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BREAKING NEWS!! New Arc Spoilers! GOHAN RETURNS? Dragon Ball Super

BREAKING NEWS!! New Arc Spoilers! GOHAN RETURNS? Dragon Ball Super Is Available on

Watch BREAKING NEWS!! New Arc Spoilers! GOHAN RETURNS? Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime BREAKING NEWS!! New Arc Spoilers! GOHAN RETURNS? Dragon Ball Super watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I want see what if gohan becomes supersaiyan god

  2. I want Gohan to have a God form

  3. Thanks, for this video Mastar Media, the only thing I can say now is: Bring Back Gohan Toriyama

  4. gohan should have like mystic true super saiyan with god ki form or maybe just a simple mystic god form.
    since his mystic form was already faaarr stronger than any saiyan form, that would make him strong as fk again.

  5. mystic comes from the energy of the kais owas powers up goku and gohan before the tournament

  6. gohan unlock mystic lvl 2 which changes his hair to green goku learns mystic lvl 3 which turns his hair into white majin buu merges with tien

  7. goku is so strong because grandpa gohan put his own spirit into goku when he died

  8. ok here is the list for z-fighters best to worse….grandpa gohan, goku, vegita, gohan, piccolo, majin buu, tien,  android 17, krillin, android 18, roshi, yamcha

  9. you think gohan is a better father and husband than goku haha really? no homo but you don't see the big picture goku is protecting his family way more than gohan that rest the whole case

  10. Piccolo is one character that deserves a chance at greatness, give him some kind of sacred Namekian power 'God Namek form or whatever' but don't drag him behind make him second in power to Goku and Vegeta. I love watching Piccolo.

  11. I wish Gohan would become blue at some point…

  12. But do you know Tien is stronger than Krillin?

  13. I want Yamaha back, wait who's Yamaha? He as useless as traffic lights in gta

  14. you underestimate the rest of the characters saying they dont compare to goku and vegeta first buu and the androids never trained so if they do they gone have incredible power roshi and krillin dont really train anymore either so i think they all are going to get some crazy power boost that's just my opinion

  15. We wanted ssj white but akira didnt give us that

  16. i have one dam q is gohan tuff as vegta

  17. Pan might go super sayian soon. goku shipped it in episode 43

  18. They need to start working on Goten and Gohan. They both arrived on the scene of their fathers death and that could unlock a new source of energy or transformation.

  19. please do an animation with kenshiro fist of the north star

  20. Too bad they didn't use the dragonballs to bring back pikon, he's be better than Krillin, both of the androids, tien and roshi combined

  21. Gohan should just get "Ultimate Super Saiyan God," would be neat.

  22. when you get caught watching hantai 😱

  23. 3:22 Yamcha can't join because in the trailer for the new arc (12 universe tournament) it said only 10 people a universe.

  24. I wish Gohan would wear what he wore from cell saga so he's a bit more spaced from Goku

  25. oh my hentai where are you looking at this master naughty boy XD

  26. I think the return of Gohan is SSG White Form. He's going to be more powerful than Goku and Vegeta. The next arc is going to be amazing with return of Gohan with new transformation.

  27. Hey Jake plz do a Naruto vs goku but don't just let Naruto get killed like add sasuke and vegeta in it

  28. gohan is going to be the strangest warrier in super y ever time gohan put his mind on fighting he serpases everyone goku brother I forgot his name he was the stoungest one there frizea …cell he went ssj2 buu past goku ssj3 base form so I think gohan will maby go ssjw


  30. Finally, my man gohan is coming back

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