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BRING IT ON!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Spoilers

BRING IT ON!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Spoilers Is Available on

Watch BRING IT ON!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Spoilers Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. u see how I always say that ur stupid af and ur videos r always wrong. and how every single video u have ever made about dbs is wrong? like how every single time u have ever had the episode titles they have been wrong. every single video u have ever made on DBS has been the exact opposite of what really happens .

  2. I want to see vegeta abuse caulifa like that one dude who fucked up videl in earth's tournament.

  3. thanks for the awsome spoilers can't wait for this awesome fight u the man

  4. Magneto (marvel comics) is very good against entire teams of superheroes (or villians) . Some characters are just like that.

  5. Beerus had a dream that Goku died. theory goku lets him self die by jirens hands little crazy but possible next the fusion dance i think would be legal O man that would be phat to see gogita not veggito that would tickle my fance Beerus would be excited to fight him in the future it be dope

  6. Goku acts how I'd act if I knew I was in an anime based around me

  7. When you said how much ahead goku is compared to goku a level. Hit gets better the more he fights AND HE CAN FREEZE TIME. And no one knows how much stronger vegeta has gotten I mean let's not forget he blew up the time chamber. Master blue or God red

  8. Goku is strong, but Freiza is pretty much equal and Vegeta may now be stronger then both of them two. I really think those three are the ones to really be doing the most in this tournament. Oh, and 17 too.

  9. 1st world problems – "I've been travelling all day & I'm really tired"

  10. maybe because both vegeta and goku went off to fight to test their new powers. remember before the got the the void place goku and vegeta didnt fully agree with gohan saying not to fight 1 on 1 always 2v1 or more.

  11. You are a douchebag mastar media

  12. The grand priest looses it !! Obliterating the whole fighting stage along with everybody !! only goku vegeta jiren and hit survive, and Zeno spares those universes and gives goku a mystic god power to finish the grand priest after the grand priest slaughters hit jiren and vegeta

  13. what if bardock just came out of nowhere

  14. i think goku is gonna get a new form👏

  15. still waiting foR anime war 5 !!!

  16. who else is excited about this week's episode

  17. when goku gets a new power up, vegeta better get it also

  18. What if Goku gets knocked off but just uses instant transmission to get back in. That would make my day

  19. i bet krillin and roshi fall off first 10 seconds

  20. maybe its either the whole universe 4 team or all the pride troopers besides toppo and Jiren

  21. what are you trying bro stop provoking opai you jealous much😮

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