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Clown God Personality REVEALED – The Universe 11 God Meetup

Clown God Personality REVEALED – The Universe 11 God Meetup Is Available on

Watch Clown God Personality REVEALED – The Universe 11 God Meetup Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. where are the north south east and west kais? or the Grand Kai?

  2. ea games whispers challenge everything

  3. honestly the clown god is exactly what I expected I mean its dragon ball think about it zeno when you imagine the strongest in the universe you dont imagine zeno.

  4. Doesn't allow evil eh. Depends on what he thinks of as evil.

  5. Kefka's the only clown god of destruction in my book.

  6. you called "anato" a God of destruction.

  7. What if universe 7 used the super dragon balls to bring the universe back to life and what if he resurrects all 18 universes.

  8. Vermouth is officially a lame.

  9. i have a theory the weakest universes are the universes that has kind and non evil god of destruction..because of their kindess they are not doing their jobs and balancing the universe thus lead to weaken it

  10. How did Olimar become a kai?

  11. Your not gonna like this comment

  12. only u thought that he is evil. u piece of stupid shit

  13. MaStar Media you are getting money from other people work and say your not doing this for money but ask for money so backwards

  14. i ordered a jacket from that dragonball stuff website a month ago and still havent gotten it and no one is replying to my emails on the "contact us" tab xDD! ! ! ! !

  15. if he's a clown, does that mean he makes the kids happy??

  16. king god air? More like kim jong un

  17. Where's your biggest fan Aaron at

  18. I'm excited about the upcoming episodes and watching it all over again in the English Dub once the Universal Survival Arc starts next year in USA.

  19. I really believe Toey carefully views leading dragonball watchers like Mastar just to keep Super unpredictable. Mastar and such predicted Bellmod to be very evil, so they made him nice. I think the Joker and Harley were originally meant to be the most evil ones, but to many experts predicted it.

  20. Dr eggman is orgasming over the 3rd universe god

  21. Anime War EPISODE 3 AND Goku vs Superman part2 PLEASE

  22. i want to smash that universe 11's angel

  23. KAIOSHINN PERSONALY would be a better title

  24. I hope I'm wrong but got a feeling this arc is going to be terrible already things disappoint me toppo is just a joke character to me and gokus rival needed to be someone more evil or serious and the clown good could of been brilliant if he was evil and could of made him out to be the strongest god of all! And to be honest the gods of destruction are not even gonna be involved in this arc they are not going to fight you won't see any of their power etc just feels rushed to me

  25. Robot's designes in DB suck always.

  26. MaSTAR, when are you going to do a collab video with Geekdom?

  27. Universe 12 guys are cartoons. I like U1 Kaio and our Kaio the best

  28. Good guy toriyama, helping kids overcome their fear of clowns through DBS

  29. This Arc has been awfully overhyped, personally I expected so much more.

  30. Agu isn't a teletubie he's captain Olimar

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