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Clash of the Genius Saiyans! Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Review

Clash of the Genius Saiyans! Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Review Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. There were a shit ton of flaws. Going from ssj2 to 1. hair looked he was ssj1 gohan hair wtf…

  2. Ultra instinct is not limit breaker form compare the pictures and you'll see it mastar

  3. I wouldn't call Goku a genius, he learned most from someone else, I would say VEGETA would be a better fit

  4. Nah nah nah he was 2 the whole episode exept for when he went ssj3

  5. kale already had the earing when he got berserker maybe legend saiyan can fuse easy without neeeds of those potara earings

  6. There needs to be a zeno reaction shot compilation

  7. Kale its so brautiful in her control berserk form

  8. Perhaps the battle between the 2 super Saiyan 2s is chaotic because they both have the same level of power, so that power repels each other really strong

  9. Meanwhile jiren waits for Vegeta vs toppo like the rest of us… Give it already ffs

  10. Thanks for giving the warning

  11. I just wanna see califa go super sayian 4

  12. bro u gotta watch more DBZ i feel a few points were off. i.e. Goku vs Caulifa ppl are getting blown away because as you know SSJ form wastes alot ki while God Form is Control of ki. Two SSJ2 fighting for survival matched with the fact Caulifa is a female goku is Epic in itself. That should cause a few Bangs lol Bigup 2 da Channel tho

  13. Why can't Goku have a supreme god mode are Supreme Phoenix mode or a spirit mode all Supreme Spirit mode or a yin and yang mold and these are all good modes these modes on easy to perform take a lot of energy and a lot of mental balance and concentration

  14. The reason the other fighters get blown away is because their ki is being released as they fight. Remember god form is controlled ki so its not as much Ki being thrown out its more controlled.

  15. I thought this was awesome it was alot better than most of the fighting we have seen. I honestly don't see why people hate it

  16. You know that goku said is you best me I will teach you super sayin 3

  17. Learned to control super sayian 2…. In 10 minutes… I'm sorry that just bugs me

  18. No, SSJ 4 is coming to DBSuper. Caulifla is going to become SSJ 4 bro!

  19. You did not say one important thing when whis said that Goku is not Ultra instinct form berus felt relieved and say "ufff ". WHY ??

  20. Goku got ssj by him self with anger same with Vegeta. Everyone else got instructions to do it including gohan with ssj1 but ssj2 he did by him self that is why they transform faster. Why do you think Cauliflower is asking Goku how to go ssj3 she needs instructions and Goku worked hard to do this. By him self. and dont say she got ssj1 by her self Caba showed her and Caba learned by Vegeta.

  21. Bro we're 3 forms past super saiyan 2 😂😂😂LMAO

  22. You said in this vid you said gotenks fuse, so next episode Kale and Cal will fuse and go SSJ 3 and get it like that

  23. Toriyama had to do one thing :- just say that Caulifa had trained for a very long time and had achieved ssj2 , that's all we all would've been happy to see her turn ssj3 in this arc

  24. I do not think we will see the girls in god modes. We will see a fusion SSJ3 Berserker. Maybe enough to fight Jiren and Migatte no Gokui

  25. You know the animation ibside and out and your a huge db fan mastar. Why not approach Toi and see if they will apprentice you. You could be a huge help over at toi give them some fresh ideas and critique their anination befor its released

  26. keep in mind majin vegeta vs gokus was an all out brawl to see who was more powerfull. Goku vs caulifla is not at all the same thing, goku dosen't need to be fancy against someone far weaker.

  27. I lost respect for your opinions. The animation showed that SSJ 2 is pure destructive power. The ground coming up, the electricity, it all displayed the difference between a lovely that is mastered or controlled to a level that is somewhat controlled. This is why didn't fight his friends in this form. He would have killed them without meaning to. But she can take it, she can take it and give it back. It's exciting as hell to see another saiyajins beside vegeta who can climb as fast ass Son.

    I've been animating since 13yrs.. I'm 31 and a powerful graphic designer. I noticed the amount of frames they used, I noticed the focal points they aimed for us t focus on but you didn't for some reason. This is pure raw SSJ power. They are illustrating the differences with each form. Obviously SSJ3 is still the superior transformation. That dim lite shadow over his face was beautiful. I never been so happy to see that form again. His fights using SSJ3 were fucking brutal everytime..but he destroyed everything around him as well. I'm disappointed in you..

  28. Why can't anyone see that universe 6's saiyans base form was almost equal to Vegita' and Goku's at the time 6 vs 7 uni tournament. It is easy for them to achieve new forms with high level base forms…

  29. Caulifla probably thinks she can take on jiren at this point 💀💀😂😂😂

  30. I don't like caulifla's attitude towards goku … I mean he is trying to teach her and she is so arrogant and mean to goku…
    caulifla – I m gonna beat you and become super sayain3

    Doesn't seem likable to me…

  31. For some reason this battle always reminds me of Yamaha vs roshi

  32. You must have forgotten that super sayain has their ki outburst and the ki that’s being released makes a destructive force unlike GOD KI its more inside their body for control and it doesn’t burst out like sure sayain so don’t make a big deal about it being special everything in this episode was written correctly lol

  33. Complete bullshit that universe 6 levels up so fast. I love super, but they should literally be near death from one of Goku's direct hits. Just saying.

  34. Kinda makes sense that people where being blown away as SSJ blue is what we have seen so far…. and we all know that SSJB is the highest form of controlled energy output for a saiyan form, therefore ssj2 is leaking energy and ki all over the place thus ending up in things breaking and exploding all other the place, atleast that is my take on it 😁

  35. Goku is dumb as rocks, he has Aspergers, or ADHD or he's Autistic from the brain damage as a child. People just fight for 5 mins, OH fucking power up! Fucking Transformation! People see a technique once… OH fucking learned your secrets!

    I'm just SUPER disappointed that some dude didn't just fucking power up to first form and wipe out 40 fucking fighters out of the ring and say.. well, let's get down to the nitty gritty. JUNGLE BALL RULES! Then Jiren just fucking kills Frieza by looking at him, just fucking wipes him out, maybe he flexes just a bit, like WUH! And Jiren says to Grand Priest… "He was already dead" and Grand Daddy raises his hand with a smile, I'LL ALLOW IT! JUNGLE BALL!

  36. I'm done bro that's the last time you put a fucking spoiler in a prior episode review stop doing that

  37. She needs to build her power to match berserker mode.

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