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BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episodes 58-61 LEAKS

BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episodes 58-61 LEAKS Is Available on

Watch BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episodes 58-61 LEAKS Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Such Breaking news eh ?

    It is not good to lie the people with your ,, theories ''!

  2. Trunks fucks up everyone's lives.

  3. How about this guys when goku seals away zamasu and dies black goku is no longer under his control and becomes the good goku again and replaces the dead goku 🙂

  4. if goku is dead in future trunks timeline then how did zamasu got to know about goku or earth or humans who r in another universe when he didn't even meet goku in the first place ?

  5. Seriously. Killing all humans is not hard

  6. "That scene in the intro where he was falling, thats probably his death scene when Beerus kills him…"

    Me: "Nope he gets straight up deleted"

  7. dude I watched this video with whis telling goku the the king Zeno of all can destroy anything and anyone including evil I think goku will push the button by mistake and he will appear and destroy black and zamasu and Becuz of how much he like goku he won't get mad he's

  8. I watched this and Just watched episode 59….boring. Yet, anxiously waited for it.

  9. Over a million views and 3k likes . Y'all dirty for that

  10. beerus literally said that when a god kills someone the future literally does change jackass. pay attention to the fucking episode before making a fucking video commenting bs.

  11. Black is actually Mr.Popo

  12. Dragon ball super episode 60-62, how does goku plan on defeating black? lol if rose was better then super saiyan blue, and black can probably do kaioken, i wonder if goku will power up to a new form like ssblue 2, or something

  13. Unless Zamasu wished for copies of himself and Beerus destroyed one of them.


  15. Heres the scoop guys! Zamusa already wished for black goku. Present black goku's job is to revive zamusa as an immortal and to kill gowusa.

  16. Beerus Killed Zamasu by stoping his hand and saying something making him vanish

  17. i think goku black will kill zamasu

  18. there are multiple ki per god of destruction thus prevents easily kiiling god of destruction by killing its weaker linked ki cos it would be felt by the god of destruction and he would therefor destroy whatever is killing ki

  19. In buu version there's north kai south kai and so on so which kai is connected to the god of destruction since there's four

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