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BREAKING NEWS!!! Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109-113

BREAKING NEWS!!! Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109-113 Is Available on

Watch BREAKING NEWS!!! Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109-113 Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Do u think that Goku will get knocked off but he gets his power then? Then the Zeno will let him back in to see the powers in action?

  2. Calling it right now, it's a true SSG form which has the power, speed from SSB, and stamina,health regen + zenkai from SSG.
    This was unlocked with the help of being hit by the spirit bomb, because a spirit bomb form would be kind of lame tbh.

    Predictions regarding to the episodes after the 1 hour special;

    Goku transforms near the end of the special, Hit probably thinks Goku was severly injured when hit by the spirit bomb so he rushes over to interfere before Goku transforms.
    Goku is confused of his own state, but quickly realizing what he has achieved.

    Vegeta rushes over to Goku and has a chat with him about his new form, and he will finally admit Goku is meant to be the one that pushes him to his limits and no matter how hard he tries he will never be superior but without Goku he wouldn't be where he is today and tells him that he has to beat Jiren.

    Hit loses to Jiren, while not as easy as people would think, Jiren still has a lot of strength left but will need to "meditate" and observe Goku.

    Kale turns into female-broly, caulifla charges in, so does cabba, to face off against Jiren, but is intercepted by Vegeta, Gohan and Goku.

    I'm only standing by my predictions at about 60%.

  3. That's the true Super Saiyan God form Beerus saw back in his dream or premonition..

  4. Random theory. The reason why there are so few planets in universe 7 is because whoever wins the tournament will wish to have the occupants of the other universes come and live in universe 7 as super shenron may not be able to completely undo zenos work.

  5. maybe vegeta gonna sacrifice his life with final flash for giving goku that much of energy to get a new form

  6. Is the episode coming on Sunday? What time (Europe) will it be live?

  7. I dont think its a new transformation? Maybe its a new technique where he absorbs the spirit bomb which increased his energy level. And he may also absorbed some of the energy from the gods through the spirit bomb???

  8. Is it possible that Goku could absorb the spirit bomb, and fight with the energy of his friends?

    In other news, I would love to see Vegeta be the hero here. Someone suggested that Vegeta might suggest Fusion. That would be cool too!

  9. This tournament is a lie. Angels are supposed to cease functioning once the God of Destruction dies. Yet Universe 9 & 10 Angels were perfectly fine even after their Gods were "erased"?
    Seems fishy. My guess is that they're all being teleported into 1 giant universe.

  10. Mane I love when Goku transforms it's so epic. I love his eyes there wicked!! Can't wait too I'm oozing with anticipation 😃😃😃

  11. Wtf Let vegeta shine why always goku!!!!!!!!

  12. What is the point of giving goku a new form if Jiren just gets to fight hit next week? That's just stupid. Though if it happens as 29th the form does set in then i guess it's okay

  13. My Guess:
    Goku is in trouble and hit comes in to help him.
    Hit vs Jiren happens. Hit gets overpowered
    Vegeta approaches Hit to fight to take revenge. 
    Sayans from universe 6 jump in to save Hit and kale becomes a maniac and fights Vegeta.

  14. What do you mean vegeta is no chance he's stronger then goku whish already said it

  15. The final act Goku using the Mafuba

  16. Goku will absorb the spirit bomb and transform…lol

  17. Im So Fucking Hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd level10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Holy S###

  18. Goku is awakening the legendary super saiyan that his ancestors & vegeta talked about, all saiyans can do it but we will see goku as the first toa chieve it

  19. I stared at "*it is still of no use*" for a good 1 minute 😨

  20. Is destroying someone really the same as killing them? You can still erase something that’s dead so….

  21. Then it turns out, Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle is Gogeta Ssb Punishing Jiren with a Super Mad Dance. Lol, Vegeta's resolve is, do or die, fuse or die in this case. Am I right? Who knows.

  22. Cabba and toppo will be there maniac sayan battle

  23. When a saiyans true power awakens.

  24. you would think that Goku's limit breaking form is actually just a Genki Dama absorb+SSB+Kaioken×20… it could be true because in the movie "Android 13"… Goku did absorb the Genki Dama blast

  25. The fuck…Fucking lazy assholes are not creating any new transformations like before..They are just changing hair colors..And now eye colors..Fucking lazy assholes

  26. Kah meh ha meh HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!/$/$//&&/&2&&

  27. A new technique is not something we've seen. It's New. Using a spirit bomb is an old Technique

  28. Yoooo when is episode 109? ???

  29. If I'm not mistaken, the highest Goku has ever taken Kaio-ken was 100 times.
    When he uses it with SSB, he only goes 20 times. So when it says "to the maximum" i wonder if he takes 100 times
    So many goku doesn't lose to Jiren, but the "something happening to his body" is the adverse effects of Kaio-ken

  30. I hope Goku goes into a new type of God with that black hair.

  31. I hope your theory is right with limit breaker vs jiren because I don't want goku go into his new form until the finale. I really hope that he doesn't go limit breaker in this special.

  32. That is the worst drawing I have eve seen😔😔😔

  33. We don't get a episode today ?

  34. What if gokus new form changes his personality? (Giving him the title of the "maniac saiyan") their natural monsters and are ruthless… I think it would be insane to watch goku go insane again

  35. Fighting maniac saiyan battle is probably gonna be kale cabba caulfia VS goku vegeta and gohan because there all saiyan

  36. Looks at goku

    You have silver eyes.

  37. Goku doesn't have to use the Hakai directly on jiren, it could be that he uses it to counter all of jiren's attacks, essentially erasing any attack.

  38. it would be nice for vegeta to finally get stronger than goku. he deserve this win

  39. I think goku is ok but he is stupid as hell though why the fuck does he keep trying to go all out fighting Jiren when he should be saving him for last why can't he be smart like vegeta and wait for the right time for opponent. Seem like he hasn't learned anything from whis.

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