rather be with zeno. preist would probably retire now, and there has to be another angel to replace him where wyuis comes in,

  33. Zeno is the strongest mortal in all of the universes and the Grand priest is using him

  34. So if this is from a biblical view point
    The Grand Priest = God
    Wiss and the others = Angles
    Zeno = Jesus

  35. I know this is a late comment but what if.. What if The Grand Priest and Zeno are both the omnipotent gods and everyone is clueless on this. What if Zeno is the grand God of destruction and The Grand Priest is the God of all creation like life and death.

  36. I see a huge problem with this theory. He states that there are duplicates of everyone except the grand priest. Well of course there's duplicates, it's the future. By him saying that there would be no duplicate of Zeno would mean that there would be no Zeno in the future. Just because he is a god doesn't mean you can't bring a future version of himself back to the past. The future grand priest wasn't shown because in this particular scenario his presence wasn't exactly needed. Why need him when Zeno can just erase everything right then and there? Going to the future and bringing that Zeno to the past would be the exact same and bringing future trunks to the past. Although he is from the future, he is still the exact same trunks that lives in the current timeline, just older because he is obviously from the future. I don't personally think the grand priest is the true Omni king, just an angel servant like the rest of the gods have. These are just my opinions, not saying I'm right or wrong. Just a thought.

  37. But what about the mortal stronger than gods

  38. stupid egocentric caucasian theory

  39. just because the angels are stronger than the gods which they guard doesnt mean grand priest is stronger than omni-king. grand priest is not the omni king heres why. he has an angel arc on his head. 2) the gods trained to become strong as they are, zen oh was born that way so he already is more powerful than all the gods and angels. 3) it has been stated that grand priest is one of the top 5 fighters in the entiree multiverse. my guess is zen oh body guards are stronger than grand priest because they are in charge of watching zen oh.

  40. Maybe real children of grand priest are zeno and angels are just energy of grand priest

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