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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. So if Black gives Zamasu a hand job is it still considerd masterbating or is it just Gay?

  2. episode 60 it seems like zamasu wish to switch body's with goku and killing zamusu because goku was in zamasus body because of the wish but the zamasu with black goku has to be from the past so there got to be two zamasus but one in son gokus body

  3. (Explanation for episode 60)
    to sum it up think back to cell in another timeline trunks succeed in his mission cause instead of five androids there where only two when he went back in time to the main timeline 17,18 came back and cell killed him so he can go to a another timeline to absorb 17,18 so if by chance zamasu couldn't achieve his plan by doing it himself decided to steal a known strong fighters body (goku) and go to find him an ally and in turn bringing him to his side and getting him to use the super dragon balls for immortality and then go off to do the zero mortals plan in another time line like Future trunks it makes sense cause parallel realities exist cause there can be times when a decision could do something can in turn bring out different outcomes creating multiple timelines causing what we see now a time Paradox which means (A temporal paradox, time paradox, or time travel paradox is a paradox, an apparent contradiction, or a logical contradiction that is associated with the idea of time and time travel)

  4. super is trash. Absolon is were it's at

  5. I feel that we already know how this happened by listening and understanding how Adult Trunks and kid Trunks timeline is different. The Zamasu in Adult Trunks' timeline probably wished Zamasu from Kid Trunks' timeline back to life. It is possible that Adult Trunks' Zamasu saw possbile future or multiple timelines using the Time Ring.

  6. Pink is the new black! Rosé = Pink. There, said it!

  7. I honestly dont look at this dragonball series.Only loked at Dragonball,dragonball z and dragonball gt. However i keep getting these videos popping up on recommendations.Coming from someone who never looked at Dragon ball super i assumed black was actually Turles ,oh well.

  8. Ummmm this is crap cause black goku killed the one he switched with….this makes no sense

  9. separate Zamasu's from different timelines. for  now its 3 in total. one who swapped bodies with the goku from his universe (could be that Black Goku is the Zamasu of Trunk's universe) the Zamasu who wished for immortality and was recruited by Goku Black (see preview for next episode) and the Zamasu in the mainstream universe who got killed by Beerus. I swear though, every series or story of fiction is on the multiverse banwagon right now.

  10. One thing that bothers me, one of the things should I say, is that the Future Trunk's world doesn't even have a Goku anymore since the Android Saga. The way the 2 Zamasus (both Goku Black and Zamasu) reacts to Goku, from Zamasu wanting to be the one to finish him off, to Zamasu Goku Black wishing a body switch with Goku, tells you that they somehow met Goku before.

    Which means that these 2 Zamasus, (Black and Zamasu), isn't even from Future Trunk's timeline! ! right ? ? So why do they even bother attack this Future Trunk's timeline if they come from another timeline?

  11. So if goku black is actually goku body with zamasu mind. Then who's in future zamasu body?

  12. The ritual is not necessary to form a Super Saiyan God, It can be achieved through strength alone thats SSJ Blue

  13. This explanation makes no sense. Goku was already dead in Trunk's timeline, so how could Zamasu switch bodies with and kill Goku if he was already dead there?

    And the universes are not parallel, as we saw with Beerus and his "brother." They don't have exact copies in other universes. There is no Zamasu in any other universe.

  14. in Trunk's future, goku is already dead during the android time ,which was before zamasu appear,that means zamasu n goku never even met in that future…so to me this storyline is kind of mess up but its still interesring to watch anyway

  15. blasphemous Zamusa is undefeated he is immorality. . though he is in son goku body perfected controlled to transcendent God form. the Egyptian god beerus is a phoney no gods are stronger then a true God of Creation. bloody japanese.

  16. i wish it was alternate time Goten or somthin

  17. Ok if Zamasu switched bodies with Goku then how can he be in Goku's body and still have his own body which is helping him?

  18. hashtag timetavel shenanigans

  19. what channel does anyone watch Dragon Ball super on

  20. Goku died in trunks future and was wished back and zamasu switched bodies. 3 zamasus wow.

  21. Goku died in trunks future and was wished back and zamasu switched bodies. 3 zamasus wow.

  22. There is no Universe 3 Zamasu. Universes are paired but that does not mean that if that universe has this CERTAIN person, the other will also have this certain person(this is not fairy tail). You might be also thinking that how the heck Zamasu became Black when Beerus killed him(current timeline)? Well maybe there is this certain disruption of the time like how the Androids that are going to appear in the city are not Androids 17 and 18 and how the Androids in the current timeline are not as cruel as the Androids in the future. Maybe.

  23. I actually thought it could've been Gowasu >_<
    I mean, this was so anti-climatic lmao
    But hey, I guess Toriyama goes with simple 🙂

  24. INB4 they bring up Dragonball GT universe (sort of) into this lmao.

  25. goku black is baby….remember baby saga

  26. saw episode 60 already and goku black said he is the real goku with zamasus heart. he changed bodies

  27. Wait does that mean that goku and Vegeta can go ssj rose

  28. where do you guys watch Dragonball super?

  29. I mean there are still alternate universe theory right? cause technically speaking which Universe does future Trunks comes from? its not 6 and definitely not 7 considering it was "barren".

  30. How can this be true, if Zamasu travelled to the future and switched bodies, future Goku was already dead he died from the virus, this was established years ago, and if he travelled to the past then Goku wasn't as strong so would he of been able to get the body that powerful?

  31. But Kai God can only exist in one time and space though…. So…. Probably no

  32. Would have been better if black Goku was actually future goten

  33. I saw a channel with a vid that has 9 mil views yet 200 subs and 12 mil likes yes yt makes so much sense

  34. vegeta turned with out having God ki so has fuck all to do with thag

  35. I am watching "super"spoiler alert

  36. zamasu used the dragon balls to switch minds & bodies with goku,that sounds like captain ginyu movement to me.well he's was killed in tagoma's body by vegeta in Resurrection F Saga for now.

  37. I still can't believe that people accept this as canon, yet rag on GT so much when GT made so much more sense and practically advanced the timeline along.

  38. lol What a load of Bull shit. dude stop making this. you and everyone else

  39. It ain't breaking news if you post the news 4 days after it breaks…

  40. so here's the issue i have with this, this cannot be the actual goku that we know because even zamasu switching bodies with goku to become black, goku in zamasu body would still never help black destroy everyone he knows. so it still remains to be seen how zamasu managed to get goku's body if he wished it with dragonballs or its goku from another universe.

  41. the story is trash super animation is bad, this is worse than GT CONFIRMED

  42. what do you mean with hermes will do live translation of the live episode 60? where can I see that??

  43. "make me black" he could've just imagined his consciousness inside of gokus body which is why he said make "ME" black.

  44. $20 dollors in my pocket im just gunna pop some tags

  45. ive being tileing for 4years and 1 year at glenray industrials

  46. I was praceting on dads fatboy if u don't mind

  47. the v12 fat boy was nice to ride on back with dad

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